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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Google

  1. Google’s Corporate Governance
    One of the major functions of corporate governance is to prevent inconsistencies that may arise from various stakeholders.
  2. Challenges in Planning and Managerial Decision-Making of Google
    This paper discusses the current challenges that Google faces in planning and management. Google’s main technology was a search tool tailored by its creators.
  3. Google Company’s Search Engine Algorithms
    In this study, the researcher seeks to determine the impacts of revealing search engine algorithms on Google’s position in the search market.
  4. Europe in Favor of Google Break-Up
    Google is being accused of promoting unethical business practices in the European market, by favoring its results in searches made by people over the internet.
  5. Starbucks, Toyota and Google’ Corporations Missions
    The paper identifies the mission statements for Starbucks, Toyota, and Google, and explains how these corporations implement their missions at every level of business.
  6. Google Company Workforce Diversity Policy
    In terms of the organization’s culture, Google strives for diversity. The company stresses that its diversity policy is transparent and it enables to recruit diverse workforce.
  7. Google’s Success Story Analysis
    Even though Google is successful among the best companies in the world, it is also among the most secretive companies.
  8. Google E-Business Model and Its Success Factors
    The Internet Age brought significant changes in the business. This work explores the Google e-business model as one of the most successful e-business models in the Internet Age.
  9. Google’s Project Oxygen: Do Managers Matter?
    The organizational culture largely predetermined the employees’ view of management before the implementation of the Project Oxygen.
  10. Google’s Values, Image, Organizational Structure
    The paper discusses the multifaceted value system of Google, the company’s organizational structure, its image and ways of presentation of this image to the public.
  11. Google Inc. and Competition in the Chinese Market
    Google.com faced serious challenges during its venture into the China market. There was competition from other internet search providers who were already operating in China.
  12. Google Inc.’s Male and Female Employees’ Conflicts
    In all contexts that involve interactions between different people, communication skills are necessary to ensure the passage of the intended message.
  13. Google Company Strategic Human Resources Management
    Various approaches are employed by Google to manage its operation competencies, human resources prospective as well as talents and skill echelons.
  14. Google Company: International Human Resources Management
    Google is one of the world’s largest and most renowned corporations. This paper is focused on the exploration of Google’s human resources practices such as recruitment and selection.
  15. Google Inc.’s Human Resource Management and Success
    This paper analyzes the human resource management of Google Company. It determines how the HR department has helped the company to succeed in its activities.
  16. Google Company: Leadership and Motivation
    This paper uses the case of Google to explain why business and leadership models are usually supported by admirable organizational cultures.
  17. Google Company: Digital Media Transformation
    Having been hugely successful as a web search engine, Google Inc. decided to expand its portfolio by launching a video sharing engine known as Google Video.
  18. Google Company’s Employee Behavior Management
    The paper studies the Google company’s human resources management. Google stays competitive in its industry because its employees understand its values and culture.
  19. Critical Thinking in the “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr
    Carr suggests that we should be more attentive to the influence the Internet has on our thinking and reflect on the AI’s ability to make us more efficient but less human.
  20. Google’s Vision, Goals, Training, and Development
    Google has a vision of providing access to the world’s information in one click. Google believes in hiring high-quality human resources. The firm’s emphasis is on smart employees.
  21. Google Company Organizational Culture
    Organizational culture applied in Google Company established by the founders of the company, Page and Sergey. This culture grew strong and was common among employees.
  22. Alphabet and Google Companies’ Strategic Directions
    Alphabet can concentrate on innovative technologies, and Google does not have to worry that it would scare away the investors since Alphabet has its own investors.
  23. The Movers and Checkers of New World: Google Case
    This paper discusses the ideas developed by Google and about the ways this company introduces its innovations to the whole world.
  24. Copyright Law: the Authors Guild vs Google
    The given paper is devoted to the investigation of the case Google vs. Authors Guild and ethical problems associated with it.
  25. Google Inc.’s Organizational Culture Type
    Organizational culture greatly affects performance at Google. Google makes everything possible to protect and retain its unique organizational culture.

