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Reworder is an online rewriting tool that will help you save your writing from plagiarism. Its working principle is quite simple yet effective. The generator changes the sentence wording by selecting synonyms and slightly modifying grammatical structures. As a result, you get a unique piece of writing just in a few clicks!

Using our essay reworder, you can be sure of the following:

  • It keeps the meaning of a paragraph;
  • It searches for appropriate synonyms in several online databases;
  • It prevents intentional and unintentional plagiarism.

🗝️ Essay Reworder: Key Benefits

No wonder each student regularly faces a challenge to reword a piece of writing. This is necessary both to avoid plagiarism and to improve the quality of the text. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of using our essay reworder and paraphrasing in general.

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In academic papers, you’re usually required to prove your arguments with evidence from other sources. You have to include in your paragraphs both direct and indirect quotations, which might be challenging to get. That’s when our rewriting tool comes in handy as it does all the work for you.

In other words, here is how Reword My Essay can benefit you:

  • You’ll make indirect quotes within seconds. Sometimes paraphrasing texts filled with terms or complex sentences is a tricky task. You can be sure that our tool will do everything for you.
  • You'll paraphrase without plagiarizing. Did you know that even unintentional plagiarizing may lead to the dismissal from a college? Here is the best solution! Use our paraphrasing tool and be sure your text is 100% unique.
  • You won't need extra space on your device. Read My Essay is a 100% online tool. You won't need any extra space on your device to download any software or keep unnecessary files. All you need to do is paste the text into the tool and then copy the result back to your document.

Why Should I Reword My Essay?

Rewording in general is a good practice that has the following advantages:

  1. It develops your reading comprehension. As you are rewriting someone else’s ideas using other words, you also understand the material better.
  2. It helps you expand your vocabulary. While making your text unique, you can learn a lot of synonyms. Isn’t it the perfect way to boost your English writing and speaking skills?
  3. It enables you to shorten the original text. Sometimes, the initial source may be too wordy and difficult to understand. While rewording a paragraph, you can simplify the ideas and eliminate unnecessary details.

🏆 Avoiding Plagiarism: Best Tips

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  1. Paddle your own canoe. If you have questions about the assignment, go to your professor. Avoid consulting your peers because you can end up having the same mistakes or even similar ideas in the paper you submit. If it is a group project, do your part of the job, no more, no less.
  2. Get to work. Start your research as early as possible. Students are often misled by the seemingly “short” writing assignment. But the writing itself takes only one-fourth of the time. If you procrastinate with preliminary research, you will have no time left to do it properly before the deadline. This approach urges students to paraphrase the source materials without any synthesis.
  3. Taking notes is a must. Do not grudge your time on writing down the key concepts and ideas from the recommended literature. First, it is a time-saving technique, not a time-wasting one! Second, when you write drawing from your notes and memory, you get an authentic and creative paper.
  4. Render unto Caesar. Respect those who came before you. They worked hard to produce content on which you can build your own research. Always cite all the works you used directly or indirectly in the course of your writing. They include books, articles, websites, illustrations, charts, and other visual or textual information.
  5. Be aware of how you paraphrase. If you scramble the author’s words, inserting a new synonym here and there, you plagiarize. You should transmit the idea in your own words, inserting any unique expressions as a quotation. Mind that paraphrasing requires referencing the source.
  6. Use a rewriting tool. Good news: essay reworders are legal, accessible, and often free. In the next section, we explained how to find the reword generator that perfectly meets your needs.

🤔 Essay Reworder: How to Choose?

The market economy has its benefits and drawbacks. The advantage is your ability to choose from a broad array of services. And the disadvantage is that the wider the choice, the harder it is to opt for something.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of paraphrasers. Some are downloadable and offline. As a rule, such software requires a paid subscription. Others function online. Their features are usually free or partially free. How can you choose the best option? Think about the following issues.

  1. Can you upload a file or only copy and paste it?
  2. If yes, what is the choice of supported file formats?
  3. Can you download the reworded text as a file?
  4. What is the maximum possible length of the referenced text?
  5. Can you choose the desired size of the summary?
  6. What is the list of languages available in the essay reworder?
  7. Does the rewording process take long?
  8. Is the webpage of the tool heavily loaded with advertisements?
  9. Is it expensive to use the rewriting tool?

Thank you for reading this article! If you are not completely satisfied with the result of paraphrasing, try one of our highly specialized tools for various types of content:

❓ Rewording Tool: FAQ

❓ How to Reword a Thesis?

A reworded thesis statement is usually a part of a conclusion. The best strategy is to avoid repeating yourself. Use interesting and emotional language (as much as the academic style permits). Change the word order and substitute most words with synonyms. Note that your reworded thesis should be slightly shorter than the one in the introduction.

❓ How to Reword a Quote?

You may need this strategy if the quote is too long (several sentences and more). You may also need to paraphrase if you have already included some text in quotation marks in the same paragraph. Change the grammatical form of the verbs. Then, leave out all the uncritical details. Finally, replace most words with synonyms.

❓ How to Reword an Essay?

The best way is to use Reword My Essay tool. But if you want to do it by hand, start by attentively reading the source text and compose its outline. Put away the referenced text and write its exposition drawing from your memory. Check the source for any missed ideas or concepts.

❓ How to Reword a Sentence?

Copy the sentence you need to paraphrase into a rewriting tool. Click the button under the text field and get the result. Alternatively, you can read the sentence several times to get its message. Take a rest for several minutes. Then, write down what you remember. Compare it with the original sentence and correct it as needed.

📍 References