73 Manufacturing Essay Topics

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  1. Marketing and Manufacturing Strategies Role
    Though the gap between the marketing approach and the production process in the organization may seem rather large, the choice of a marketing strategy, in fact, defines the manufacturing one largely.
  2. Riordan Manufacturing’s HR Marketing Services
    The main objective of the plan was identified as motivating employees in order to improve their productivity.
  3. The Clarinet History, Manufacturers and Composers
    The clarinet was invented in the beginning of the 18th century. In a century after its invention great composers created amazing classical pieces for the said instrument.
  4. Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization
    Riordan is primarily a business to business manufacturing company. Some of the company’s clients include appliance manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, as well as car companies.
  5. Strategies in Manufacturing and Service Operations
    In manufacturing companies, customer involvement is usually less intense, and communication with consumers is of auxiliary character.
  6. Good Mark Company: Manufacturing Industry Analysis
    This paper provides a strategic analysis of the manufacturing industry. To concretize the analysis, Good Mark, a manufacturing company in Hong Kong is used.
  7. US Car Manufacturing: International Promotion Mix
    The car manufacturing industry in the United States of America is quite competitive as the business environment in the country has transformed significantly.
  8. Abasco Inc.’s Manufacturing Unit and Industrial Progress
    Despite the reasonable approach toward information management of Abasco, Inc, the lack of reasonable resource allocation may jeopardize the organization’s efficacy.
  9. Dell Company’s Manufacturing and Just-in-Time Model
    The integration of the LP and the JIT principles into the organizational performance allows DELL to fulfill the goal of strengthening its competitive position in the market.
  10. Sustainability in the Manufacturing Company Context
    The Six Sigma approach allows for the promotion of the lean manufacturing principles in entrepreneurship and, therefore, supporting the principle of sustainable resources usage.
  11. Lenovo and DHL Express Companies: Manufacturing and Service
    This essay outlines the manufacturing and service processes for the smartphone division of Lenovo Group Ltd., and logistics services company DHL Express.
  12. Can Hospitals Manufacture Drugs in the US?
    The purpose of the initiative is to force the drug market to drop prices and compete fairly by introducing a new force to destabilize the existing monopoly of a few large companies.
  13. Melbourne Manufacturing Company’s Hedging Options
    As the CFO of Melbourne Manufacturing, Shiela Forbes needs to draw a conclusion on whether to hedge while realizing the sale of a turbine generator.
  14. State Manufacturing’s Pricing and Decision-Making
    In this document, the sales manager offers assistance in the decision-making process, describing options for analyzing and determining the export price of CIF.
  15. ANOVA Company’s Failures in Manufacturing
    The adoption of ANOVA is one of the means to locate a hindrance in the manufacturing process and remove it to improve the performance of a company.
  16. Chinese Manufacturing Superpower and Industrial Growth
    China is currently the largest manufacturing economy in the world. However, its position as a manufacturing superpower will come to an end sooner than predicted.
  17. Quality Evolution in Auto Manufacturing Industry
    Since its first appearance at the end of the 19th century, the automobile has come a long way not only in its appearance and technical capabilities but also in quality standards.
  18. Materials and Processes in Manufacturing
    In grinding, it is highly important to know properties of different materials. For this purpose, various standard and non-standard methods are used.
  19. The Manufacturing Sector of Singapore
    Singapore is a country that has relied on the manufacturing industry to develop its economy. Singapore will rely on the manufacturing sector to balance trade with its business partners.
  20. Ethical Manufacturing and Technology Trends
    The ethical manufacturing aiming at the elimination of human discrimination at the workplace seems to be an essential step in establishing ethics across societies.
  21. China’s Economic Growth and Manufacturing
    The enhanced economic growth, which China is currently experiencing, coexists with a drop in the manufacturing entrepreneurships’ performance.
  22. Recruitment for Customer Service and Manufacturing
    There are many options for human resource managers to find skilled employees. Some methods of recruitment prove more efficient than others.
  23. Management Issues in Manufacturing Company
    In order to lead a firm to success, much attention should be paid to the position and responsibilities of a manager.
  24. The Theory of Constraints: Manufacturing Methodology
    This report will investigate the fundamentals of the Theory of Constraints, apply it to a manufacturing process, and examine the associated challenges involved in the process.