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  1. Google and AbbVie Merger-Related Issues
    Recent reports indicate that Google would be merging with AbbVie. Given Google’s environment, especially management, conflicts might indeed arise.
  2. Google Search vs. EBSCO Information Services
    In this essay, possibilities of a web search system are analyzed and compared with possibilities of a web library which also gives access to academic sources.
  3. Competitive Rivalry: Google vs. Microsoft and Uber
    In this paper, the question of whether Microsoft should continue competing with Google, which enjoys more success in these markets, will be discussed.
  4. Google Duo Product and Consumer Decision-Making
    The paper lists steps of the consumer decision-making process in deciding whether to adopt Google Duo and Factors that would increase consumers’ involvement.
  5. Eric Schmidt’s Speech on Google Inc.’s Future
    In his speech, the CEO of Google, Inc., Eric Schmidt has outlined the perspectives for Google’s further evolution. He appealed to the audience by speaking very straightforward.
  6. Google’s Emerging Web Technologies
    The new standards prioritized by Google are the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) – technologies that reduce web page loading time.
  7. Google Company’s Human Resource Management
    Google is one of the companies that have implemented SHRM practices to grow exponentially and increase its market share without compromising its revenues and product quality.
  8. Twitter’s Use of Google Analytics for Marketing
    Google Analytics has become an essential part of digital advertising and marketing. Twitter has taken advantage of the necessity of this online tool to capture marketers worldwide.
  9. Is Google Evil According to Catholic Social Teachings and Ethics?
    Google has been caught doing evil deeds, in smaller matters as well as company policy. However, it also promotes positive concepts and may be trying to move toward greater goodness.
  10. Training and Implementing Change in an Organization: Google Case
    On the Google corporation the characteristics and implications of training will be examined, including the significance of the changes and their impact on the success of the company.
  11. Changes in Google’s Employee Selection System
    The report is aimed to tell about changes of Google hiring process, especially about transformation in the selection program during conversations.
  12. Google’s vs. Welocalize’s Human Resource Planning
    The paper will analyze HR planning systems as well as recruitment and selection practices in two multinational enterprises, Google and Welocalize.
  13. Organizational Design and Structure at Google INC.
    The organization structure at Google is highly decentralized, which makes sense considering the large size of the organization.
  14. Google Inc.’s Compensation and Benefit Systems
    Google Inc. is a renowned company that is known worldwide for the products and services that it provides through the internet.
  15. Google: Organisation’s Strategy Social Responsibility
    This essay will be going to discuss the five strategies of Google and argue how these strategies approach to its Corporate Social Responsibility.
  16. Strategic Analysis of Google
    Today Google is having the biggest market share and a constant innovation coupled with strict recruitment policies is the key to success.
  17. Organizational Culture in Google Corporation
    The purpose of the study is to investigate organizational culture and illustrate its function in Google Corporation.
  18. Google and Social Networks
    This study discusses about the relationship between Google and other Social networks gives a brief introduction to Google, and how it differs from online social networking.
  19. Collaboration Between Google and China Mobile Company
    The outcome of the strategic alliance between Google and China Mobile Company will therefore be a modern smartphone par with changing technology and customer needs.
  20. Google and Technology: Business Model Case Study
    Google has proved its prowess in the internet technology by owning more than 50 data centers around the world, which indicates the vast amount of information it can handle.
  21. “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr
    In article Is Google Making Us Stupid, Nicholas Carr makes an argument that despite its technological benefits to learning the concept of the Net has a negative impact on memory
  22. Google Company Analysis: Strategies and Issues
    Google has been both a blessing and curse around the world. It has brought so much change in terms of business, social, and economic development. Google has also been a problem.
  23. Google’s Organizational Culture and Its Impact on Performance
    In Google, team work is strongly encouraged. It ensures collective decision making process whereby teams handle and influence one another on issues arising.
  24. Google Future Plans in Venturing into New Markets
    Other competing companies are on the verge of gaining their own independence and fighting down Google’s dominance on the internet service industry.

