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  1. Tax Reform as a Solution of Economic Problems
    The ailing economy is a strong incentive for implementing tax reforms to reduce the risks of financial problems. A flat tax system can be the best solution for the problems.
  2. Fat Taxes in the US
    The paper defends the position that the levies are a practical means through which cases of obesity can be significantly reduced in countries such as America.
  3. Accofirm Bookkeeping and Tax Compliance Services
    This report focuses on how the company to be established will help small and medium-sized firms tackle issues from bookkeeping, financial management, auditing, and tax compliance.
  4. Australian Tax Office’s Transformation Program
    The Australian Tax Office initiated a 10-year transformation program that was aimed at overhauling its IT platform to enhance its ability to serve its clientele in the year 2000.
  5. Taxes in Australian Gambling Industry
    The increase in taxes in the gambling industry in Australia cannot directly respond to the problem of gambling costs as well as to many social and moral issues.
  6. Carbon Tax and Cap-and-Trade System
    The problem of carbon emission into the atmosphere is highly associated with the greenhouse effect that has become a paradox in the world’s environmental economics.
  7. Economics: Carbon Tax vs. Cap-and-Trade System
    The carbon tax discourages the usage of environmentally hazardous vehicles. Cap-and-trade system involves a smooth transition from one type of energy production to another.
  8. Softron Tax Company’s Segmentation Issues
    The main issue identified for Softron Tax is low awareness and the need to establish a strong customer base in Ottawa; the issue is directly associated with segmentation.
  9. Tax Incentives and Their Benefits to Communities
    Tax cuts are useful in obtaining social, monetary, and aesthetic ends that benefit the community: change the way businesses and citizens do business.
  10. Tax Incentives Functions and Application
    The paper discusses probable approaches for the application and utilization of the tax incentives to enhance the social and economic condition of the community.
  11. The US Highway Trust Fund and Federal Fuel Tax
    The current paper provides an overview of the US Highway Trust Fund’s existing issues and identifies several solutions that may address the problem.
  12. McDonald’s Company: The Flawed Fast Food Tax
    McDonalds is one of the world’s leading fast food restaurants serving more than 57 million customers daily with branches all over the major cities.
  13. “Alberta Should Tax Its Way Out of the Hole” by Lamphier
    Lamphier’s “Alberta Should Tax its Way out of the Hole” offers suggestions on how to deal with the Canadian province of Alberta’s revenue deficit.
  14. Carbon Tax Role in Enhancing Environmental Sustainability
    Environmental sustainability involves making decisions and engaging in activities aimed at protecting nature. Emphasis is placed on preserving the earth’s capability to support life.
  15. Fair Trade: Japan – Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages
    The WTO indicted Japan for what it described as a violation of the internal taxation and regulations as stipulated in the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade 1994.
  16. Amazon Inc.’s Consolidation Process and Tax Benefits
    The paper applies theoretical information on consolidation to Amazon, Inc., by describing its corporate structure, the consolidation process, and tax benefits.
  17. Tax Benefits and Social Security
    Welfare economics lays significance on how the health of citizens contributes to economic growth and development.
  18. How Taxes Affect Deadweight Loss?
    Deadweight loss is the loss in social surplus that occurs when a market produces an inefficient quantity. Deadweight loss appears in case demand and supply are unbalanced.
  19. Fiscal Policy: Federal Investment and Taxes
    The main instruments of fiscal policy are the revenues and expenditures of the state budget, which are taxes and government spending.
  20. State vs. Federal Taxes: Which Must Be Abolished
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the unique benefits of federal and state taxes and propose a new model whereby one of the two is abolished.
  21. Tax Reform: Corporate Tax Reduction and Its Consequences
    The paper is aimed to discuss the reduction of corporate tax, and the role of the state in corporate relations.
  22. Sugary Drink Tax as a Public Health Policy
    This paper concentrates on the initial stage of the initiation of the tax on sugary drinks and the part played by a nursing professional in the process.
  23. Income Tax versus National Sales Tax
    The question of the best kind of taxation system favorable for use has raised great concerns to many people and governments.
  24. Political Science: Tax Cuts in America: Are They Good?
    Americans argue about the increases in taxes. Some believe that tax cuts to all income brackets help to stimulate economic growth.
  25. Tax Cuts and the Economy
    Even though tax cut draws a lot of arguments for and against them, the tax cut could be really influential in the recovery process of the economy.
  26. CPA Firm: Outsourcing the Basic Tax Revenues
    Outsourcing the company using basic tax returns affects the effectiveness and efficiency of the company, since the prices of services raise and increase income and investments.
