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  1. Environment: Oil Drilling in the Arctic National Refuge
    The question of whether to drill oil in the Arctic National wildlife Refuge or not to drill it at all has been one of the most controversial issues in the United States.
  2. The Environmental Impacts of Consumption and Production
    The purpose of this essay is to show that people affect the environment negatively because of the social, cultural, and economic activities that they engage in regularly.
  3. Environmental Studies on Coral Reefs
    The current research has revealed that both the New Caledonia Barrier Reef (CCBR) and the Red Sea Coral Reef (RSCR) are among the principal coral reefs.
  4. Environmental Studies: Plastics Recycling and Recovery
    The essay intends to focus on the life cycle assessment and its relationship with the recycling and recuperation of plastic. Plastics contribute greatly to the high numbers of waste.
  5. Water Recycling: Why Is It Important?
    Different countries face varying challenges in as far as provision of clean water to its population is concerned depending with its economic development level and geographic location.
  6. Causes and Effects of Global Warming on the Environment
    The Global Warming is a process which points out an increase of approximate temperature in different spots of Earth. Causes and effects of global warming bear in present days an equivocal character.
  7. Mining as a Cause of Environmental Disaster
    Mining does great damage to the environment and biological diversity of the planet. The negative consequences of mining indicates the gravity of the present ecological situation.
  8. The Amazon Rainforest, an Integral Component of the Environment
    If the Amazon rainforest disappears, the entire human race will likely suffer the same fate resulting from the climatic changes that would result.
  9. The Role of the Environment and Genes in Human Development
    This paper will therefore discuss how both genetics (Nature) and the environment (Nurture) contribute to the development of a person’s personality, behaviour and temperament.
  10. Ethics of Working Environment
    Ethics are a set of principles that are founded on work and diligence, which helps mould the character of the employees in the workplace.
  11. Environment: Accidents and Catastrophes
    Accidents and catastrophes are linked to termination of life or otherwise the loss of purposes for living. It is philosophically thought that life without purpose is not worth living.
  12. Protection of the Environment in the U.S. and the State of Hawaii
    In the following paper, the initiatives for the protection of the environment in the U.S. and the State of Hawaii will be investigated.
  13. Globe Environment Communities and Industrialization
    As countries continue to move towards industrialization in order to become more competitive in the global economy this often adversely impacts local ecological systems.
  14. Environmental Pollution (Fresh Water)
    In terms of the water Pollution, conditioning it would be analyzed whether it has declined or improved over the past few years and if so the degree would be determined.
  15. Going Green-Saving the Environment
    Many critics of Go-Green programs have raised concern over the overall implications of going green on the environment and the economy in general.
  16. Environmental Studies: Tragedy of the Commons
    The tragedy of the commons means the destruction of assets that are owned collectively, including the eco-system. The issue of environmental degradation is considered one of the major issues.
  17. Environmental Studies: The Global Warming Holocaust
    Global climate change is a social issue that has captured the imagination of the world’s population. This issue is discussed in mass media and social media platforms.
  18. Bottled Water Impact on Environment
    This paper seeks to amplify the need for regulation of the used water bottles. It is quite obvious that water bottles are the highest in a number of all bottles thrown away after use.
  19. Environmental Studies: The Chernobyl Disaster
    On April 26, 1986, The Chernobyl Unit 4 Reactor was undergoing a test on the system that was meant to provide electric power in case of a power outage.
  20. Natural Sciences: Development vs. Environment
    The anthropogenic impact on the environment results from the human activities of development in both minor and major areas of development.
  21. Heredity and Environment’ Effects on Intelligence
    Both heredity and environment play a role in the development of intelligence in adolescents. There are various perspectives to the development of intelligence.
  22. United Kingdom Environmental and Waste Management Policies
    United Kingdom made significant progress in increasing recycling and minimising landfills, but there is the need for more and faster action.
  23. Environmental Pollution Effects on Health
    Environmental contaminations such as lead taxation, noise and air pollution harmfully affect physical, psychological health and behavioral patterns of adults and children.
  24. Environmental Studies of Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation
    Natural climate changes occur in cycles in world, and they are caused by natural interaction with different forces, whereas human activities cause anthropogenic climate changes.
  25. The Environmental Impact of Bottled Water
    This paper examines the real situational effects on production of the bottled water to environmental degradation.
  26. Benefits of a Sterilized Nursing Environment
    Nursing environment requires complete commitment from all relevant departments. This paper will explore the benefits of a sterilized nursing environment.
