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  1. Compromise and Collaboration in Conflict Resolution
    The choice of conflict resolution approach depends on the situation. Compromise and collaboration are the most popular approaches with their own benefits and disadvantages.
  2. Conflict Management and Leadership Skills
    A conflict is a disagreement between two parties of different levels. This essay explores methods of conflict resolution and leadership skills that can be applied in business.
  3. Organization Conflicts and Bullying
    Workplace bullying is a serious problem with huge costs attached to it in terms of loss of working days. The topic requires academic attention to ascertain the factors that induce such behavior.
  4. International Relations: Korean Conflict and US Economy
    The Korean Conflict was a domestic and armed war that took place in the Korean Peninsula. The conflict was between the North and South Korea.
  5. “Where the Conflict Really Lies?” – Philosophy
    The book, Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism by Alvin Plantinga, explores various questions on the three broad areas of life.
  6. Syria’s Conflict: Putin’s vs. Obama’s Position
    Russia and the USA show interest and participate in the development of combat operations on the territory of Syria, although the conflict refers to the Syrian government.
  7. Governmental Social Movement: Class Conflicts
    This paper analyzes the class conflict social movement theory and Lenin’s social movement theory. Class conflict can be manifested in various forms.
  8. Conflicts between Antigone and Creon
    This paper analysis Antigone by Sophocles. This story begins after banishment of Oedipus, the king of Thebes. Antigone’s act sparks a conflict between her and her uncle, Creon.
  9. “Disgrace” by John Maxwell Coetzee: Conflict Resolution
    This is a literary analysis of Disgrace by Coetzee that demonstrates conflict resolution styles of David and Lucy Lurie differ due to their social environments and sexual genres.
  10. Applying Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Knowledge
    Any negotiation situation has two or more sides involved. Needs and desires of the parties may not match at all or the sides may pursue absolutely opposite final goals.
  11. Walt Disney Company Conflicts Management
    One of the sources of disputes at Disney entails the different values held by the various stakeholders. Conflict occurs when people fail to understand each other.
  12. Conflict Theories: Gay Marriages and Feminism
    Conflict theories purport that, families can take different structures and do not view change as a clash or dysfunctional. This theory has been a catalyst for gay marriages and feminism.
  13. Conflict and Functionalism Theories
    Functionalism theory developed from the work of Durkheim, who evaluated how part of society unite to form a whole society.
  14. Democratic Communities and Third-Party Conflict Management
    “Democratic communities and third-party conflict management” notes that domestic political structures of states-neighbors influence the politics of disputants.
  15. African Union Conflict Intervention Framework
    The article “After 50 Years of the OAU-AU” explains why new strategies are needed to ensure the African Union is valuable towards addressing humanitarian crises.
  16. Self-Interest and Public Interest Conflicts
    This paper discusses two inherent conflicts that might occur between self-interest and public interest, namely definitional challenges and market-oriented mechanisms.
  17. Executing Change in Healthcare: Conflict Management Strategies
    Effective change management should evaluate the role of conflicts in change implementation properly. Effective conflict management strategies are essential to ensure a change implementation.
  18. Intercultural Conflict Styles
    The current paper aims at analyzing the dual concern model offered by Hammer, discussing the situations with different intercultural conflict styles, and introducing a list of codewords.
  19. Conflict Resolution Strategies in Nursing Settings
    The targeted conflict occurred in the institution’s pediatric ward. The issue emerged when one of the female nurses in the ward indicated that the nurse manager (NM) was unfair.
  20. Conflict among the Nurses at the Hospital
    The current conflict among the nurses at the hospital threatens the fabric that defines the workplace environment at the institution.
  21. Conflict Resolutions in Northern Ireland and Cyprus
    This paper explains the rationale behind mediation based on the resolution efforts made in Cyprus and Northern Ireland.
  22. Nursing Conflict Resolution Strategies
    The growing diversification of nurse responsibilities can lead to the emergence of conflicts, some of which cannot be resolved with immediate intervention.