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  1. Procurement Management in Car Manufacturers
    For any project to be implemented, resources are needed. These can be either services or materials required to accomplish the project.
  2. ABC Manufacturing Company’s Project
    In this project, ABC Manufacturing Company is planning to put up a new warehouse that uses Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS).
  3. Chip Manufacturer’s Production Specifications
    To identify the company’s ability to produce the chips of the designated size, the production manager should consider the data such as the p-value and the confidence coefficient.
  4. Quality Standards in Manufacturing and Service Industries
    Implementation of the ISO 9000 system in both manufacturing and services also has a number of similarities between these organizations.
  5. Electric Vehicles in the UK Automotive Manufacturing Industry
    The statistics show that the international manufacturers of engines have a higher tendency of locating their car manufacturing plants in the UK than other nations.
  6. Cell Manufacturing Setup: Project Management
    To ensure the project is effectively managed, various tools of analysis such as risk management tools and following previous project precedents will be used.
  7. Robotics in Manufacturing: Social and Ethical Implications
    The field of robotics has been growing tremendously over the last three decades, as occasioned by the technological revolution of the late 20th century.
  8. Industrial Age: Manufacturing Machinery
    Industrial Age can be defined as the time when people became actively engaged in the development of manufacturing machinery.
  9. Furniture Manufacturing in the UAE
    Following the analysis of the present market situation, it was found that Abu Dhabi attracts a great number of tourists annually, and there is a focus on opening new hotels and redesigning hotel rooms.
  10. Poka-Yoke Proofing in Non-Manufacturing’ Systems
    Poka-Yoke is one of the approaches to quality which helps organizations to avoid errors and mistakes by putting certain limits on operations.
  11. Shoelace Manufacturing Company’s Supply Chain Management
    This paper is a review of the supply chain management process in a shoelace manufacturing company. It will draw out a supply chain process map for the product.
  12. The Ohio’s Manufacturing Environment: Lost Time Accident Rates
    This study seeks to consider the positive impact of correlation between lost time accidents and corporations’ annual profit share margin in the Ohio manufacturing industry.
  13. T-Shirt Manufacturing: 4 Important Factors
    The paper explains the four major factors which help to understand the different operations of a T-shirt manufacturing company.
  14. Scheduling and Supply Chain in Manufacturing
    The major types of manufacturing processes are a job shop, batch shop, assembly, and continuous. The selection of an optimal manufacturing process is crucial for cost reduction.
  15. Cigarettes Manufacturers Should Be Prohibited
    The manufacturing of the cigarettes should be banned with immediate effect. Cigarette smoking has brought about more than enough miseries within the societies.
  16. Level 5 Manufacturing: Pros and Cons of the Mode
    Level 5 manufacturing entails the assembly of a desktop PC assembly, floppy disc, and fan. This mode has many disadvantages and disadvantages that are discussed in the paper.
  17. Values That the ISO9000 Can Bring to Riordan Manufacturing
    As for the issues of implementation of the ISO standards, Riordan Manufacturing company has a huge experience in providing means and methods for the management system.
  18. Improvement to Supply Chain Process in Riordan Manufacturing
    The company wants to introduce effective supply chain management initiatives for increasing the key values of the company.
  19. Riordan Manufacturing Company’s Process Design
    The Riordan manufacturing company is a plastic manufacturing company. The company has a focused research and development process.
  20. A Manufacturing Plant in the Global Marketplace
    The discussion is generalized to all types of manufacturing plants. For any specific kind of plant, there might be some added aspects.
  21. Sony’s Projector Manufacturing Market in 1989
    The competitive situation on the projector market considering Electrohome production in 1989 and the strategy applied by Sony will be discussed in the present essay.
  22. Safety & Lean: One Manufacturer’s Lessons Learned and Best Practices
    A lot of organizations noticed the enhancement of business performance after the shift from traditional methods of production to lean methods of production.
  23. The Forward Contract: The Eduction of Manufacturing Capabilities
    In India and Brazil the company can lose the revenue, and it can use futures as hedging in order to preserve the same amount of revenue.
  24. The Main Goal of Lean Thinking and Manufacturing
    The main goal of lean thinking and manufacturing is to lower the expenses as much as possible to make the productions more profitable.

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  1. Business Continuity Plan for Riordan Manufacturing
  2. Manufacturing Exports From Brazil: Determinants and Consequences
  3. Financial Audit and Laramie Wire Manufacturing
  4. Manufacturing Firms’ Decisions Regarding Retiree Health Insurance
  5. Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Management
  6. Manufacturing Industry and Economic Growth in Latin America
  7. Love, Pickup Trucks, and Lost Manufacturing Jobs
  8. Manufacturing Industry and Fair Trade in Australia
  9. Industrial Robots and Manufacturing Automation
  10. Long-Run Profit Maximization in the Turkish Manufacturing Sector
  11. Manufacturing Jobs: Implications for Income Inequality
  12. Blue Ridge Manufacturing Company Analysis
  13. Machine and Labor Flexibility in Manufacturing Networks
  14. Information Technology and Manufacturing Today
  15. Manufacturing and Activity Based Costing
  16. Globalization and the Impact Onus Manufacturing
  17. Differences Between Manufacturing and Service Organisations
  18. Manufacturing and Economic Growth in Developing Countries, 1950–2005
  19. Financial Forecasting Riordan Manufacturing
  20. Dell Built-To-Order Has Revolutionized Manufacturing
  21. Working Towards Agile Manufacturing in the UK Industry
  22. Manufacturing Investment and Taxation in the Nordic Countries
  23. Computer Manufacturing Industry Analysis
  24. Manufacturing and Supplier Roles in Product Development
  25. Lean Manufacturing and Its Effect on Businesses
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