  27. Christianity Role in Positive Environmental Changes
    Christianity is an ideal platform for instating positive environmental changes through personal approaches. This is because the church can easily mobilize and educate the masses.
  28. Global Environmental Change
    This paper examines how population growth affects the water system and concerns related to drinking fresh water.
  29. Global Environmental Change Concepts
    Global environmental change refers to the transformation in the physical and biochemical features of the environment such as soil, water and biodiversity.
  30. National Parks: Environmental Threats and Protection
    Walker and David argue that every person is required to protect the endangered species because they have a duty to protect the earth, including these birds, for future generations.
  31. Water Scarcity Issue and Environment
    The paper answers the question why to be worried about running out of drinking water even though the earth’s surface is mostly made of water.
  32. Gender Bias in the Workplace Environment
    In the specified scenario, the absence of effects of gender on the promotion of firefighters is the null hypothesis. The given factors will help define can hypothesis be deemed as true or false.
  33. Jackson Hospital in Miami: Legal and Ethical Environment
    This paper examines the legal and ethical environment restrictions and opportunities affecting health care provision at the Jackson Hospital in Miami.
  34. Economic Environment and Assets – International Business
    The paper studies approaches of international management, effects of political risk and inflation on the international business, and importance of high GNI and GDP for investment.
  35. “The Corn is a Lie” – Environment
    The essay The Corn is a Lie discusses the use of the ethanol and its impact on the environment from various perspectives. There are some ideas and arguments to analyze.
  36. Environment in the Book “Paths to a Green World”
    The book Paths to a Green World: The Political Economy of the Global Environment contributes to a better understanding of the nature of environmental management.
  37. Environmental Health and Health Effects: Improvement Strategies
    The paper deals with the environmental health and health effects of the environmental change. It makes an accent on the strategies for improvement of the environmental situation.
  38. Cyberbullying: Victim and Abuser in the Online Environment
    The phenomenon of cyberbullying affects anyone who communicates on the Internet. Trolling can be viewed as one of the most common specimens of cyberbullying.
  39. Environment Protection in the U.S. and the Hawaii State
    The protection of the environment is an urgent issue. In the following paper, the initiatives for the protection of the environment in the U.S. and the State of Hawaii will be investigated.
  40. China’s Political and Legal Environment
    The paper studies China’s political and legal environment and its impact on the foreign investments and general ease of doing business.

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  1. Healing Environment’ Importance in the Healthcare System
    The concept of healing hospitals is based on the principle of providing healthcare services in well-coordinated and humane manner. The concept of healing is attributed with three major components.
  2. Bottled Water Impacts on Environment
    As the use of bottled water continue to rise steadily around the world, many critics have focused on its impacts on the environment, economy and other social implications related to the use.
  3. Environmental Changes: Negative and Positive Impact on Human Health
    Environmental changes have both negative and positive impacts on human health. While some effects are direct, others are hard to decipher.
  4. The Issue of Environment Pollution in Peru
    For their scavenger habits, the Peruvians use black vultures, or coragyps atrarus. This species is extensive in population and does not fall under special protection.
  5. Dell Company History and Environment Analysis
    The company deals with computer technology devices where it designs, manufactures and distributes personal computers and other complimentary products and services.
  6. The Dynamic Environment: Business, Government and Society
    The chapter The Dynamic Environment of Steiner’s book Business, Government and Society highlights how the world encountered inequalities and energy demands.
  7. Packaging in Marketing, Food Safety, Environment
    The principal functions of packaging are protecting products from the deterioration and external influences and providing important nutritional and marketing information.
  8. Hazardous Materials, Environment and Health
    The development of the technological advance resulted not only in the impressive progress but also affected the environment and human health by producing hazardous materials.
  9. The Relationship Between the Environment and Development
    Environmental issues are some of the most popular topics for global discussion among the policymakers. Different countries face different environmental problems.
  10. Intensive Care Unit: Evidence-Based Practice’ Environment
    Among the EBP practices employed in the unit, it is possible to recognize the moderation of noise in the area and reevaluation of the demand for the medical supplies required for the unit operations.
  11. Nurses Creating High-Quality Healthcare Environment
    Nurses are one of the main medical workers that promote development and growth. They create standards, improve the environment, and promote the importance of health care.
  12. Environmental Activism: Benefits and Threats
    Environmental activism increases public awareness about the problems; however, it can be justified only when it does not pose a threat to the property and lives of people.
  13. Russian Restaurant in the UK Macro Environment
    The primary purpose of this work is to see whether opening the Russian restaurant in London is feasible based on the macro-environment analysis.