  23. Conflict Resolution in the Miami Hospital
    The paper describes in detail the particularities of the conflict between the nurse and nurse manager and outlines the stages of their conflict.
  24. The Role of Conflict Management Plan
    Given the possibility of undesirable influences of conflict on teamwork, it is worthwhile for organizational heads to adopt strategies for the management of conflict.
  25. General Hospital’s Case of Conflict Management
    The paper studies the case of General Hospital, its conflict management styles and strategies of cost reductions negotiations needed to stay competitive.
  26. Change and Conflict Theories in Healthcare Leadership
    This paper discusses change theories, conflict theories, and leader as a change agent, and analyzes how the ability to handle conflict affect effective leadership in health care.
  27. Conflict Situations in Healthcare
    The mutual understanding between workers and patients is one of the crucial concerns related to the functioning of the healthcare sector.
  28. How Mexico Drug Cartels Are Supporting Conflicts?
    Mexico has been associated with production, distribution and consumption of drugs, an exercise that is mainly conducted by organized groups commonly referred to as cartels.
  29. Conflict Resolution in a Healthcare Setting
    The senior management of a healthcare setting must find a way to resolve a conflict in order not to undermine employees’ productivity and the quality of the provided care.
  30. Personal and Professional Values Conflict
    Under conditions where personal and professional values are hard to deal with, a social worker has a right to apply the morally responsible measures in dealing with the problem.
  31. Nursing Conflict and Cooperation
    Two nurses have some unresolved problem that affects their relations and results in the deteriorated teamwork and problems with the appropriate delivery of care.
  32. United Nations in the Israeli-Palestine Conflict
    In some cases, the UN has played a major role in contributing to conflicts. One such case is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that still remains an issue to this day.
  33. Conflict Management in Nursing Practice
    This paper explores the nature of conflict in the context of patient care, its four stages, and suggests the best strategy for resolving the conflict.
  34. Conflict Management Plan for a Regional Medical Center
    Frequently, a conflict in health care is associated with the violation of the existing rules, practices or regulations, and emotional imbalance.
  35. Time and Conflict Management in Nursing
    The manifestation of leadership qualities is a feature that management often encourages any team. Nursing, in this case, is not an exception.
  36. Rwanda Conflict and Its Resolving Options
    On April 1994, after the assassination of Hutu’s President, Juvenal Habyarima, the state of Rwanda fell into political turmoil. It is said to be instigated by the Hutu community.
  37. Nurses’ Intergroup Conflict and Its Stages
    This paper investigates an intergroup conflict based on nurses’ experience and attitude towards new employees, describes four main stages that can be a part of any conflict.
  38. Ugli Orange Case and Filley’s Conflict Management Theory
    The following paper analyzes the Ugli Orange case, identifies and applies to it an appropriate conflict management theory, and offers an optimal resolution.
  39. Conflict Resolution for Nurses in Acute Care Unit
    The conflict that will be discussed in this paper happened between several nurses working in the acute care unit and produced negative effects on several patients.
  40. Conflict in “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner
    This paper discusses the short story Barn Burning by William Faulkner and describes the conflict between a boy’s devotion to his family and his strong sense of justice.

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  1. The Nature of Conflicts in Nursing
    A conflict took place in one of the hospitals in Miami. In this case, it incurred since the tasks were not delegated effectively.
  2. Conflict Resolution in Libraries of St. Lucie County
    The paper identifies the lack of social skills among the staff members and the unwillingness to resolve conflicts as a problem in the libraries of St. Lucie County.
  3. Conflict Resolution in Hospital Setting Miami
    The particular conflict that needs to be described in the given paper involves two participants – nurse leader and one of the new employees working in the hospital.
  4. Quality Improvement and Conflict Management in Healthcare
    This paper discusses issues such as quality improvement and patient safety in Medicare, including the list of “never events,” and conflict management in healthcare.
  5. Negotiating Ethical Conflicts in Nursing
    Negotiating ethical conflicts is part of a nurse’s everyday duties. However, this does not mean that all nurses can make effective ethical decisions.
