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  1. Free Markets of the Airline Industry
    This paper discusses the extent of competitiveness of capitalist markets in a bid to determine whether the current organization operates in truly free markets of the airline industry.
  2. American Airlines Company: the Secret of Success
    American Airlines managed to establish an excellent reputation by employing effective cost-reducing techniques and investing in the development of its high-quality services.
  3. American Airlines’ and US Airways Merger
    The merger between American Airlines and US Airways was attributed to various reasons, particularly countering intense competition and increase capabilities in several fronts.
  4. Airline Certification Process and Stages
    Each airline has an air operating certificate. According to it, the airline admits that it is responsible for the safety of its workers and the members of the general public.
  5. JetBlue Airways Company Strategies
    JetBlue had in key strategic elements place, which included reevaluating the ways the company was using its assets. JetBlue started eyeing the corporation and business travelers.
  6. TransGlobal Airlines
    TransGlobal Airlines is a government-owned company with a monopolistic status. The company operates several international and local flights.
  7. Airbus A380’s Promoting in the American Airlines Market
    The financier Mark Lapidus is trying to promote a completely new strategy for the airlines of the United States. The lines he is addressing are Delta and American Airlines.
  8. Leadership Styles: Garry Kelly in Southwest Airlines
    Existing scholarship shows that leaders, through their leadership styles, approaches and practices, have the capacity to positively or negatively influence outcomes for their respective business organizations.
  9. The Citibank International and Qatar Airways Information Systems
    This paper focuses on the Management Information Systems of the Citibank International and Qatar Airways. The paper provides an analysis of each company’s hardware and software components.
  10. Delta Airlines Company’s Change Diagnosing
    Delta Airlines Inc. is one of the oldest operating airlines in America established in the year 1924. The article focuses on Delta Airline’s readiness for change.
  11. British Airways Company’s Branding Strategy
    The brand of British Airways contains several distinct elements. These components should be analyzed with the help of a model developed by Jean-Noel Kapferer.
  12. Gary C. Kelly’s Leadership at Southwest Airlines
    Gary C. Kelly, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Southwest Airlines, greatly contributed to the company’s success in diverse areas of engagement.
  13. Airline Industry Trends, Changes, and Innovations
    Airlines are seeking to explore on the convenience created by information technology to earn extra revenues on top of their primary travel business.
  14. Alaska Airlines’ Technology and Customer Loyalty
    It will be advantageous for Alaska Airlines to resort to new technology and improve customer loyalty initiatives. Such actions will meet current organizational needs.
  15. Etihad Airways Company’s Strategic Case
    The foundation of Etihad Airways in 2003 resulted in intensified competition in the airline industry as the company emerged as one of the fastest-growing players in the industry.
  16. Delta Airlines: Kotter’s Change Management Model
    This paper critically analyzes Kotter’s change management model in Delta Airlines to make sure that the new approach will be successful.
  17. Airline Capital Financing After Great Recession
    The Great Recession of 2008 has caused a rollback of funding in the airline industry. Many banks associated with the aviation industry have reduced their loans for many airlines.
  18. Turkish Airline’s Strategic Analysis
    This paper focuses on the strategic analysis of Turkish Airline, comparing its operations to that of Easy Jet and also looks at how the firms have used Blue Ocean Strategies.
  19. Emirates Airline Company Analysis
    In this paper will analyze Emirates Airline’s, the factors that led to the success of Dubai’s aviation sector and examine how the company can sustain itself in the industry
  20. Delta Airline’s Change Program and Resistance
    The Delta Airline is proposing a positive change program, which is bound to be received with hostility from senior managers and other employees.
  21. Delta Airlines’ Change Management and Resistance
    The paper finds out causes of the resistance to the changes in Delta Airlines, presents a plan for minimizing possible resistance and communication strategies.
  22. Airline Industry in the UAE: Role of Supply Chain
    This report evaluates the role of the supply chain in improving the ability of airline companies in the United Arab Emirates to survive during the 21st century.
  23. Virgin Atlantic Airways in the United Kingdom
    The paper dwells on the quick history of Virgin Atlantic and how it has been established. The key strengths and weaknesses of the company are reviewed and explained.
  24. Flybe Airline: Transforming Business Performance
    Flybe is a leading regional airline in United Kingdom. The pricing of its services and products makes the Airline a low-cost carrier.
  25. United Airlines vs. Cathay Pacific Airlines
    United Airlines attracts buyers’ attention to the idea clients can rely on their expertise. Cathay Pacific Airlines focuses on the pricing policies that can appeal to clients.