  14. Company X and Its Performance in the Global Environment
    Promoting change in the context of an organization requires substantial resources due to the need to address the emergent problems and keep the system viable.
  15. Patient, Nurse, Health, Environment Meta-Paradigms
    The metaparadigms that form personal nursing philosophy include such wide conceptions as patient, nurse, health, and environment.
  16. Just Eat Company’ Competitive Environment
    Just Eat is one of the largest online food ordering companies in the world. This paper will analyse the competitive environment of the firm.
  17. West Kendall: Environment and Community
    West Kendall is a great place to live. It has all sorts of restaurants, stores, recreation centers, clinics, hospitals and fast food places.
  18. Penguins and Environmental Changes
    Because of the lack of knowledge about penguins, people tend to overlook the threats to which they are subjected regularly due to environmental changes.
  19. Agthia Group’s Finance and Business Environment
    This report covers the financial analysis and business environment of Agthia Group. The company is publicly traded under common stock on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.
  20. Bermuda or Aruba Environment for Sandwich Shop
    Paper provides the comparative analysis economic status of Bermuda and Aruba, their population, age groups, and religions prevailing in the regions to open a sandwich shop.
  21. Environmental Festivals and Fairs: Function and Importance
    Environmental festivals and fairs play a pivotal role in instilling on participating individuals a desire and attitude geared towards sustainable environmental management.
  22. Consumption, Cheep Labor and Environmental Concerns
    Buying more cheap goods leads to greater demand and prompts big companies to seek ways to further decrease production costs, leading to tougher conditions for workers.
  23. Incivility in Nursing and Healthful Environment
    The paper focuses on the significance of incivility in nursing, suggests a practice-related incivility scenario, and provides strategies for healthful environment creation.
  24. Creativity and Innovation in a Business Environment
    Creativity allows individuals to dedicate their time to researching and developing new ideas that can be commercialized.
  25. Pediatric Nurses Creating Health Care Environment
    Pediatric nurses have a major role to play as far as safety and high-quality healthcare environment is concerned.
  26. Global Environmental Changes: Population’ Growth
    Population growth generally refers to the rate in which the number of people increases and is found by subtracting the death rate from the birth rate.
  27. National Environmental Action Plan of Maldives
    Due to the lack of concern for the environment and the unique nature of the Maldives, the state authorities have encountered a unique problems.
  28. Nursing in a Community Environment: Learning Plan
    Nursing in a community environment is a complex and empowering work that requires a keen understanding of the principles of equality and collective action.
  29. Environmental Health as to Healthy People 2020
    In this paper, the topic of environmental health and its connection to different environmental changes is discussed using the report offered by Healthy People 2020 in 2017
  30. Fast-Food Industry’s Market Place and Environment
    The fast-food industry is experiencing a revenue of over $15 billion growth a year, and the future growth rate at an average of 2.7%.
  31. Smartphone Macro-Environment Analysis in the UK
    Smartphone manufacturers will be forced to consider the forces of the macro-environment to produce competitive products that resonate with the needs of the targeted consumers.
  32. Supportive Online Environment for Learning
    The article by Plante and Asselin aimed to determine the most effective practices as well as strategies based on evidence in order to design and maintain a supportive online environment for learning.
  33. American Environmental Policy for Hazardous Waste
    This report critically analyses the environmental policies that regulate the movement of hazardous waste across Mexico, Canada, and United States borders.
  34. Person, Health, Environment in Nursing Philosophy
    Nursing is the process of creating the environment in which recovery will occur at a fast pace, and in which people will be able to engage in learning about health management.
  35. Substance Abuse: Environmental Influences and Biology
    Substance abuse is not a new problem the human society faces. This paper examines different ways biological and environment influences interact and affect drug taking behavior.
  36. Microsoft Company in the B2B Marketing Environment
    Microsoft products are marketed across the globe due to wide market coverage. The products feature in the online and traditional stores.
  37. Mind Development: Physical and Social Environment
    The mind confers to human beings the ability to understand and interpret their environments. It is a major source of information and the body part that controls the entire body.
  38. Employee Productivity and Working Environment
    Employees of a company present one of the most significant resources and managers want their subordinates to successfully do the maximum amount of work for the minimum time.
  39. Globalization Theories in the Business Environment
    The paper elaborates on the neo-classical, Marxist and structuralist perspectives on globalization before closing with the most concurrent theorem out of the three perspectives.