  6. Conflict Management in Healthcare Facilities
    Heads of different health faculties must effectively resolve the issues of conflict in their areas as health care leaders are not immune.
  7. Communication and Cultural Conflicts
    Conflicts due to variations in values, beliefs, and practices are bound to occur when people communicate to achieve shared objectives, complement each other, and share resources.
  8. Conflict Resolution Strategies and Organizational Behavior
    The phenomenon of organizational conflict and its impact on the performance of organizations has generated increasing attention from organizational scholars.
  9. Hospital Setting Miami: Conflict Resolution
    Conflict is commonplace in many lines of work, especially those that deal with high levels of stress and responsibility. The situation occurred in the nurses’ lounge area.
  10. Nurses Role in Conflicts
    A nurse has always been a mediator in the relations between a nurse and a therapist, guaranteeing that any conflict will be solved and a compromising solution will be found.
  11. Conflict in Nurse Work and Its Resolution
    Conflict is an inevitable part of nurse-patient relationships. This paper analyzes the conflict issue and determines the main aspects of its resolution.
  12. Work-Family Conflict Implications in Strain Levels
    The article by Ioannidi et al. dwells upon the interaction of work and family domains in the case of conflict in their relation to health.
  13. Conflict Handling Style in Healthcare Setting
    The paper explores the modern theories of change, conflict, and leader as a change agent to determine the ability of conflict management in the health care setting.
  14. Employee Conflicts Resolution and Ethical Dilemmas
    Any workplace is an environment in which many people have to interact with each other; as a result, there is a possibility of conflicts between employees.
  15. Conflicts: Main Reasons and Resolution
    Conflict resolution is a complex issue that implies numerous points of view on the same problem and the ability to find the main reason for confrontation.
  16. Miami Hospital’s Conflict in Healthcare Teams
    The following paper provides an example of a strategy that might be used to resolve a conflict observed in a Miami hospital setting.
  17. Healthcare Facilities Conflict Management Plan
    The hospital can be a very stressful environment for both the doctors and the patients. High levels of stress generate conflicts.
  18. Google Inc.’s Male and Female Employees’ Conflicts
    In all contexts that involve interactions between different people, communication skills are necessary to ensure the passage of the intended message.
  19. Conflict Resolution in Professional Nurse Activity
    The complaint from the patient was the following. The nurse, who was responsible for his recovery, did not perform her professional duties well enough.
  20. Conflict Resolution Between Nurse and Patient
    This paper discusses the case of intense disagreement between a nurse and a patient regarding the use of antibiotics as a treatment method for a viral infection.
  21. Zimbabwe’s Political Elites and Ethnic Conflict
    Zimbabwe used to be one of Africa’s most prosperous states, backed up by a thriving tourism industry, a lucrative precious metals sector and a robust agricultural industry.
  22. Conflict Competence in the Workplace
    Conflicts can happen in any workplace. All employees, while occupying the same territory, may have different values and goals.
  23. Team-Building Activities and Conflict Resolution
    Team building is an important instrument that assists organizations in building teams that are able to accomplish objectives and tasks which are defined by organizations.
  24. Healthcare Conflict Resolution Case
    This paper dwells on the details of the conflict in a Healthcare Setting between Kimberly and Jade and describes the stages of the conflict.
  25. Worker Exploitation in the Social Conflict Theory
    The conflict theory suggests that the different social groups within the society are engaged in a constant struggle over the scarce resources and for dominance over each other.
  26. Conflict Resolution by the African Union
    The article “After 50 years of the OAU-AU: Time to Strengthen the Conflict Intervention Framework” provides insightful information on the mechanisms provided by the African Union to address conflict.
  27. Sexism and Gender: Culture and Conflict Reflection
    The present statement is an example of gender-based discrimination and prejudice among women. Sexism and gender discrimination in America have a long and complicated history.
  28. Conflict Resolution and Action Plan in Hospital
    In this assignment, a recurring conflict in a hospital setting in Miami will be discussed for the purpose of developing an effective action plan for subsequent conflict resolution.