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  1. Etihad Airways’ Passenger Self-Service Project
    The project designed for Etihad Airways will represent the advancement in customer service by improving the quality of the passenger self-service.
  2. Southwest vs. United Airlines’ Corporate Culture
    The paper aims at the comparison of Southwest Airlines and United Airlines’ organizational cultures including strategy, leadership management, structure, and impact on employees.
  3. Emirates Airline – Strategic Analysis
    Emirates Airline is a new full-service network carrier in Dubai. Despite being a new company, the airline has become among the fastest growing companies in the Gulf region.
  4. Security Risks for Emirates Airline: Contingency Planning
    This paper is a contingency plan to manage information technology (IT) security risks for Emirates Airlines. It contains a hypothetical incident of an IT security breach at the airline.
  5. EasyJet Airline: Strategic Management
    This paper analyses easyJet airline in the context of concerns of strategic management. The ultimate goal is to develop an appropriate strategy that the company can deploy.
  6. Southwest Airlines’ International Expansion
    Southwest Airlines is one of the most successful airlines in the American market. Southwest Airlines has successfully differentiated its services from those of its competitors.
  7. Qatar Airlines and Its Growth Reasons
    Various reasons explain the rapid growth and development of Qatar Airlines ranging from the internal factors to the factors emanating from the external environment.
  8. British Airways: Company Information
    British Airways is the flag carrier and the greatest airline in the United Kingdom. It is headquartered in Waterside not far from its main hub at London Heathrow Airport.
  9. AirAsia: The World’s Lowest Cost Airline
    Among others, the need for high-quality transportation services provided for low prices is the most prominent. In this regard, AirAsia is the leading low-cost carrier (LLC) airline in the region.
  10. Launching an Airline: Operations and Management
    Launching an airline requires a deep understanding of the market forces. The industry has many challenges, from stiff competition, to fluctuating oil prices, and policies that may hurt profitability.
  11. Emirati Airlines’ Open Skies Policies
    The paper investigates the current status of the UAE’s open sky policy and examines how they promote trade liberalisation and true international competition.
  12. Turkish Airlines’ and Oman Air’s Finance in 2013-2016
    The report evaluates the financial ratios of Turkish Airlines and Oman Air to assess and compare the performances over a period of four years, from 2013 to 2016.
  13. Emirates Airlines: SWOT Analysis of Hub-and-Spoke Model
    In today’s increasingly competitive airlines market, Emirates Airlines faces several challenges. This paper aims to conduct a SWOT analysis on the hub-and-spoke model, describing its efficiency.
  14. Emirates Airlines: Story of Success and Failure
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the history of the company Emirates Airlines and the current trends in the market.
  15. Emirates Airlines’ Innovations Use and Management
    Emirates Airlines has been pioneering new technologies ever since its launch in 1985. The appropriate use of innovations has contributed to the company’s success.
  16. Qatar and Emirates Airlines Marketing
    This paper compares the use of promotional strategies between Qatar and Emirates airlines and assesses the effectiveness of the strategies.
  17. Turkish Airlines: Financial and Market Position
    The purpose of this paper is to examine, evaluate, and underline the financial and market position of Turkish Airlines, which is a major service sector company in the relevant industry.
  18. Emirates Airline: Leadership Styles and Performance
    The study investigated the influence of four leadership styles on the organizational performance of Emirates Airline from the perspective of communication.
  19. Nike Company and United Airlines: Strategic Management
    Nike is a key player in the manufacturing of the sports gear of all manners. The company’s name is borrowed from the Greek god of victory.
  20. AirAsia X as Long-Haul Low-Cost Airline
    If AirAsia X improves its expansion rates, it is highly likely to become the most successful long-haul low-cost airline in the world.
  21. European Low-Cost Airlines Market Entry Strategies in Asia
    The findings of this study will be instrumental in expanding the body of knowledge regarding global market entry strategies in the aviation sector.
  22. Budget Airlines and Their Growth Factors in Europe
    Budget airlines have become very popular. There are a lot of factors that enable European budget airlines to keep their prices low.
  23. Ryanair Airline’s Low-Cost Operations Strategy
    Basing on the needs and aims of Ryanair management, there exist strategies that an organization has laid in place to achieve its objectives and maintaining low costs.
