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  1. Value of Advertising and Branding
    Advertising directors work very closely with marketing directors. It is the responsibility of the advertising director to raise brand awareness and recognition in the market.
  2. Brand Perceptions Marketing: Harley Davidson, Naked Juice, and Tropicana Juice
    This paper analyzes perceptions of 3 brands: Harley Davidson, Naked Juice, Tropicana Juice: what and how captures attention, sensory perceptions of the brands’ aesthetic values.
  3. How Local Franchises Become International Brands?
    Many local franchises are working hard to become international brands. The decision to introduce a local brand in an international market is not easy.
  4. Emotional Branding in Advertising
    Emotion determines loyalty and salience of brands. Process of identifying the target population is crucial since it helps determine kind of emotional approach to be used.
  5. British Airways Company’s Branding Strategy
    The brand of British Airways contains several distinct elements. These components should be analyzed with the help of a model developed by Jean-Noel Kapferer.
  6. Starbucks Company’s Brand in Bangladesh Market
    The study was carried out to develop an understanding of the intricacies and utility of brand effectiveness. Starbucks’ expansion in Bangladesh was chosen as the scenario.
  7. Lexus Company: Brand Management Strategy
    The presence of competition from other luxury carmakers has forced Lexus to adopt a customer-oriented marketing strategy.
  8. The Nike Brand Success and Phil Night’s Leadership
    The specific ways of the Nike organization, as well as personal qualities that helped Phil Night establish a world-famous brand, will be discussed in this paper.
  9. Private Label Branding Versus National Brands
    Based on recent reports, private label products are vital to the growth of retailers. In the past, private label brands competed with the national brands using the price-value proposition.
  10. Ice-Fili Company’s Brand
    A medium-sized Russian ice-cream producer, Ice-Fili, is still a middle store. The company is dominating the Russian top ice-cream production.
  11. Volvo Company’ Branding Strategy in Saudi Arabia
    This paper is a political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and a legal framework analysis of Volvo in Saudi Arabia.
  12. Hyundai’s Branding and Marketing Strategies
    Hyundai has improved over the years, migrating from cheap brand with cheaper quality to one of the most recognized loyalty based brand.
  13. Zara Company’s Multi-Brand Strategy and Risks
    The review of the multi-brand strategy used by Zara and differentiate the apparent benefits and shortcomings of using such strategy.
  14. Volkswagen Emissions Scandal and Brand Reputation
    The brand reputation of Volkswagen was hurt significantly as millions of its customers discovered that their vehicles were compromised.
  15. The Brand Management Job: Skills and Functions
    Brand managers work in a spectrum of industries. They endeavor to develop an easily recognizable image for products and services.
  16. Starbucks Company’s Branding: Cultural Phenomenon
    Branding is a very important tool for the marketing purposes of any business. This paper focuses on consumer tribes branding as a cultural phenomenon of the Starbucks.
  17. Marketing Mix and Its Importance for Brand Loyalty
    The proposed study is aimed at examining the role played by various element of the marketing mix in creating and sustaining brand loyalty.
  18. Tesla Motors Brand Marketing Communications
    The objective of this plan is to increase sales, enhance Tesla Motors’ brand awareness, and/or drive potential consumer traffic into the organisation’s online communication platform.
  19. Zara’s Internationalization & Multi-Brand Strategy
    The analysis of Zara’s internalisation, to evaluate the company’s competitive strategies, to define potential advantages and disadvantages of the multi-brand strategy.
  20. Nature’s Best Pet Food Brand’s Target Market
    This paper is dedicated to the study of the target market for a new pet food brand called Nature’s Best, which is soon launching on the market.
  21. Marketing Campaign, Brand Strategy and Internet
    The paper reviews “Effective Cause Marketing Campaign,” “Don’t Let Big Data Bury Your Brand,” “Branding in the Age of Social Media,” “A Better Way to Map Brand Strategy.”
  22. Rasasi Brand’s Entry into the French Perfume Market
    French perfume brands are some of the most expensive commodities in the world, and yet consumers continue to buy these products.
  23. Brand Image Development: Project Scope and Analysis
    I was involved in a project concerning the development of a brand product – a brand image for a new application for smartphones. The key goals of the project were attained.