  40. Least Restrictive Environment and Inclusion
    An effective motivation system can become an essential component of a student’s academic success, and can be regarded as an important LRE practice.

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  1. Environmental Legislation: Clean Water Act
    Clean Water Act determines water quality standards, serves as a basis for the enactment of pollution control programs, and regulates the presence of contaminants in surface water.
  2. E-Commerce Future in the Market Environment
    This paper explores the future of e-commerce coupled with giving suggestions on what companies can do to thrive in this dynamic and competitive market environment.
  3. My Muesli Company’s Environment and Strategies
    This paper investigates the competitive environment of My Muesli, studies the company’s needs and wants, and analyzes its pricing strategies.
  4. Best Buy Company and Result-Only Work Environment
    The paper discusses the approach to organizational change that the ROWE (Result-Only Work Environment) program illustrated on the example of Best Buy Company.
  5. Traditional vs. Virtual Learning Environment
    With the development of the ICT system, the traditional learning environments are in the process of developing new virtual spaces designed for learning.
  6. Chad’s Government and Business Environment
    Chad, one of the most potential low developed countries, has numerous opportunities that would eradicate its political, social, and economic difficulties.
  7. The Environmental Valuation in Economic Terms
    The establishment of the WTP parameters is critical because it helps economists formulate policies that target the improvement of the environment quality.
  8. Potential Sources of Environmental Risks
    The purpose of the environmental risk assessment of the site was to identify the actual and potential sources of environmental risk posed by the hazardous waste site.
  9. Patients Safety and Needs in Healthcare Environment
    Creating the environment in which patients’ needs can be identified and met successfully is essential in the ever-changing environment of global healthcare.
  10. Discipline Implementation in Military Environment
    The state of the army leaves much to be desired regarding the discipline levels and the allocation of the army resources. Immediate actions should be taken to handle the problem.
  11. Environmental Impacts of Events
    This strategic critical analysis has a mandate to evaluate the role of an event manager in curbing or reducing the environmental impacts on such occasions.
  12. Environmental Studies: Nature and Its Importance
    This essay will discuss nature and its importance to human beings. Man is interconnected with the environment and cannot exist in isolation.
  13. How Changes in the Environment Affect Organizations?
    This research demonstrate the influence of environmental forces on businesses in the UK. Technological change is an environmental factor in the operations of high tech companies.
  14. Environmental Degradation and Its Impact on Women
    Women claimed to be particularly impacted by environmental degradation due to their traditional role of performing agricultural activities.
  15. Florence Nightingale Environmental Theory Analysis
    This paper analyzes the environmental theory of nursing as one of the most significant theories that have brought vital changes in nursing.
  16. Maple Leaf Company: Business Environment Challenges
    Maple Leaf is one of the leaders of the Canadian agricultural industry. Even industry leaders face challenges once they make a decision to expand and start operations in foreign economies.
  17. The Role of Nurses in Environmental Health
    This paper explores the factors that affect health and the roles of nurses in improving or eliminating environmental barriers to health.
  18. Nurse’s Role in Environmental Health Improvement
    The following paper identifies the most important environmental factors and describes the nurse’s roles in minimizing the environmental impact on health.
  19. The Role of Environment in Childhood Physical Development
    It is important to examine the role that the environment plays in human development during middle childhood. It also discusses the results and conclusions presented in the study.
  20. Environmental Change Effects on Health
    This paper builds on the existing literature seeking to quantify the health effects of environmental changes. Undoubtedly, environmental change is influencing many factors.
  21. Noise in Nightingale’s Environmental Theory
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the concept of noise and audial disturbances through the prism of Nightingale’s environmental theory.
  22. Positive Learning Environment for Student Nurses
    The creation of a positive learning setting allows students to feel well-cared-for, engaged, and comfortable, which makes them motivated to strive for success.
  23. Psychopharmacology in School Environment
    The paper discusses the problem of academic performance in the context of stimulant treatment. Employing stimulants at school does not find its rational justification.
  24. Accounting Information Systems in an ERP Environment
    The introduction of the ERP technology has greatly influenced the accounting practices in the financial and management accounting, audit, and taxation.
  25. The Interaction of the Patient with Environment
    The adaptive process model is a holistic system that facilitates the constant interaction of the patient with the changing internal and external environment.
  26. Cultural Variations in Environment and Biology: AIDS
    The research studies the prevalence of AIDS among ethnic groups in the United States and suggests patient education interventions, which can be performed by nurses.