  24. Cathay Pacific Airlines’ Customer Relationship Management
    This paper investigates the impact of customer relationship management in the airline industry and its contribution to the success of Cathay Pacific Airlines.
  25. Virgin Airlines’ Marketing Strategies in Australia
    Virgin Blue’s arrival into the Australian airline industry caused ripples across the industry. Its two main rivals were Ansett and Qantas.

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  1. Southwest Airlines Overall Strategy Improvement
    Southwest airline should assume an expansionist strategy, but make sure it undertakes comprehensive market research, continue improvements on service quality, and ensure human capital development.
  2. Cathay Pacific Airways: Business Management
    Cathay Pacific Airways is a world-leading airline carrier and is the flag carrier of Hong Kong that deals directly with people travelling either for business or for pleasure.
  3. Emirates Airline’s Contact Centre: Work Experience
    This report documents my experience at EK Contact Centre in order to document the various things that I learnt.
  4. Organisational Behaviour Impact: Hong Kong Airlines Limited
    This study determines the impact of organisational behaviour on organisational performance. To do this, the researcher chose Hong Kong Airline as the organisation to base the research.
  5. Airline Pricing Strategies Versus Consumer Rights
    The airline industry has always been “beholden” so to speak to its fuel and airplane suppliers since, without them, it would be unlikely that they could continue operations.
  6. Perception of the Service Quality for Airline Passengers
    The aim of the research is to analyze the service quality perceptions of Airline Passengers and to link these perceptions to their satisfaction and loyalty.
  7. Trans World Airlines, Inc. v. Hardison Case Analysis
    All the problems, in Trans World Airlines, Inc. v. Hardison case, stem from Hardison being transferred and, as such, if he was brought back, the source of his complaints could have been addressed.
  8. Air New Zealand Airline’s Operations Management
    This paper analyzes the internal and external environment of Air New Zealand with a view to understanding the main factors influencing its operational plans.
  9. Service Quality Factors in the Airline Industry
    The prime objective of this study is to examine service quality factors in the airline industry as they are perceived by consumers.
  10. Economic Analysis of Airline Safety
    The major goal of this report is to analyze the main causes of occurrences in flights coupled with how they happen, their effects, and the most appropriate remedies that can be used.
  11. Southwest Airline Company’s Case Analysis
    The Southwest Airline has attracted many passengers to its airline in terms of measuring the economies and diseconomies of scale.
  12. Airline Industry’s Digitalization and Other Trends
    The first trend is observed in the macro environment and revolves around the possibility of digitization of the airline industry.
  13. Airline Deregulation: Economic Effects
    In the past, airlines were regulated by governments in terms of prices, the number of seats and carriers. This led to inefficiency in the airline industry.
  14. The Airline Industry of Cyprus
    In this study, it has being analyzed and evaluated that the conventional marketing concentrate on the need to be competitive in the fierce environment of the airline industry.
  15. The Airline Industry Costs and Its Main Groups
    The role of the airlines is to link the national economies and to facilitate the exchange of people, goods, and ideas.
  16. Easy Jet Airline’s Strategic Marketing Audit
    Easy Jet specialises in service delivery. The place for the service offering is dependent on the preferred destination of its clients.
  17. Emirates Airline: Arabian Adventures and Skywards
    Based in Dubai, Arabian adventure is part of Leisure Management division and destination of Emirates airlines.
  18. United Airlines’ Employment Ethical Dilemma
    The event reviewed in this case study is a story of harassment of Jane Doe, a United States Airlines flight attendant.
  19. Airline Liability for Passenger Injury or Death
    The selected legal topic for this discussion revolves around the issue of liability after the death or injury of passengers after air crashes.
  20. News Report: the Market of Airlines
    News and those dedicated to the social, political, and economic sectors, have some assumptions and limitations which should be considered during the application of these materials.
  21. Price Discrimination in the Airline Industry
    Price discrimination is an important tool enabling sellers and producers to maximize their profits. One of the most illustrative examples can be found in the airline industry.
  22. Qantas Airline’s Frequent Flyer Recommendations
    Although the impact of frequent flyer programs still needs further investigation, Qantas can benefit from the focus on solutions and improvements presented in this paper.
  23. Sky Clear Airline: Company Analysis
    The authorities and the management personnel of the company include the board of directors, an executive committee, CEO and departments.
  24. American, Alaska, and United Airline Brands
    This essay analyses three commercial airline brands, such as American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and United Airlines.
