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  1. Nike Company Change Techniques and Decision Making
    The case study explores introduction of new products at Nike and discusses how Nike can use change techniques to improve effectiveness and competitive advantage.
  2. The Nike Brand Success and Phil Night’s Leadership
    The specific ways of the Nike organization, as well as personal qualities that helped Phil Night establish a world-famous brand, will be discussed in this paper.
  3. Nike Inc.’s Culture and Staffing Approaches
    This paper description of Nike Inc., its cultural analysis, the organization’s approach to staffing, and/or how it influences the performance of the organization.
  4. Nike Company: Marketing Principles and Concepts
    Nike is an American multinational corporation, which was founded in 1964. The report will culminate by discussing the correlation between marketing department and other departments in Nike.
  5. Nike Company’s Commercial Analysis
    In its recent commercial, Nike has been focusing on inspiring people to overcome challenges and push the envelope, therefore, discovering more about themselves and the world around them.
  6. Nike Company’s Marketing Principles and Practice
    Nike heavily relies on the concept of marketing mix to realise good profits in the backdrop of the stiffening competition in the sports garments industry.
  7. Nike and Adidas Companies Marketing Strategies
    The purpose of this assignment is to review marketing strategies used by two different companies in the same industry. Sports apparel companies, Nike and Adidas have been chosen for this study.
  8. Nike Company’s Digital and Online Systems
    Through proper management of its virtual systems, the Nike company has managed to coordinate its processes and bring them together at the right point in time.
  9. Nike Inc.’s Marketing Concepts and Terminologies
    Nike Inc. was established in 1964 under the name Blue Ribbon Sports. Today, the company focuses on the design, manufacture, and distribution of sportswear and accessories.
  10. Nike Inc.’s International Marketing Approaches
    Nike Inc. is a multinational corporation that deals with the design, development, production of different varieties of sports products. The company focuses on the sports industry.
  11. Nike in the UK’s Athletic Footwear Market
    The report analyses sources of Nike’s competitiveness in the UK market, conducts the Five Forces and the SWOT analyses, and describes Nike’s internal environment.
  12. Nike Inc.’s Analysis for Investment Decision
    In the case study, a fund management firm North Point Group desires to invest in Nike footwear manufacturer. This follows its history of investing in some 500 fortune companies.
  13. Nike’s “Equality” Campaign and Marketing Communication
    A marketing communication plan for Nike and its latest campaign “Equality” will be developed regarding the main aspects of integrated marketing communications.
  14. Nike Inc.’s External and Internal Forces and Trends
    This work explores the SWOTT structures of Nike and evaluates which SWOTT elements affect the organization’s ability to remain competitive while conducting business.
  15. Nike Company and United Airlines: Strategic Management
    Nike is a key player in the manufacturing of the sports gear of all manners. The company’s name is borrowed from the Greek god of victory.
  16. Nike Strategies for Delivering of High-Quality Products
    This paper examines whether there are any systems, strategies, or mechanisms that are put in place by Nike to ensure service delivery is of high quality.
  17. Colin Kaepernik’s Protest in Nike’s Ad Campaign
    The paper aims to study the ripple effect of Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police violence and the subsequent adoption of his quote in Nike’s advertising campaign.
  18. Nike Inc. and Adidas Group: Business Direction and HR Planning
    The industry’s code, according to the N.A.I.C.S., is 339920, which refers to sporting and athletic goods manufacturing (“N.A.I.C.S. Code Description”).
  19. Nike Internal Analysis
    This report will analyse the internal structure, performance, and practices of Nike to identify threats and provide a list of recommendations.
  20. Nike: Company Analysis
    Key sections of this document provide an evaluation of the Nike’s external environment, its market share, internal operational dynamics and critical factors that influence its performance.

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  1. Comparison of Adidas and Nike Social Media Management Strategies
    This case study is aimed to study the official accounts of Adidas and Nike, on four of the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  2. Nike Inc.’s Analysis and Marketing Plan
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Nike company using various marketing tools available and propose valid target market recommendations.
  3. Nike Proxy Statement Analysis
    The purpose of this work is to analyze the proxy statement of Nike and provide details about what comprises the executive compensation plan of the company.
  4. Business Performance of Nike Inc.
    Nike Inc., as one of the leading companies manufacturing and selling sportswear. In this paper, the business performance of Nike Inc. will be provided.
  5. Nike’s Ad for Football Women’s World Cup 2019
    Nike released its empowering advertisement ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 hosted in France. It claims that football is a game enjoyed by people of all races.
  6. Nike: Seeking Competitive Advantage in a Changing Global Economy
    Description of the market structure within which the company operates, company’s pricing strategies, company products, and development of strategies in the changing global economy.
  7. Nike’s Example of Business Ethics
    Good and admirable business ethics should be observed in every business, some businesses have been fined for not following their intended business ethics.
  8. Nike+: Advice and Recommendations for Development
    Digital technologies never stand still, and Nike + platform, where samples of the latest scientific thought of experts are collected, is a vivid confirmation.
  9. Nike’s External and Internal Business Environments
    This paper will examine the external and internal environments specific to Nike’s business operations in the United Kingdom.
  10. Marketing Analysis: Nike Air Force One Shoes
    Market share of the Nike Air Force One Shoes is close to 34%. (Mokhiber 73). The company is engaged in sports wear manufacturing, however, the key product is the sport footwear.
  11. Nike Advertising Campaign: Marketing Ways to Advertise
    Advertising is a crucial concept in the success of the company, its perception by the audience, and the social impact that it might have.

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  1. The Business Ethics Used at Nike Commerce
  2. What Responsibility Does Nike Have for Conditions of Work at Foreign Factor?
  3. Strategic Management Analysis Nike
  4. Why Has Nike Become Such a Leading Sports Transnational Corporation?
  5. The Benefits and Costs of a Market Orientation for Nike
  6. Nike Inc.’s Marketing Mix: Brilliant Marketing Strategy Analysis
  7. The Marketing Concept, Nike Approach
  8. Nike and Vietnam: The Impact of Globalization
  9. Capital Asset Pricing Model and Nike
  10. Catholic Social Teaching and the Nike Corporations
  11. Nike’s Sweatshops Working Conditions
  12. The Issues Facing the Labor Workforce in Nike
  13. Nike’s Advertising Strategy for the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa
  14. The Social Conscience and the Labor Rights in the Nike Company
  15. Global Value and Supply Chain of Nike
  16. How Nike Affects the Planet, Animals, and Millions of People?
  17. Corporate and Environmental Responsibility of the Nike Foundation
  18. There Are Two Types of Interest Rate for Nike
  19. Ratio and Financial Statement Analysis of Nike
  20. Nike Company: Supply Chain Management
  21. The Company Information and Web Site Analysis of Nike Corporation
  22. Brand Values and Design Relationship at Nike
  23. Foreign Direct Investment Tactics of Nike, Inc.
  24. What Have Been the Key Success Factors for Nike?
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