  27. Biodiversity, Global Warming, Environmental Conservation
    Several pertinent issues manifest themselves in the discussion of nature. These issues include biodiversity, global warming, and environmental conservation.
  28. Man and Environment: Overpopulation in China
    This paper describes eight major ways in which we have altered natural systems to meet our needs and analyzes the problem of overpopulation in China.
  29. ASDA Supermarket Business Environment
    The following paper analyses the business environment of ASDA Supermarket and measures it has taken to gain competitive advantage by use of IT.
  30. Thailand’s Macro Environment in 2016-2017
    The report delves into the peculiarities of the macro environment in Thailand. It includes the description of the political situation, economic conditions, cultural peculiarities.
  31. The Role of Environment in Child Physical Development
    The problem of physical development during the middle childhood, and the role of school and family environment as a factor that influences this development, will be discussed in this paper.
  32. Domestic Violence and Its Environmental Influences
    Domestic violence is commonly the consequence of negative childhood experience, which may include witnessing abuse between family members or being abused personally.
  33. Environmental Health and Effects of Environmental Change
    This paper discusses the concept of ecological health in the context of environmental change with a central focus on the European cities.
  34. Apple Inc.’s Internal and External Strategic Environment
    This paper analyzes Apple’s internal and external environment to determine its strengths and weaknesses using PESTEL, SWOT, and Porter’s Five Forces analytical tools.
  35. Nissan Motor Company’s Business Environment
    The following paper presents an analysis of Nissan Motor Company aimed at evaluating its ability to remain proactive in a competitive business environment.
  36. Macro Environment Impacts on Tesco Company in China
    Tesco, a UK-based multinational retail firm has outlets in 11 countries of Asia and Europe. In China, this company benefits and suffers from macro environmental forces in equal measures.
  37. Pope Francis Views on the Environment
    In Laudato Si’ Pope Francis addresses the danger of polluting our planet and urges people to be more environmentally cautious.
  38. Education in 21st-Century Multicultural Environment
    Promoting equality and inclusion may contradict the policy of cultural pluralism since they have different effects on learners.
  39. Entering a New Learning Environment
    Entering a new learning environment is a challenging procedure for an ELL student. For this reason, schools offer a range of activities intended to make the process more seamless.
  40. Virgin Atlantic: Business Environment and Advantages
    The selected firm is Virgin Atlantic. The firm offers a wide range of services and products to the targeted customers. The company transports millions of passengers to over 30 destinations.

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  1. Environmental Health Concerns in Healthy People 2020
    This paper focuses on the principal factors which contribute to the adverse environmental change, and the possible outcomes of these changes for environmental health.
  2. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.’s Work Environment Leadership
    Hoffmann-La Roche is a subsidiary of the Swizz-based Roche Holding AG and operates under the agency of National Pharmacy L.L.C.
  3. Nightingale’s Environment Theory and Application
    This paper analyzes the significant concepts of Florence Nightingale’s Environment theory, its assumptions, and its application in the modern nursing environment.
  4. Tesco and Sainsbury Companies: Business Environment Issues
    The report elucidates the key business environmental issues of the retail supersector and two companies within its food and wholesale subsector – Tesco and Sainsbury.
  5. Pollution and Noise as Environmental Health Issues
    This paper explores the concept of environmental health and the issues related to its use. On the whole, a detailed explanation of the term “environmental health” is provided.
  6. The Role of Environment in Physical Development
    This study determines the role of school and family environment as factors that influence growth in an individual in middle childhood.
  7. Childhood Obesity, Demographics and Environment
    Childhood obesity remains an ongoing societal problem that affects public health due to the long-term medical risks that the condition carries.
  8. Environmental Changes and Factors That Impact Health
    The attempts to restore the damage of the environment are long-term contributions to the public health of the population entire planet.
  9. Environmental Factors and Barriers to Health
    Environmental health is an important aspect of health care. A variety of environmental factors can lead to both positive and negative outcomes for the patient.
  10. Work Environment and Organizational Culture
    The human resource department is tasked to ensure that all employees have the tools to complete tasks, work in a favorable environment, and growth-oriented culture.
  11. Environmental Skepticism in Scientific Community
    The concept of science has always been considered detached and objective, representing the ultimate truth for the global community disregarding any differences.
  12. Environmental Health and Social Conflicts
    Everyone in the society looks forward to the surrounding environment for satisfaction. Foods and other basic needs are all obtained from the environment.
  13. Communication in a Multicultural Environment
    This paper examines Sue’s worldview model to handle the issue and encourage intercultural dialogue and discusses the issue of interactions among African and white Americans.
