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Ethics in Management

Expectations and Implications

Ethical management allows business employees to feel comfortable and be productive at work. It also helps to avoid conflict situations and misunderstandings between the subordinates and superiors. An effective leader sets an example by behaving morally and encouraging other workers to do the same. This paper will discuss several ways managers could practice ethical communication, encourage other employees, and support a comfortable atmosphere in a company.

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Every person has pride, feelings, and goals, even if they are not evident to the colleagues. The manager oversees the work process, but it does not allow them to disrespect the staff in any way. Human rights and civil behavior should be practiced with anyone, superior or subordinate, even if not all involved follow the same guidelines. Working under stress may cause people to lose control, but a polite and effective manager can resolve the situation without unethical behavior.

Although people’s values and priorities vary, depending on their culture, religion, and upbringing, mutual respect in any situation is an ethical principle necessary to follow in a modern business company. Managers have to oversee the way employees communicate with each other and stop such practices as racism, sexism, and hazing, whether they happen intentionally or not. However, even in obvious cases, the superior should stay professional and set a moral example.

Procedural fairness is another significant part of ethical business management. The rules and guidelines at the workplace apply equally to all people with similar responsibilities. Slackers and loafers should be controlled or even punished if warnings do not have an effect. Efficient and vigilant employees, on the other hand, deserve a reward defined by the guidelines. If the procedure does not seem fair to someone in a company, a manager should have a conversation with them to explain the purpose behind it, listen to counterarguments, and revise the guidelines if needed.

This paper summarizes the principles of ethical management for a business company. They may differ depending on the country, industry, size of the firm, or signature style. The employees need to be informed about their rights, obligations, and procedures to resolve conflict situations. The cultural and religious norms have to be considered in any business company, but adequately and rationally. The effective manager should always exhibit and encourage professional and polite behavior.

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