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  1. The Amazon Rainforest, an Integral Component of the Environment
    If the Amazon rainforest disappears, the entire human race will likely suffer the same fate resulting from the climatic changes that would result.
  2. Amazon Company’s Customer Service
    Amazoon.com has a very well developed system of customer support and an easy to browse a website that memorizes one’s choices reflect the older requests.
  3. Amazon Company Performance Evaluation
    The purpose of evaluating a company’s performance is to determine the efficacy of organizational strategies, the attained progress and goals, and provide recommendations.
  4. Amazon.com Company Management Information Systems
    Amazon.com has persisted in its innovation, especially in business strategy and information systems. In this research paper, the company connects these two aspects of business.
  5. Amazon’s Cargo Facilities and Implementation Steps
    Amazon should establish cargo facilities in Beijing, New Delhi, and Munich and introduce the prime delivery service in these regions, which will require a sound strategy.
  6. Amazon Company: Transportation and Logistics Department
    Amazon is one of the leading online retailers. The network of cargo and fulfillment facilities in the USA is substantial, which has enabled the company to introduce the prime delivery service.
  7. Amazon Company’s Strategy and Customization
    Amazon’s profit has been boosted by its focus on streamlining operations and delivering better performance along with cost-effective cost reduction strategies.
  8. Amazon Company Advantages and Disadvantages
    Amazon.com is a recent response to the traditional retailing business. The instant popularity of Amazon raised numerous objections among the proponents of traditional retailing.
  9. Amazon’s Sales and Marketing Strategies
    This essay explores Amazon’s sales and distribution model and marketing strategies that make it better than brick and mortar stores.
  10. Amazon Company Supply Chain Management Practices
    This paper entails a case study analysis of Amazon.com and assesses how the firm has implemented the concept of inventory management.
  11. IMDB, Wikipedia, Amazon Website Performance Tests
    The analysis shows how IMDB, Wikipedia, Amazon websites work on a low-tier, mid-tier, high-tier phones, and desktop, and scores these websites using the scale at http//ready.mobi.
  12. Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble Competition
    The paper concerns the rising influence of Amazon at the book distribution market and the competition between Amazon and Barnes & Noble publishing house.
  13. Amazon’s Supply Chain and Transportation Innovations
    Amazon focuses on 3 “customer sets” that include “consumer customers, seller customers, and developer customers.” Its supply chain is characterized by significant diversification.
  14. Amazon Company’s Conditions of Use
    The Amazon company’s conditions of use detail rules that have to be followed by its customers who want to use e-commerce services.
  15. Amazon’s Transportation and Logistics Department
    Amazon is one of the top e-commerce companies selling products to people irrespective of their geographic locations.
  16. Amazon.com Company’s E-Commerce: Benefits and Drawbacks
    E-commerce is a process of doing business in the Internet. Amazon uses it by offering its customers music, toys, electronics, software, books, and clothes.
  17. Amazon Company: Organization and Leadership
    With electronic performance monitoring, a company like Amazon can supervise and analyze an employee’s activities in real-time.
  18. Amazon Company’s Supply Chain and Influences on It
    The paper discusses Amazon’s supply chain, and the impact of sales, operations planning, global sourcing, procurement, and e-commerce strategies on the supply chain.
  19. Amazon Dash Wand Product’s Feasibility
    Amazon launched a dash wand that allows customers to scan barcodes of packages and add the goods directly to their carts.
  20. Zappos-Amazon Companies Merger: Organizational Culture
    The acquisition of Zappos by Amazon is a good example of the complications of combining two companies that have different organizational cultures.
  21. Amazon vs. Walmart: Internet in the Retail Industry
    This paper discusses the recent development of retail through the main aspects of Porter’s Five Forces analysis and the growth of Amazon and Walmart.
  22. Amazon Inc.’s vs. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s Inventory
    This paper seeks to carry out a comparative analysis of the two ratios for Amazon.com, Inc. and Wal-Mart Store, Inc.
  23. Amazon Corporation’s Radio Frequency Identification
    Amazon can embrace the power of RFID technology to become more competitive in the global online marketing sector.
  24. Amazon Company: RFID Technology Implementation Plan
    An evidence-based Radio-Frequency Identification technology implementation plan is suggested by this paper that can make a difference for Amazon and support its business goals.
  25. Amazon Company’s Analysis of Success Factors
    The Amazon company has achieved immense success by entering the emerging market of online retailing with the appropriate timing.
  26. Amazon and Yahoo Companies’ Differences
    Both Amazon and Yahoo! have forged alliances with other companies, with the former forming partnerships with such B & M companies like Office Depot and Toys “R” US.

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  1. Amazon.com Inc.’s E-Business Strategy
    This paper outlines the e-business strategy of Amazon.com, Inc., the largest online retailer in the world, in use in its functional areas.