  29. Problem of Conflict Situations
    Some people even consider disagreements as a positive trend since they can lead to significant changes and help to resolve the misunderstandings between the individuals or groups.
  30. Israeli-Palestine Conflict and Global Community
    The paper describes the causes of the Israeli-Palestine conflict and discusses what historians have claimed as the role of the wider international community in the conflict.
  31. Conflict Resolution Decision in Healthcare Institutions
    Disputes may arise because of unfair or unsatisfactory working conditions or because of poor performance of some employees.
  32. Conflicts in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
    A number of conflicts come out in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare: internal conflict of Hamlet, the conflict between Hamlet and King Claudia and others.
  33. Conflict Theory, Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism
    This paper explores the three key sociological paradigms that are critical in conceptualizing different phenomena from the sociological stance.
  34. Hamlet’s Internal Conflicts in Shakespeare’s Play
    Hamlet’s indecision presents the central pillar of the internal conflict. The distinction between illusion and reality presents another internal conflict within Hamlet.
  35. Conflicts, Compromises, and Communication
    While assertiveness refers to declining people’s opinions without offending them, cooperation is a concept that seeks to submit and cooperate with the conflicting party.
  36. Conflict Resolution in Healthcare Establishments
    Helthcare conflicts occurrence can be prevented or even turned into an advantage by applying proper leadership skills and techniques after the conflict is properly identified.
  37. University of Miami Hospital’s Nursing Conflicts
    The purpose of this paper is to describe and investigate a recurring conflict situation that occurred at the University of Miami Hospital.
  38. Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Conflict Management Plan
    The conflicting parties should provide their arguments, and the final decision should be made by the received information to achieve the collective goal.
  39. Male and Female Escalated Conflict
    There is an ever-increasing conflict between males and females. This calls for a serious and urgent solution to settle differences between these important groups of society.
  40. Conflict Between Medical Professionals
    Nursing is one of the major spheres of human activity. Conflicts that happen between medical professionals are especially dangerous as they may affect the quality of patient care.
  41. Nursing Leadership and Conflict Resolution
    The paper unveils the working mechanism of the qualities of a leader, and the ability of the leader uses an array of strategies to mitigate conflicts at the working place.

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  1. Affordable Care Act and Related Ethical Conflicts
    The paper seeks to identify and discuss the ethical conflicts brought by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare or Trumpcare
  2. Israeli-Palestinian Warfare: The Gaza Conflict
    The Gaza Conflict is one of the many conflicts within the Israeli-Palestinian warfare. The Gaza strip has been under attack for decades.
  3. Role, Conflict, Social Exchange Theories in Nursing
    Role theory, conflict theory, and social exchange theory should be discussed in the case of the nurse that is regularly challenged to prove her self-worth and skills.
  4. Colombian Armed Conflict and Social Proactiveness
    This paper proposes a research question of the effects of the Colombian armed conflict on the level of social proactiveness among the target population.
  5. Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Change and Conflicts
    The paper discusses the role of conflict and negotiation in change management at the Kendall Regional Medical Center and the role of power in conflict and negotiation.
  6. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Conflict Resolution
    The present paper is devoted to a case study of the Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) involvement in conflict resolution.
  7. Ethics and the Affordable Care Act’s Conflicts
    The major purpose of the Affordable Care Act not only to allow the citizens of the United States to access health care services easier but also to stay protected by the system from possible abuse.
  8. Conflict Resolution: Compromise and Collaboration
    Conflicts are usually caused by the incompatibility of principles, aims, interests, or experiences. The success of conflict resolution depends on the selected strategy.
  9. Nursing Leadership: Isaac and Holiday Conflict
    This paper gives a solution options to resolve the issue with Isaac and holiday conflict using nursing leadership and management.
  10. Kendall Regional Medical Center: Conflict Management
    The KRMC management should ensure that the staff do not resort to the discrediting tactics towards each other but rather express their constructive opinions and suggestions.
  11. Nurse-Physician Conflict and Resolution
    Nurses communicate with a variety of health professionals. When it comes to nursing, conflicts in the workplace can have serious effects on patient health.