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  1. Google and Antitrust Behavior Analysis
  2. Leveraging Cloud Computing for Education System Support: Faculty Feedback System Using Google Apps
  3. Google Facing Several Legal, Cultural and Ethical Challenges in Wish to Enter the Chinese Market
  4. Google Innovation and New Product Management
  5. Profiling the Australian Google Consumer: Implications of Search Engine Practices for Consumer Law and Policy
  6. Google Attention and Target Price Run UPS
  7. Google Innovation and New Product Management
  8. Google Drive: Functions, Security and Applications
  9. Google: The Most Popular and Most Exciting Company
  10. How Does Google’s Organisational Structure Contribute to Its Innovative Nature
  11. Google Econometrics and Unemployment Forecasting
  12. Possible Cultural Changes Inside Google Company
  13. SEO Leveraging Your Content on the Way to Google Heaven
  14. Google Search Intensity and Its Relationship With Returns and Trading Volume of Japanese Stocks
  15. Google Searches and Stock Market Activity: Evidence From Norway
  16. Google and European Competition Policy
  17. Should Google Organize Your Medical Records
  18. Google Expands Nascent Ride-Sharing Service
  19. Problem Statement for Strategic Management of Google
  20. Google Search Activity Data and Breaking Trends
  21. Google Politics: The Political Determinants of Internet Censorship in Democracies
  22. Institutional and Country Collaboration in an Online Service of Scientific Profiles: Google Scholar Citations
  23. Human Beings Are Becoming Slaves of Modern Technology of Google

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  1. The Successful Informal System of Google Company in Driving Performance
  2. Google Adsense Pitfalls and Alternatives
  3. Google: Expanding From Its Core Search Business
  4. Google’s Success: Why Its Culture Is the Cause
  5. Google Search Volume and Its Influence on Liquidity and Returns of German Stocks
  6. Search Engines and the Spot of Google in the Search Engine World
  7. Google News Personalization: Scalable Online Collaborative Filtering
  8. Google: Globalization, Innovation, and Diversity: Team Project
  9. Levi Strauss Company and Google Are Partnering to Create Smart Clothing Technology
  10. Google Internet Search Activity and Volatility Prediction in the Market for Foreign Currency
  11. Leadership Models and Its Connection to Employee Motivation in Google Company
  12. Google Privacy Policy Change – An Ethical Perspective
  13. Google: The World’s Most Innovative Search Engine
  14. Google Adwords Qualified Company
  15. Security Tips for Google Hacking
  16. How Can Google Improve the Lives of Its Stakeholders
  17. Google Data Center Efficiency Best Practices
  18. Good Corporate Social Responsibility at Google Example
  19. Possible Cultural Changes Inside Google Company
  20. Google Hat Trick for Spanish Property Website
  21. Google Hit With Job Discrimination Lawsuit
  22. Google and Yahoo! Financial Performance
  23. Logistics and Operational Management: Google

📌 Easy Google Essay Topics

  1. Google Apps Offer Excellent Business Management
  2. Human Resources Strategies and Policies of Google Company
  3. Good Case Study About Google Technologies
  4. Human Resources Culture and Business Results Success at Google
  5. Internet Marketing Opportunities Available on Google Plus
  6. Google’s China Problem: Cultural Sensitivity or Cross-Cultural Awareness in the Global Workplace
  7. How Does the Changing Environment for Business Affect Google’s Ability to Communicate in This Situation
  8. Non-macro-Based Google Searches, Uncertainty, and Real Economic Activity
  9. Analysing Google Privacy Concerns
  10. How Has the Marketing Space Evolved Since the Formation of Google?
  11. Google Strategic Plan For Managing Technological Innovation
  12. Google’s Organizational Culture and Leadership Style
  13. Google: About Company, Products, Key Learnings
  14. Google Basics for Ecommerce Businesses
  15. Google and Microsoft: Current Ratio of Google
  16. Google Search Keywords That Best Predict Energy Price Volatility
  17. Google May Launch Dedicated Search Results for Mobile
  18. Google’s Country Experiences France Germany Japan
  19. Leadership Models and Its Connection to Employee Motivation in Google Company
  20. Off-Page, Factors Affecting Your Position on Google Searches
  21. Google Versus Microsoft: Clash of the Technology Titans Critical Analysis
  22. Micro and Macro Environmental Analysis of Google Company
  23. Google: Research Google’s Attempt to Buy Into Wireless via the 700 Mhz Spectrum Auction
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