  24. Valentino Brand Targeting Luxury Cosmetics Market in China
    The report aims to analyze the brand and the luxury cosmetics market in China to propose a communication plan for the brand extension of Valentino.
  25. Disney Company’s International Pricing and Branding
    This study examines Disney’s pricing strategy overseas, outlines its international product management and branding strategies, and describes how a company conducts market research.
  26. Nestle’s Nespresso Brand’s Competitive Advantage
    There are several competitive advantages that Nespresso has over other companies. This is a well-established brand that is recognizable to people living in different countries.
  27. McDonald’s Brand Repositioning and Expansion
    The management of McDonald’s succeeded in repositioning its brand. They included a variety of meals that could fit the needs of people concerned about the health effects of food.
  28. Mountain Dew Brand Marketing Strategies
    Mountain Dew was one of PepsiCo’s brands in the carbonated soft drinks category. Mountain Dew marketing strategies differ in terms of the market segments they target.
  29. Apple Inc.’s Brand Equity on the Website
    Apple’s website indicates that the marketing strategy focuses more on future endeavors. The company relies on the existing market demands for technologically advancing products.
  30. Innocent Smoothies Brand: Marketing Communication
    This paper documents the supporting evidence and rationale for the Innocent Industry in the United Kingdom. It provides an extensive analysis of the Innocent Smoothies brand.

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  1. Brand and Product Manager: Job Analysis
    This paper disscuses a brand/product manager as a job of interest. This area lies in the field of marketing. This paper shall describe the brand/product management and the role of a product/brand manager.
  2. L’Oreal: Building a Global Cosmetic Brand
    There can be only a few doubts that the L’Oreal’s acquisition of the brand Maybelline in 1996 was indeed a smart competitive move.
  3. Starbucks Customer-Brand Identity and Its Evaluation
    Starbucks is a cool brand, which is one of the reasons why it is my favorite brand. It offers a variety of products that cater to the different tastes and preferences of customers.
  4. Wicked Laser Torches Branding and Product Marketing
    This paper discusses the packaging, logo, and branding of Wicked Laser torches to understand the effectiveness of these three aspects of the marketing strategy of a product.
  5. Allison Sims and Her Paleo Foodies Brand Campaign
    Alison Sims is the founder and managing director of Paleo Foodies, an online brand. Her activities support healthy eating among the Australian public.
  6. Marketing for Sports Brands Using Mobile Advertising
    Nike and Adidas have been using mobile marketing to affect consumer intentions, and buying behavior however the findings do not suggest which company is better performing.
  7. Red Bull Brand and Sport Event’s Marketing Plan
    The main objective of this digital marketing plan is to attract the younger clients market through the event’s website and Twitter fan page.
  8. Red Bull Brand’s Integrated Marketing Campaign
    The Red Bull brand is associated with sports events such as the Moto-GP, Red Bull Rampage, Red Bull Wake Open, and the Red Bull Sharpshooters, among others.
  9. Frito-Lay Inc.’s Take-Over of Cracker Jack Brand
    The vice president of the New Venture Division Frito-Lay is responsible for outlining a plan and find the factors by which Frito-Lay can take over the brand Cracker Jack.
  10. The Unisom Brand Analysis
    The Unisom brand was examined closely, including its marketing strategy to focus on its speed and effectiveness (“Unisom”).
  11. The Brand Called You. Tom Peters’ View on Branding
    Tom Peters defines a brand as “a promise of the value you’ll receive” in exchange for your time or/and money. Every company tries to show only they can satisfy customers.
  12. Chick-fil-A Brand and Its Mobile Applications
    According to the provided data and analysis, Chick-fil-A is in an excellent position to expand and to improve, becoming a major fast-food franchise.
  13. Chick-fil-A Fast-Food Network Brand Analysis
    Based on customer demographic data, the paper analyzes the Chick-fil-A fast-food network and compares some data to compile an accurate picture of people’s preferences.
  14. Subaru Brand in Europe
    Subaru entered the European market in the 1980s, but it did not gain significant prominence until the late 1990s when more models where introduced to the market.
  15. Apple iPhone: Brand Forecast
    Apple’s iPhone is arguably the most popular and recognizable smartphone on the planet. Since its launch in 2007, the corporation has sold over 1.3 billion iPhones.