  12. Conflict Management Plan in Health Care
    Effective change management should not underestimate the role of communication in the change process. It is critical to examine both the positive and negative aspects of stakeholders’ relations.
  13. Riverbend City Case: Conflict Management
    The given case presents an intercultural conflict between Felicity Pearson from the Riverbend City Civil Liberties Union and Police Chaplain Lee Khang.
  14. What Factors Led to the Indian Pakistan Conflict?
    The Kashmir conflict has been evolving with time and it is therefore difficult to pinpoint one reason for the war. One may look at it as an effort to protect the rights of India.
  15. Conflict and Social Technologies in the Workplace
    The lack of social technology policy has created problems for the administration because the employees have had trouble maintaining the confidentiality of the practice.
  16. Conflicts and Resolution at Engineering Companies
    The purpose of the current exploration is to discuss the cases of internal and external conflicts in a project team, with a special focus on the engineering context.
  17. Territorial Conflicts in Animals and Humans
    The territory is a concept that is common in this world and an animal or a human may want to fight to defend it if another party wants to claim it from them.
  18. Conflict Resolution in Nursing
    Sufficient conflict resolution is an essential component of any organization’s successful performance because conflicts occur in any sphere where human interaction is involved.
  19. Child Soldiers in Modern Armed Conflicts
    The overview of modern wars shows that children compose the category that is regarded as one of the main victims of armed conflicts.
  20. Recurring Conflict between Two Nurses
    In the initial conflict, two nurses in Hospital X in Miami were involved in an altercation regarding medical proficiency.
  21. Ethical Conflicts of Obama and Trump Healthcare Reforms
    The healthcare reforms advanced by President Obama in 2010 have a number of similarities with the recent reforms introduced by President Trump.
  22. Environmental Health and Social Conflicts
    Everyone in the society looks forward to the surrounding environment for satisfaction. Foods and other basic needs are all obtained from the environment.
  23. Conflict Resolution in Healthcare Workplace
    Health administrators should use adequate measures to address every challenge. This discussion describes a conflict that has occurred in healthcare working environment.
  24. Conflict in IT Project Teams
    The paper provides an examination of scientific findings on sources of conflict in conjunction with conflict categories to produce adequate strategies for conflict mediation.
  25. Conflict Theory in Nursing Practice
    This reflective journal entry elaborates on some issues that nurses face in their daily practice, and what theories can support them when resolving the arising problems.
  26. Conflict Resolution Skills in Nursing
    The conflict scenario involves the lead nurse and the hospital administrator on prioritizing expenditure in fall management equipment and training of nurses.
  27. Effective Conflict-Resolution Strategies in Healthcare
    Effective conflict-resolution strategies can provide the involved parties with an opportunity to improve the observed situation and make issues escalate.
  28. Conflict Resolution for Nurses and Other Providers
    Arguments between nurses and other healthcare providers may be inevitable but can be solved by the methods of conflict resolution.
  29. Workplace Conflict Resolution and Team Building
    This paper provides several recommendations for resolving a number of conflict situations in the workplace and creating an effective team.
  30. Conflicts in Harper Lee’s Novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”
    Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird reveals the central conflict of society and humanity that is represented through Boo’s disagreements with the entire town Maycomb.
  31. Power, Politics and Conflict in an Organization
    In any organisation, there are office politics involved. Politics emerge due to the scarcity of important resources.
  32. Social Construct of Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict
    Ethnicity can be taken to mean a social creation that generally separates people into diverse social groupings based on definite distinctiveness.
  33. Afghanistan’s Location as a Cause of Conflicts
    The history of the emergence of Afghanistan and its physical location has become the prerequisites for the “troubles” that take place on the territory.
  34. Asian International Politics and Military Conflicts
    The Cold War mentality of Japan was that of strengthening ties with Western powers to contain other Asian emerging powers.
  35. Resolving Workplace Conflict: Challenges and Strategies
    All factors that affected the workers, at personal level and work had to be factored in, and effective mechanisms needed to be put in place to cater for these.