  27. Tax Forecasting for the Republic of Vardar
    This paper seeks to revise a tax collection in the Republic of Vadar, make recommendations and build the forecast.
  28. The US Estate Tax Reform
    The controversy around the estate tax reflects the conflict between individual property rights and democratic notions of equality.
  29. Tax Research Memo and Calculations
    This paper can confidently say that since the financial institution bought this annuity from Barry at a discount, the proceeds they would get from this annuity until maturity.
  30. Tax System for Decrease of Cigarette Consumption
    This paper seeks to determine the effectiveness of the taxation system in controlling cigarette consumption behaviors through an economic analysis.
  31. Personal Income Tax in Hong Kong and China
    This paper assesses the salary taxes in Hong Kong in relation to those in the US giving a close analysis to the willingness of the respective citizens to pay up for the taxes.
  32. Hong Kong’s Tax System
    Any country will adopt a particular tax system as a way of solving most of the social and economic problems faced by the nation.

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  1. Inflation and Capital Gains Taxes in a Small Open Economy
  2. International Experiences With Securities Transaction Taxes
  3. Income Taxes and Dividend Policy
  4. Corporate Taxes, Strategic Default, and the Cost of Debt
  5. Debt Policy, Corporate Taxes, and Discount Rates
  6. Culture and Taxes: Towards Identifying Tax Competition
  7. Direct and Indirect Taxes in India
  8. Integrating Business and Personal Income Taxes
  9. Interdependent Behavior and the Effect of Taxes
  10. Europe`S New Border Taxes
  11. Effective Property Taxes and Tax Capitalization
  12. Corporate Leverage and Taxes in the U.S. Economy
  13. Flat Taxes and Effective Tax Planning
  14. Demography and the Composition of Taxes: Evidence From International Panel Data
  15. Economic Development: Raising Revenues Without Increasing Taxes
  16. Disability, Taxes, Transfers, and the Economic Well-being of Women
  17. Energy Taxes and Aggregate Economic Activity
  18. Federal Taxes Are Used to Fund the Government
  19. Customs Unions and Domestic Taxes
  20. Environmental Taxes and Industry Monopolization
  21. Deferred Taxes, Earnings Management, and Corporate Governance: Malaysian Evidence
  22. Inflation, Taxes, and the Durability of Capital
  23. Estate Taxes, Consumption Externalities, and Altruism
  24. Labor Taxes, Productivity and Tax Competition
  25. Company Dividends and Taxes in the UK
  26. Inflation, Taxes, and Interest Rates
  27. Income Taxes and Urban Spatial Structure
  28. Domestic Taxes and the External Debt Laffer Curve
  29. Interest Rates, Income Taxes, and Anticipated Inflation
  30. Income Taxes and the Composition of Pay

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  1. Insurance and Corrective Taxes in the Health Care Market
  2. Business Cycles With Distorting Taxes and Disaggregated Capital Markets
  3. Liquidity, Taxes, and Short-term Treasury Yields
  4. Inflation, Taxes, and the Composition of Business Investment
  5. Comparing Progressive and Regressive Taxes
  6. Deferred Taxes and Bond Ratings: A Canadian Case
  7. Fiscal Federalism and Optimal Income Taxes
  8. Interest Rates, Taxes, and Corporate Financial Policies
  9. Fiscal Competition Over Taxes and Public Inputs
  10. Inflation, Income Taxes, and Owner-occupied Housing
  11. Aging, Taxes, and Pensions in Switzerland
  12. Income Taxes, Sorting, and the Costs of Housing
  13. House Prices and Local Taxes in the UK
  14. Environmental Taxes and the Double Dividend
  15. Government Deficits, Distortionary Taxes, and the Current Account
  16. Estate and Gift Taxes and Incentives for Inter Vivos Giving in the US
  17. Globalization and the Mix of Wage and Profit Taxes
  18. Income Taxes and Entrepreneur’ Use of Labor
  19. Energy Taxes and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Australia
  20. Fiscal Federalism Spending and Taxes
  21. Capital Income Taxes and the Benefit of Price Stability
  22. Financial Activities Taxes, Bank Levies and Systemic Risk
  23. Corporate Taxes, Leverage, and Business Cycles
  24. Government Spending, Taxes, and Economic Growth
  25. Government Revenue Sources Are Taxes and Borrowing Money
  26. Contribution Ceilings and the Incidence of Payroll Taxes
  27. Income Taxes, Property Values, and Migration
  28. Deferred Taxes and Cost of Debt: Evidence From Japan
  29. Inflation, Taxes, and the Public Debt
  30. Marginal Taxes and the Asset Portfolios of Swedish Households
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