  2. Amazon Company’s Competitive Influence
    The need to offer a wide product line forms Amazon’s diversification strategy because the company has strived to reinvent itself through different product offering.
  3. Amazon Inc.’s Consolidation Process and Tax Benefits
    The paper applies theoretical information on consolidation to Amazon, Inc., by describing its corporate structure, the consolidation process, and tax benefits.
  4. Apple, Alphabet, Amazon Companies’ Design and Success
    This paper prepares an executive summary of the strategic and organizational success factors of Apple, Alphabet, and Amazon.
  5. Amazon’s, Zara’s, Ocado’s E-Business Processes
    This study explains Amazon’s core business model, discusses the business processes of Zara, and outlines the key strengths and weaknesses of Ocado.
  6. Amazon and eBay: E-Business Applications Development
    Despite the fact that the majority of the online stores were created at the end of the twentieth century, only a few of them possessed the continuing supremacy of Amazon and eBay.
  7. Amazon Inc.’s Human Resource Management Strategies
    Being one of the largest and most successful companies in the world, Amazon.com constantly attracts the attention of potential employees, business partners, and competitors.
  8. Infrastructure as a Service by Amazon
    The demand for cloud computing is proliferating due to its cost-efficiency, scalability, and simple management.
  9. Amazon: Local and Global Markets
    This paper examines the economic environment, the global presence, the effect of macroeconomic factors and recommend effective strategies for sustainable profitability of Amazon.
  10. Amazon’s E-Commerce Strategy
    Amazon’s latest IT/ IS strategy is a massive expansion of its e-commerce platform and creation of a new website to further encourage online-shopping.
  11. Team Management at Amazon
    Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce companies delivering various types of products to customers all around the world.
  12. Amazon Inc.’s Strategy and Financial Expenditures
    Considering that studying the experience of market giants can be practically relevant, the essay generalizes on the elements of Amazon’s strategy and financial expenditures.
  13. Cybersecurity for Amazon Web Services Infrastructure
    This paper gives a detailed description of the best strategies and initiatives to maintain the security of data and services that reside on Amazon Web Services infrastructure.
  14. Amazon: Data Collection and OIP
    Resting on the data acquired from surveys, Amazon should be recommended to reconsider its strategy for working with clients and improve its online services.
  15. Amazon.com Inc.’s Corporate Valuation
    The company to be analyzed is Amazon.com, Inc., a listed company located in the United States that operates in the technology industry and the cyclical consumer market.
  16. Amazon.com Inc.’s Environmental Scanning
    Environmental scanning is associated with a deep understanding of the external force that provides change. The paper carries out environmental scanning of Amazon.com, Inc.
  17. Amazon’s Innovation, Sustainability, Global Market
    The paper is dedicated to the study of Amazon’s long-term goals and analyzing its strategies for future development.
  18. Amazon: Company Analysis
    This paper examines the above elements with a focus on Amazon, which is a globally recognized business located in Seattle, Washington.
  19. Amazon.com’s Strategy Implementation, Evaluation, Control
    The introduction of strategies, their evaluation, and control are important factors that enable the Amazon corporation to withstand high competition and extract stable profits.
  20. Auditing in Amazon: Risk Factors and Compliance Issues
    The Amazon’s income statement includes the structure of the company financial statement, the economic characteristic, and its marketing strategies for brand differentiation.
  21. Amazon Rainforest: Keystone, Invasive, Endangered Species
    A biome selected to describe is a tropical rainforest biome and an ecosystem chosen is the Amazon rainforest. It is among the largest in the world with a wide variety of species.
  22. The Amazon Pollution and Its Effect on Birds
    The impact of the pollution of the Amazon on birds, their populations, and habits is significant and is the object of concern to many stakeholders.
  23. Medicinal Value of Tropical Rainforest Plants: A Reference to the Amazon Rainforests
    The first medicinal plants were probably discovered accidentally when a person tried the edibility of a plant and in the process discovered that it cured him of an illness that he was suffering from.
  24. CRM Software in Amazon: Gains
    The customer related management software that Amazon.com has developed was since its launch one of the most advanced technologies.
  25. Online Business: Amazon vs Traditional Booksellers
    This paper compares Amazon’s online bookstore with traditional booksellers for the benefits of the former over the latter.
  26. International Business: Amazon.com Marketing Strategies
    This term paper focuses on the marketing strategies of Amazon.com and how it has contributed to its continual growth in the competitive e-Commerce.
  27. Impact of Acquisition: Amazon and Whole Foods
    The benefits of acquisition between Amazon and Whole Foods cannot be ignored. Both companies may discover new opportunities and improve their current positions in the market.
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