  36. The Pattern of a Conflict: Tracing Your Own Life
    When it comes to give arguments spontaneously, which can be observed in the given case study, people subconsciously choose the conflict style which they feel more comfortable with.
  37. Conflict Management Strategies
    It is not an easy task to ensure appropriate fair discussions of contentious issues in a workgroup and everyday life. This work describes strategies to manage conflicts.
  38. Personal Experience in the Covert Conflict
    I experienced the negative consequences of the covert conflict while living with the roommate who avoided expressing the real emotions and feelings.
  39. Conflict Resolution in Business
    The function of a conflict is drawing attention to the problems that exist within a group of people and catalyze its resolving.
  40. Conflict and Negotiation in the Workplace
    When people are working together, conflicts are inevitable; however, when solved and managed effectively, they can lead to better understanding among team members.
  41. Moral Issues in 21st-Century Conflict
    Killing an innocent person is an immoral act in itself, and it means nothing whether it has some noble purpose or not.

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  1. European Union Mediation Directive for Conflict Resolution
    The study will attempt to explicitly review the implementation of European Union mediation as a means for conflict resolution and its effectiveness across the borders of Europe.
  2. The Colombian Conflict Effects
    The Colombian Conflict lasted for over half a century, and its effects extended to all aspects of people’s lives.
  3. Moro Conflict in Mindanao: Road to Peace
    The road to peace among Muslims and other inhabitants of the Philippines is a long one and has no end. CNN Philippines Staff gives the chronology of the conflict in the country.
  4. Moro Conflict in Mindanao: In Pursuit of Federalism
    The resolution of the conflict in the Philippines is an actual topic of discussion. The fight against Islamic extremists is also discussed in this news article.
  5. Moro Conflict in Mindanao: Why Men Rebel
    The history of the conflict in the Philippines has a long history and is a problem both for local authorities and the inhabitants of the islands themselves.
  6. Moro Conflict in Mindanao: Ethnic Civil Wars
    “Philippines to Fast Track Muslim Self-Rule in Mindanao” describes the positions of the Government of the Philippines regarding the conflict among Muslims and the local population.
  7. Peace & Global Security: Vietnam War & Israel-Palestine Conflict
    Military conflicts are difficult to approach from an objective standpoint. Often being emotionally dueled in addition to the political agenda by which they are supported.
  8. Israeli Settlement in Palestine: Conflict Nowadays
    The state of Israel was established following U.N. Resolution 181 in 1947. This situation has led to the development of the conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Jews.
  9. Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
    The paper discusses the statement: Negotiators who frame a conflict as ‘winner takes all’ will have a harder time than those who believe it is possible for everyone to win.
  10. The History of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    The United States recognizes and supports Israel as a country which has the rightful claim to the historical land of the Jewish people.
  11. Civil Conflict and Economic Policy in El Salvador
    The Republic of El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America with its population hardly exceeding six million people.
  12. Truth in Conflicts Management
    Truth is always the highest priority when managing conflicts. It may seem difficult to remain open and sincere, but it is essential to understand that nothing can be concealed for a long time.
  13. Troy and Cory Conflict in “Fences” Play by Wilson
    Fences is a play in two acts written by August Wilson. The plot follows the life of Troy Maxon. One of the central conflicts of the play is between Troy and his son Cory.
  14. Conflicts and Development in Emerging States
    The debate around possible advantages of conflicts has not been taken into account. There is no evidence proving that conflicts positively influence developing countries.
  15. United States-China Relations and Future Conflict
    This paper aims to examine power transitions between the U.S. and China and to determine risk factors that can be further utilized for pricing purchases of the company.
  16. United States-Iran Relations and Future Conflict
    The report identifies whether a purchase of ballistic missiles contributes to a probability of future conflict between the United States and Iran.
  17. Document Conflict: Alternative Dispute Resolution
    The source of the dispute is an insufficiently precise document, which was incorrectly interpreted by one of the parties that signed the corresponding agreement.