  14. Society, Environment and Technology: Indian Market Entering
    This report evaluates three PESTEL components, including socio-cultural, economic, and technological aspects of the company that wishes to enter an Indian market.
  15. Human Factors Issues in Virtual Environment
    Human factors engineering is a field that employs a systems methodology to fit tasks to human abilities and skills while boosting technology and human interfaces.
  16. Hospital-Acquired Conditions and Regulatory Environment
    This paper assesses the HAC issue and its impact on the health insurer Anthem, discusses compliance of organizations and tools for improving the benchmark metrics.
  17. Environmental Legislation in the US and India
    This work describes a major event that caused the US Congress to enact a series of strong environmental legislation and examines the deadly gas in Bhopal, India.
  18. Granite City Food & Brewery Company’s Environment
    The stable political environment in the US has been a pull factor for the food and beverage products that are sold by the Granite City Food & Brewery.
  19. Learning Environment for Nurses’ Critical Thinking
    The learning environment plays a significant role in the formation of students’ critical thinking abilities. For nursing students, these skills are particularly important.
  20. Environment and Legislation Issues
    This work examines private action on polluters as a deterrent to the degradation of the environment and the response of Texas to the regulations of Federal Regulatory Agencies.
  21. National Environmental Policy Act in the US
    The National Environmental Policy Act had a positive effect on the environmental state as it increased transparency in the federal decision-making processes.
  22. Naturalists and Their Environmental Experiences
    Naturalists are, by description, friends of nature. For a naturalist to kill the very organism that he or she is studying is such an irony.
  23. World Environmental Politics: Biocentric and Anthropocentric Views on Environmental Issues
    Environmental issues have been in the spotlight for decades but it is clear that people are still reluctant to pay the necessary attention to the matter.
  24. The Macro-Environment of the Smartphone Industry
    This report examines the macro-environment of the smartphone industry in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is one of the most lucrative markets for most commodities.
  25. The Environmental Impact of Air Travel
    The project discusses the work of aircraft engines, that produce heat, pollutants, emissions, and gases that affect the atmosphere and contribute to the emergence of negative changes in the climate.
  26. Global Awareness of Environmental and Moral Issues
    Global awareness entails the aspect of making people, the society, have an understanding of various life issues that is based on knowledge of global perspectives.
  27. Human Resource Management: Legal and Regulatory Environment
    This paper answers questions about the legal and regulatory environment in human resource management by analyzing different cases.
  28. Colin Ives’ Lectures on Artwork-Environment Interaction
    Lectures from Colin Ives are generally interactive and have a unique way to show how various artists interact with their artwork with the environment.
  29. Regulatory Economics and Environmental Policies
    Expansionary monetary policies, tax cuts and increased budget on spending are some of the roles the government may have to play during downturns.
  30. Building Environment and Analyzing Methodologies
    The report revolves around six articles connected with the issue of the built environment and analyzes various methodologies used in them.
  31. Environmental Issues in the United Arab Emirates
    This paper overviews the main environmental issues, ecological problem trends in the United Arab Emirates and which these trends will be in the future.
  32. Manager’s Changing Environment and Ethical Duties
    Taking the management perspective, a co-worker having an affair with a colleague is a problem because it will most probably lead to problems in the workplace.
  33. Protecting the Environment as the Most Important Problem
    The rising population exhaust the natural resources such as the fossil fuels which when used; they in turn pollute the environment and raises energy security concerns.
  34. Environmental Issues and Protecting the Environment
    Protection of our environment should be a huge concern for people because our population is doubling, no, tripling faster than our environment can keep up.
  35. Navigating Environmental Attitudes: Environmental Preservation
    The environment should be protected not only by people, but also from people because people are the number one threat to the environment.
  36. Green Approach: Environment Conservation
    To help the environment and run events that are eco-friendly, event managers can practice what has been described of late as Sustainable Event Management.
  37. Environmental Problems and Social Movements
    Environmental safety has come to be among the most volatile topics of discussion at the local, national, and international levels.
  38. Analyzing the Marketing Environment
    This paper summarizes the chapter Analyzing the Marketing Environment from the book Marketing by Grewal and Levy and considers what can be learned using the book.
  39. Racially and Culturally Diverse Environments
    The number of minorities, including African Americans, in U.S. colleges and universities is comparably low as it is noted by researchers.
  40. Professionalism and Ethics in Environment
    This paper discusses the Challenger Disaster case, legal and standards for environmental contamination, and environmental impacts on non human living things.

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