  25. Airline Safety Practices and Medication Administration
    The medication administration activities are nowadays very sophisticated and difficult to run properly. But the authority cannot fulfill the minimum requirements.

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  1. Nuts!: Southwest Airlines’ Business Success
    The book “Nuts!: Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success” proposes a unique history of one of the most successful American airlines, Southwest Airlines.
  2. British Airways Holiday Package
    In this report, I will analyze one of the current products of the British Airlines portfolio, its “holiday package”.
  3. The Airline Industry: Data Protection
    In one of the acts on data protection, the US agreed with the EU that personal information should be disclosed. This is categorized as sensitive data.
  4. Freiberg on Southwest Airlines’
    “Nuts! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success” is based on what can be referred to as the success story of Southwest Airlines.
  5. Emirates Airline Company’s Market Research
    Emirates Airline concentrates on providing the best quality of service in the industry. But it forgets that the customer is looking for something more than just quality.
  6. British Airways: Business Functions
    British Airways fosters a culture of social and corporate responsibility. It attempts to utilize its workforce to create an atmosphere of growth and innovation.
  7. External Environmental Factors That Influence Wataniya Airways Performance
    This paper focuses on the Wataniya Airways and the external environmental factors influencing its performance.
  8. Toyota and Southwest Airlines Success Stories
    It is in this context that this paper will study two industries with their success stories, Toyota and Southwest Airlines.
  9. Airline Industry’s Economic Profile
    In the last few years, demand for air travel has been growing at a high rate due to the increased mobility of people on tourism, diplomatic or business mission.
  10. Current Organizational Structure of British Airways
    British Airways has found that a cross-functional team-based structure is ideal for them and this is how they are succeeding.
  11. Why Low Cost Airlines Performed Very Well?
    Low-cost carriers are recently formed carriers, with innovative strategies, while legacy carriers were recognized decades ago.
  12. Flybe Airline Company: Online Business Strategy
    The online environment business has been changing as a result of various factors. The environment is turning out to be competitive because companies have realized the need to compete online.
  13. Southwest Airlines’ and Semco’s Organisational Structures
    A deal with issues related to organisational structures using examples of two companies Southwest Airlines and Semco: what makes these companies differ in their structure.
  14. Southwest Airlines: The Company Analysis
    Southwest Airlines is the largest airline company in the United States which carries the biggest number of passengers per year domestically.
  15. E-Commerce in the Airline Industry
    The airline industry exemplifies the effectiveness of e-commerce and the way technology can re-create the industrial structure.
  16. Lesson and Recommendations After British Airways Strike
    The British Airways Company Management must take the employee through an efficient adaptation process using sensible communication methods that allow room for feedback.
  17. The Low-Cost Airlines and Their Role in International Tourism
    The LCCs are a major contributing factor in the tourism sector of the UK but the large-scale operation’s impact on the environment, causing its degradation through harmful emissions.
  18. Classic Airlines and Marketing
    The airline wants to increase its revenue base from its operations. Classic airlines have been struggling to redefine its vision to be better and stronger.
  19. Southwest Airlines Company: Innovation and Marketing
    The Southwest Airlines Company is one of the most innovative companies and this paper is going to carry out a discussion about this company.
  20. British Airways: Project Management
    British Airways (BA) is a recognized commercial flying company that is renowned not only in Europe but globally.
  21. Royal Airlines’ Poor Leadership
    Poor leadership involves the inability on the part of a leader to influence his followers in achieving the aims and objectives of an organization.
  22. Airline and Car Industries’ Operations Design
    The airline and automotive industries have similarities in the fact that they both fall under the very important category of transport and communication.
  23. Southwest Airlines Co: Motivation Philosophy and Practices Company
    The motivation strategy used by the company can be mainly explained by positive psychology, one example of which is embedded in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  24. Etihad Airways: Strategies Analysis
    This paper aims at analyzing the strategies at Etihad Airways as well as their levels of effectiveness in terms of the prevailing conditions, market competition, and social responsibility and ethics.
  25. Virgin Airlines: Introduction and Development of the Company
    Virgin Atlantic started its first scheduled journey from Gatwick to Newark in 1984, using a rented Boeing 747-200, which belonged to Aerolineas Argentinas.
  26. Southwest Airlines’ Services and Customers’ Satisfaction
    Southwest Airlines is a company with a short history that began its operations approximately in the second half of the last century.
  27. Airline Fuel Hedging Programs
    Airlines will most probably continue to use fuel hedging programs in the coming months and years because some have proved beneficial in the past.
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