  16. &pizza Brand’s Situational Analysis
    The paper aims to examine an American pizza brand “&pizza,” using situational analysis and define its overall state and potential strengths and weaknesses.
  17. Feathers Fashion: The UAE Brand in Saudi Arabia
    In order for Feathers Fashion to open a branch in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the company will need to take a look at the local market and its key features.
  18. Educare.com: Project Message and Brand Strategy
    The positioning map for Educare.com can be placed into two dimensions that define the market of consulting and educational services: efficiency and customer-centric approach.
  19. Constellation Brands Company’s Analysis
    With its high-quality standards and a well-developed competitive advantage, Constellation Brands has warranted a special place in the global food and beverage industry.
  20. H&M: Strategic Brand Management
    In this paper, multiple aspects of the H&M brand will be examined, including inventory, ownership, history, elements and other details.
  21. Brand Analysis Report: Casio and Roland
    This report is a brand audit of Casio and Roland, which are between the two leading companies engaged in the production and sale of musical instruments.
  22. Innisfree Cosmetics Brand’s Marketing Plan
    The marketing strategy for the South Korean cosmetics brand Innisfree was developed by carrying out situational analysis and formulating brand strategy using marketing instruments.
  23. Bottega Veneta Brand Evaluation
    Bottega Veneta is a globally renowned brand, yet its performance could use a bit of a boost due to the need for expansion that the company has been experiencing recently.
  24. American, Alaska, and United Airline Brands
    This essay analyses three commercial airline brands, such as American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and United Airlines.
  25. Apple Inc.’s Market Strategy and Brand Position
    Apple’s powerful brand-building approach allows them to retain its loyal customers. This leads to a steady but strong expansion of the market share.
  26. Zara Brand’s Market Segmentation
    Zara mostly applies an undifferentiated form of market segmentation. However, the company still emphasizes young people due to their tendency to renew clothes at a faster rate.
  27. Marketing Strategies for Launching a New Brand
    Brand positioning, product differentiation and understanding competitors are three distinctive marketing strategies for launching a new brand in the market dominated by one brand.
  28. Management. Do Brands Have Finite Lives?
    The concept of a brand is a vital element in the marketing strategy. The survival and existence of a firm, in fact, depend solely upon the success of its brand in the market.
  29. Marketing Communication for Building Strong Brands
    Marketing communication is a very important tool in any organization which seeks to augment its market share so as to survive in the current unpredicted business environment.
  30. Electronic Medical Records: Brands Comparison
    This paper compares three different electronic medical records: ABELMed PM-EMR, Amazing Charts and e-MDs Chart.

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  1. Product Branding in Online Shop
    Branding products in online shops is an essential part of the online shop’s success; it requires the development of sound and effective strategic marketing of the products.
  2. Greenomics: Marketing and Branding Strategies
    Greenomics, in its name already delivers the message explaining that it’s about economically and environmentally friendly but fashionable interior designing.
  3. Marketing Mix Products and Brand Strategies
    In this research paper importance of branding will be discussed with regards to placing a product in the minds of the consumers.
  4. SABIC Brand Role and Its Reception in Australian Market
    The paper gives clear information on the possible reception of the SABIC brand in the Australian market and reveals the gap for entry and brand building for competitive advantage.
  5. Brand Development: Branding Strategy Insider
    In this articles “How the GFC has forced brands to rethink their strategies” and “Fighter brand strategy considerations”, the authors clearly elaborate various views of the debate.
  6. Marketing Communications Strategies for Consumer Vehicle Brands in the UK
    This report will discuss the effect of marketing communication and mix of the consumer vehicle manufacturer of UK and compare their activities regarding these.
  7. Personal Branding by Groskop and Arruda
    Personal branding has become a trend and the debate about its importance has increased. Groskop (2008) and Arruda (2003) present their opinions about this issue.
  8. Understanding and Managing the Brand Space
    The arguments given by the authors in their article regarding the mistakes made by many organizations in managing their brands include are as follows.
  9. Branding as a Negative Social Phenomenon
    This essay explores the primary reasons behind the issue of branding becoming prevalent, and maintains that branding is a negative social phenomenon.
