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The Pomegranate Phone


The ad about the pomegranate phone is a splendid example of the potential of human fantasy and imagination, which has no limits in producing new ambitions. It shows the future direction for innovation developers, simultaneously inviting them to work in Nova Scotia (the government of this province ordered the ad).

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Main body

Despite the perfectness of the product at first, considering it from the perspective of modern technologies, there are some additional points for improvement. First, the cell phone color is not actual for all genders, ages, social classes, and personal preferences, which seriously could harm the market positioning of the innovational technology. Here, the founders should take an example from current market leaders like Huawei or Samsung, which offers its customers a great variety of colors and design options. Second, the name of the product seems to build an analogy with Apple Inc. by choosing another fruit name to repeat the success of the former one. I believe this kind of politics to be redundant as the product positioning should be independent of the reputation of market leaders for long-term success.


Finally, the option of barbering and having conversations could be quite tempting, but the developers did not consider how the noise of the shaving razor affected the quality of the call. I think the pomegranate cell phone ad is an excellent video as food for thought that allows us to consider the importance of modern smartphone features and their market placement.


Video on Pomegranate Cell Phone. Web.

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