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The Effects of Micromanagement

Micromanagement is a highly inefficient workplace practice negatively correlated with the productivity and morale of an organization. The proposed research on the effects of micromanagement will help in growing the company by identifying the existing and potential issues with the style of organizational leadership and setting tools for prevention. Several research studies state that micromanagement has a negative impact on corporate culture, productivity, and employee satisfaction. According to Cleary et al. (2015), micromanagement is positively correlated with high staff turnover due to their creativity and productivity being affected by supervisors. Similarly, Delgado et al. (2015) note that managers who tend to oversee every detail of the tasks set for their employees often lack understanding of specific aspects of assignments, leading to subpar results and conflicts in the workplace. Overall, the existing body of literature on micromanagement shows that this practice should not be implemented in organizations for them to grow and develop.

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Two main philosophical and pragmatic issues underlie the proposed research. The philosophical value requires to begin any examination with the accumulation of relevant data and to base the following action on the collected information (French & Bell, 1999). However, the pragmatic value expects to implement further research once the initial action is executed (French & Bell, 1999). Therefore, the planned study will evaluate the existing situation before proposing a plan of action to counteract the impact of micromanagement and will recommend further analysis to establish the effect of the implemented action.


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