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  1. The Budget of Saudi Arabia and the USA
    The comparison of budgets of the two super states may be essential for further evaluation of financial potentials of both countries.
  2. Project Budget: Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Estimating
    There are two strategies for calculating the budget: the top-down and the bottom-up methods. The paper reviews their purposes and characteristics.
  3. The Fiscal Responsibility Budget Concept
    Fiscal responsibility remains one of the most important terms when it comes to the field of public administration.
  4. Healthcare Operating Budget Strategy
    The effective strategy for establishing operational budgets in healthcare is planning across multiple time horizons, which allows healthcare specialists to align models and plans.
  5. Health Medi-Cal Budget System
    The California Medical Assistance Program (Medi-Cal) budget system focuses on low-income populations. Its costs are usually divided between the state and the government.
  6. US Federal Budget Making Process and Procedures
    To ensure that the US federal budget conforms to America’s democratic values, it passes through a lengthy and complicated process that should be seen as a four-phase cycle.
  7. Moreno Medical Center’s Budget Management Analysis
    The financial statements for Moreno Medical Center are from the year 2012 to the year 2013. They indicate the financial status of the company.
  8. Family Planning Services’ Effect on Budget
    This paper answer the question of whether eliminating funding on FPS would have a positive budgetary effect compared with the impact on individuals utilizing these services.
  9. Nursing Manager’s Budget Responsibilities
    Nurse managers set objectives and outline the budget (typically in association with the finance division) for their own duty center or nursing team.
  10. Balanced Budget, Monetary and Fiscal Policies
    Many economists agreed that a balanced budget had the potential to decrease interest rates and, thus, subsequently increase investments and savings for the economy.
  11. The National Budget Development
    The problem of deficiency in relation to the national budget and financing the social spheres is typical for many countries.
  12. Universal Healthcare: Budget Benefits and Threats
    The key benefit of this category of health care is that it offers individuals unable to pay for health care the facilities they need.
  13. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Budget Plan
    This paper aims to offer a five-year budget plan for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and offer strategies to mitigate risks from the external environment.
  14. Moreno Medical Center’s Ratio and Budget Management
    Moreno Medical Center had faced challenges in managing its operations during 2013. It could be noted from the organization’s monthly income statement.
  15. Traditional Budget and Zero-Based Budget
    Modern organizations use several types of budget creation. The following paper identifies the differences between the most common approaches – a traditional budget and a zero-based budget.
  16. Budget Airlines and Their Growth Factors in Europe
    Budget airlines have become very popular. There are a lot of factors that enable European budget airlines to keep their prices low.
  17. US Agencies Budget Outlay and Authority Analysis
    United States has a number of agencies which assist the government to achieve its numerous functions. Among these agencies are Coast Guard, Environmental Protection Agency, Forest Service, and Secret Service.
  18. Federal Budget Process and Its Stages
    The federal budget process comprises four stages: Executive preparation, Legislative consideration, budget execution, and audit and evaluation.
  19. Budget Deficit Effects on Legislative Capability
    From a democratic perspective, to carry out consistent budget management, it is critical to ensure that both executive and legislative parties participate in the process.
  20. US Budget Deficit in Political Simulation
    The budget process is a crucial undertaking for every country across the world. It yields an essential economic policy tool that guides all government activities.

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  1. Budget Consolidation vs. Redistribution Policies
    Fiscal restrictions are an indispensable part of a cash control program, and the practices of many states prove that such a principle has economic justification.
  2. Saint Louis Medical Center: Budget Development Assignment
    This paper provides an evidence-based workforce budgeting framework that seeks to help Saint Louis Medical Center (SLMC) in controlling financial expenditures in its Cardiac Unit.
  3. Project Design, Methods, and Budget: Patient Falls
    The evidence shows that falls are regarded as a preventable threat, and nurse training is one of the strategies to reduce this problem.
  4. Creating a Budget in a Community Hospital
    The budget planning for the following fiscal year should possess a clear and outlined goal, which is achieved by considering certain requisites.
  5. Balancing the New York City Budget
    The budget projects we are going to look at illustrate fiscal consequences and alternative decisions to be implemented in operational and capital investment.
  6. Tightening Budget: Action Overview
    It has been argued by many over many years that imprisonment is expensive and ineffective, yet it continues to be a major feature of penal policy in the U.S. justice system.
  7. Impact of the President’s Budget Fiscal Year 2009 in United States
    The essay aims to answer the question “Does The President’s Budget Fiscal Year 2009 would make a good impact on the states?”.
  8. Budget for Project: Report
    The report is about various ways of determining the budget for the individual tasks and the pros and cons of each tool.
  9. Fiscal Budget Decision and Gross Domestic Product
    Quantitative analysis of a Fiscal Budget Decision involves an empirical model to test which alternative is more likely to raise per-capita GDP using methods of statistics.
  10. Expenditures in South Carolina’s Budget
    The value that South Carolina attaches to education shows in its expenditure on education, this expenditure item historically accounts for roughly one-third of the state’s budget.
  11. “Understanding New York City’s Budget” by Lowenstein
    The articles give a detailed explanation of such key points concerning the Capital Budget as its establishment, the allocation and the ways to estimate its accountability.
  12. A Travel Agency’s Budget Elements
    The main elements of the budget of a travel agency are receipts, expenditures, a financial result (deficiency or surplus), and principles of budget system construction.
  13. Family Budget Project in Microsoft Excel
    Budgeting is a practice that helps to achieve goals through the efficient use of money. This paper provides an example of a family budget that was created using Microsoft Excel.
  14. Evaluating Budget Documents of Police Department
    The paper will analyze the budget which was presented by the police department indicating both the estimates and the adjusted figures.

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  1. Budget Deficit and Interest Rates: Empirical Evidence for Spain
  2. The Financial Market Crisis and Budget Policy
  3. U.S. Budget Deficits and the Real Value of the Dollar
  4. State and Local Governments and Their Budget Constraint
  5. Budget Deficits, Money Supply and Price Level in West Africa
  6. Family Budget and Financial Security
  7. Marketing Budget During Economic Crisis
  8. Equilibrium Political Budget Cycles
  9. Long Term and Short Term Budget
  10. Factor Analysis for Slow Budget Realization
  11. Fiscal Decentralization and Political Budget
  12. Efficiency Wages and the Balanced Budget Theorem
  13. Structural Budget Balance and Fiscal Policy Stance in Tunisia
  14. Budget and Trade Deficits in Lebanon
  15. Political Budget Cycles and Fiscal Decentralization
  16. Third World Country Countries Budget
  17. Elections and the Strategic Use of Budget Deficits
  18. Funding Source and Soft Budget Constraint
  19. Budget Deficits and U.S. Economic Growth
  20. Financing the Budget Deficit in the Philippines
  21. Budget Institutions and Fiscal Performance in Africa
  22. Freedom Budget for All Americans and Economic Equality
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