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Marketing of “Embrace Yourself” Self-Care Box

The last year has been a challenging time for most people as it was severely altered by the widespread pandemic, impacting society’s health and taking the lives of millions of people. The coronavirus has considerably “enhanced stress, anxiety” and fostered many related mental illnesses caused by prolonged social isolation (Pfefferbaum and North 511). Therefore, people must take care of themselves and keep their mental health in a safe and comfortable state to address such a crisis. According to the creators of the “Embrace Yourself” self-care box, it is an appropriate solution for those who are highly vulnerable to the harmful pressure of a pandemic and demand essential help for their mental health and well-being.

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Considering such an overwhelming environment, everyone needs to be taken care of and helped to avoid feelings of loneliness. Thus, I decided to examine the promising effects of the popular self-care toolkit. After ordering the self-care box, I was provided with a personalized set of essential oils, a colorful drawing book, and a customized journal, where everyone can keep track of their emotions to better control them. The journal ended up being extremely helpful because it contained questions that determine ways to deal with feelings of stress and anxiety during a lockdown. The creators of the “Embrace Yourself” product helped me achieve tremendous results in recovering my inner peace and mental health because they aim to improve the consumers’ readiness to address current challenges.

Coronavirus has unexpectedly shaped the modern lifestyle and requires everyone to stay mentally strong, healthy, and safe. After using the “Embrace Yourself” for one month during the lockdown, I was able to take care of my mental well-being and reinforce my inner power, which was affected by the changing climate of COVID-19. The self-care box makers proved that their clients can feel confident about being vulnerable and learn to embrace all the negative feelings through learning how to embrace themselves during this difficult time.


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