  10. Antecedents of Brand Loyalty: The Case of Coca-Cola
    This paper defines the importance of brand loyalty as a desirable outcome in the total marketing mix and personifies brand bonding in the case of a student who loves Coca-Cola.
  11. How Charlotte Beers Can Provide the Best Stewardship for the Ogilvy Brand?
    Beers should work with the senior management team to implement the Brand stewardship concept by establishing clear goals to be integrated into the company’s core mission.
  12. Social Values in Branding
    This article presents branding as a social phenomenon that accounts for more public good than evil, and should be widely used.
  13. Are Brand Extensions Good or Bad?
    Brand extension refers to a marketing strategy used by firms with strong existing brands to extend to other products, leveraging on the strong brand name to capture the market.
  14. Phoria Pictures: Independent Film Company Brand Identity
    It is an independent company dealing in the multimedia area. The specific focus points for Phoria Pictures include the production and distribution of feature length films.
  15. Brand Identity of Abercrombie & Fitc
    The history of Abercrombie & Fitch spans over a hundred years. The company first specialized in sporting clothes for the upper class.
  16. The Behavior of the Young Toward Luxury Brand
    The case study suggests that all behavior related to luxury items is deemed to be directly or indirectly motivated by such needs as sex, hunger, and thirst.
  17. Swatch Group’s Brand Audit and New Positioning
    Swatch Group is repositioning and rebranding its products due to the vast competition that it is facing from other dealers world wide.
  18. Do Brands Have Finite Lives?
    In spite of the great popularity of many brands, Brands cannot be expected to last forever, because they are just a company’s image, which can be changed and transformed.
  19. Brand Repositioning: Term Definition
    The methods through which a brand can be repositioned have been discussed which will be decided according to the desires and preferences of the customer.
  20. Personal Leadership Brand for Women
    The aim of the paper is to define a personal leadership brand for women to be successful in today’s business world.
  21. Tom Ford: Brand Strategy Report
    Brand differentiation for the Tom Ford products is mainly determined by the color, size and the components of the product.
  22. Globalization of the SK-II Brand
    SK-II Brand has been said to concentrate on its core business through innovation, expanding penetration in developing countries and restructuring its existing business.
  23. Hotel Industry Branding and Marketing Strategy
    Eco-certification for the Hotel Industry within the United States is a vital venture for the future of eco-tourism business.
  24. Involvement and Sports Brand Advertising
    This paper is to understand the differences in the advertisement elements depending on the degree of involvement.
  25. Apple: Marketing Communication and Branding
    Apple as a brand has made itself a strong reputation. The brand is considered among the most powerful among other consumer electronics and communication devices.
  26. The History of Nokia’s Creation and Becoming an Influential Brand
    In this assignment we will show some background of Nokia and demonstrate what problem it is facing in a current environment and what it needs to change.
  27. Product, Branding, and Packaging Decisions
    The core customer value of a product is produced by the combination of the brand name, quality of a product or service, packages, labeling, and positioning.
  28. The Customer Service Perspective: The Starbucks Brand
    The primary objective of the Starbucks is to attract the newer, younger customers, which are typically less well-educated people with relatively lower incomes.
  29. Kawneer Brand Company: Structure Analysis
    Kawneer Brand is a reputable company in North America that manufactures architectural. The company is popular among many customers because it gives them resources to establish their own businesses.

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  1. Aspirational Fitness Goers: Nike Brand
