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Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency

The ultimate goal of studying the concepts of management and organizational behavior is to improve the effectiveness of organizations and the efficiency of their activities. The management and organizational behavior can be considered as controlled factors by which the organization can be transformed from a less active state to a more effective one. This paper will discuss how the understanding of management and organizational behavior leads to organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

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The understanding of organizational behavior allows the management team to predict changes in the act of employees and groups and to find ways to influence human behavior in the workplace (Maloney, 2019). The comprehension of the employees’ behavior within the company contributes to the formation of such types of activities that ensure the most effective work of the organization. It also guarantees the survival and development of efficient operation due to the allocation of skilled specialists to different working activities.

The comprehension of management concepts also leads to organizational effectiveness and efficiency that is achieved by the understanding of the functioning of the organization, its goals, benefits and drawbacks, and necessities (Mcclay, 2019). The knowledge of management concepts helps leaders to convince employees that achieving their personal goals is possible only through the implementation of the purposes of the organization. The reinforcement of various management tactics, such as policy alignment, motivational activities that can be extracted from the management theory, leads to effectiveness and efficiency.

The main decisions in business require a lot of time and make managers look into the future. Management theories (classical, behavioral, and modern management) were formed over the years and are still relevant due to their uniformity and opportunity to apply them on different matters. For instance, the management theory of Henri Fayol has gone through changes – some provisions of this concept have been refuted by the schools of management that have arisen subsequently (Poperwi, 2018). However, the central part of the theory is still relevant and is widely used with various changes, additions, and improvements in many organizations.

In a developed society, the requirements for professional skills are changing dramatically: physical skills are increasingly replaced by theoretical knowledge and the ability to lead. Despite these changes, management theories were transformed and adapted in various organizations and helped them survive crises. The historical data of different companies showed that the management theories are still relevant and can lead to effectiveness and efficiency if appropriately interpreted.


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