  18. Professional Conflict Resolution Skills in Nurses
    There are a lot of ways to resolve the conflicts that occur between the co-workers and mitigate their negative impact on the working performance of the group.
  19. Power & Conflict in Individual and Group Behavior
    The manifestations of power and conflict on individual and group behavior are different, and specific approaches are necessary for each individual situation.
  20. Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies & Theories
    There are five behavior strategies in a conflict, such as withdrawal, coercion, compromise, concession, and cooperation.
  21. Conflict Resolution: The Nursing Context
    In the healthcare setting, conflict resolution is necessary to consider as confrontational situations occur on a regular basis.
  22. Power & Conflict in Individual & Group Behavior
    Relationships within work teams are pretty complex due to the intricate balance of power and conflict in the workplace setting.
  23. Group Decision-Making and Conflict Management
    The focus on permanent enhancement and attention to employees’ thoughts are the key characteristics of effective group conflict management along with decision-making.
  24. Teamwork and Conflict Management in Nursing
    A nursing leader should accept that conflicts are a natural part of building team cohesion. A good understanding of key factors may help to develop a conflict resolution strategy.
  25. Nursing Conflicts, Their Types and Implications
    In nursing, there are several types of conflicts: intrapersonal – occurring within one individual, intragroup within one group, and intergroup between two or more groups.
  26. Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution in Nursing
    The paper presents an overview of a conflict situation that I observed at nursing work, along with due attention to stages of conflict and strategies for conflict resolution.
  27. Conflict Management in the Healthcare Sector
    This paper will examine the extent to which my capacity to deal with disagreements can ruin or facilitate effective leadership in the healthcare sector.
  28. Organizational Communication and Conflict Management in the Healthcare
    This study demonstrates my ability to handle conflicts in a manner that enhances or interferes with effective leadership in the healthcare setting.
  29. Workplace Interpersonal Conflicts Among the Healthcare Workers
    The work in a healthcare setting is rather demanding and may sometimes require much more than a thorough preparation and the knowledge of one’s job.
  30. Conflict Handling in the Healthcare Environment
    Conflicts are common in any context. This paper aims to discuss change and conflict theories as well as their impact on leadership in nursing.
  31. The Conflict Resolution and Moral Distress in Nursing
    It could hardly be doubted that conflicts in the workplace have a considerably negative impact on the overall efficiency of any given organization.
  32. Resolving Conflict in the Healthcare Setting
    Cultural differences lead to one of the most widespread conflicts in healthcare settings since it is important to respect and promote diversity at the workplace.
  33. Deontological and Consequential Ethical Conflict
    The case under discussion provides a moral dilemma when adhering to the rules contradicts the desire to do someone good.
  34. Conflict Stages and Its Resolution in Healthcare
    The purpose of this paper is to describe the case related to the development of a conflict in a healthcare setting, identify its type and discuss four stages of a conflict.
  35. Evidence-Based Conflict Resolution Strategies in Healthcare
    This paper aims to discuss an evidence-based example of a conflict situation in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the best conflict resolution strategies.
  36. Conflict Resolution in a Care Delivery Setting
    Some hospitals have good leaders and managers who are able to identify problems and predict negative outcomes.
  37. Managing Conflict Discussion: Personal Experience
    Conflicts happen all the time between friends, members of the family, colleagues, or even strangers.
  38. Remote Sensing. Satellite Imagery of Conflict in Aleppo
    The selected report describes a two-week period of a human rights-related issue in Aleppo, Syria, that took place between 9 and 23 August 2012.
  39. Miami Hospital’s Nursing Conflict Resolution
    This essay will describe a recent conflict in one of the Miami hospitals and discuss potential strategies for dealing with work-related quarrels in health organizations.
  40. Addressing Ethical Conflict in Healthcare
    This paper discusses the possible reason for the ethical conflict in healthcare, its impacts, potential leadership approach, and the role of an ARNP leader in resolving it.
  41. The Understanding of the Conflict Nature and Resolution in the Nursing Area
    This course prepares to conflict identification and resolution based on effective communication strategies and understanding critical issues pertinent to the nursing sphere.

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