  2. How the Super Brand Nike Make Supply Chains Sustainable
  3. Brand Loyalty Through Emotional Advertising Media
  4. Consumer Behavior and Brand Awareness of Ankur Salt
  5. How Brand Nokia Influences on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour Marketing
  6. Creating the Appeal for the Brand to Stand Out in a Cluttered Market
  7. Ben and Jerry’s Company Brand Building and Values
  8. How Adidas Has Developed a Niche Market for Their Brand Adidas Originals
  9. Brand Loyalty and the Decline of American Automobile Firms
  10. Apple and Samsung Brand Positioning
  11. Case Study Brand Jordan: Selling a Legend
  12. How Can Amazon Use Positioning to Create a Strong Brand Identity in the Next 5 Years?
  13. Customer-Based Brand Equity Model – Nestle Case Study
  14. Case Study About Evolution and Situation Analysis of a Dove Brand
  15. Lvmh: Managing the Multi-Brand Conglomerate
  16. Apple and Its Brand From Other Competitors
  17. Brand Building and Structural Change in the Scotch Whisky Industry
  18. Loreal: Global Brand, Local Knowledge
  19. Brand Segmentation and Positioning – Espresso Coffee Machines
  20. Brand Development and Marketing: Case of Red Bull Study
  21. Better Brand Management Through Design Thinking
  22. Brand Perceptions and the Market for Common Stock, Forthcoming, Journal of Financial and Quantitative
  23. Consumer Behavior and Its Effect on Influencing Brand
  24. Louis Vuitton’s Brand Values
  25. IKEA How the Swedish Retailer Became a Global Cult Brand

💡 Simple Brand Essay Ideas

  1. Brand Case Analysis: Parvaderm Corporation
  2. How Apple INC’s Brand iPhone Image Impacts the Buying Behavior of Its Consumers
  3. Hollister Brand Space, the Way How Brandscape Integrates Into Brand
  4. Brand Morphing Across Wal-Mart Customer Segments
  5. Advertising Brand Communication CTS Notes
  6. Beauty and the Beast: The Brand Crisis of SK-II Cosmetics in China
  7. Last Chance’s Brand Plan For Soft Drinks
  8. Brand Positioning the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront Company
  9. Brand Congruence: Consumer Behavior and Purchase
  10. Blues Spiritual for Mammy Prater by Dionne Brand
  11. Low Costs, Strong Brand: Airasia’s Formula for Profitability
  12. Maggi Brand Extension and Repositioning
  13. Brand Analysis: Marketing and Communication Strategy of Dior
  14. Between Form Without Substance and Substance Without Form: Estimating the Brand Image of Romanian SMEs
  15. Brand Building for Facilitating the Launch of Dogerita Mineral Water
  16. Lego and Its Unique History and Brand Concept
  17. Brand Manager for Topshop Is the Most Difficult Market
  18. BMW Mini Brand Comes to India
  19. Boucheron Luxury Brand’s Market Research
  20. IKEA: Shopping Experience Part of Effort in Building Brand Loyalty
  21. Celebrity Branding: Creating More Brand Awareness
  22. Brand Confusion: Empirical Study of a Legal Concept
  23. Examining Nokia’s Brand Identity and Positioning
  24. Luxury Brand and Creativity: Christian Louboutin Nail Polish

📌 Easy Brand Essay Topics

  1. Brand Names Versus Generic, What Motivates People to Buy
  2. Brand Awareness and Consumer Perception for Automobiles in UK
  3. How Can the Marketing MIX Model Help Manchester United Build Its Global Brand
  4. Brand Loyalty and Marketing Solutions Through Blockchain
  5. Brand Positioning and Consumer Taste Information
  6. H&M: History, Brand Today and Analysis of the Company
  7. Key Challenges Facing Brand IKEA
  8. Atlantic City Licenses Brand New Online Casino
  9. Apple INC: Business Strategies That Drive the Brand’s
  10. Disney the Happiest Brand on Earth
  11. Brand Management, Competitiveness and Business Performance in Mexican Small Service Businesses
  12. Brand Africa: Multiple Transitions in Global Capitalism
  13. Choice Between Salary and Employer Brand: The Roles of Materialism and Inclination to Develop an Identity-Motives-Based
  14. Relationship With an Employer Brand
  15. Lenovo: Brand Observation Portfolio
  16. Harley-Davidson: Over 100 Years of Brand Management
  17. How Philip Morris Built Marlboro Into a Global Brand for Young Adults: Implications for International Tobacco Control
  18. Brand Building and Positioning for Cadburys Marketing
  19. Creative Message Strategy, Media Plan & Integrated Brand
  20. How McDonald Applied the Process of Internationalization of Its Brand in India
  21. L’Oreal: Building Its Empire in Indonesia Through Its Luxury Brand, Lancome
  22. How the Polo Ralph Lauren Brand Has Achieved Such High Success
  23. Brand Expansion Plan For Lululemon
  24. How Zara Uses Its Marketing and E-Commerce to Spread Its Brand
  25. Lilypad- The Corporate Brand: Help or Hindrance
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