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On the Efficiency of the c3 Subsystem Model

Subsystems are evidence-based models for ensuring that competent individuals complete specific functions in a timely manner. In the identified organization, the proposed command, control, and communications (C3) framework will transform operations and guide leaders to identify new or initial technologies that have the potential to deliver positive results. The C3 subsystem model has been effective in supporting the level of coordination and performance in the military. Companies and business firms can consider the attributes of this model if they want to transform the experiences of the targeted clients.

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The main theme of the proposed project is that of improved coordination. The ultimate goal behind any CS subsystem is to deliver a seamless process of communication whereby data, images, and voices are transmitted to maximize the nature of available responses. The presence of high-quality resources and infrastructure within a given organization will ensure that information is managed, coded, and transmitted efficiently to meet the demands of all stakeholders. The major objectives of the proposed project include: identifying and introducing the right technological aspects that can result in a stable C3 subsystem in the selected organization, presenting evidence-based approaches for implementing the designed subsystem successfully and outlining the unique practices and strategies that have the potential to transform or improve the levels of efficiency and performance.

The current wave of globalization is a major force that is dictating the goals and procedures many organizations undertake to achieve their aims. The targeted firm has been recording positive results due to the use of modern technologies to streamline communication. However, there are specific gaps and challenges that support the decision to introduce a new C3 subsystem. Firstly, the existing communication and information-sharing practices are critical issues that explain why the current system needs to be upgraded. Secondly, different agencies in the sector are embracing the use of modern technologies to achieve their aims. This situation presents a case for introducing a superior subsystem that will ensure that all interlinked organizations perform optimally. Thirdly, the changing security issues and Internet-based attacks explain why it would be necessary to consider the decision to introduce a better subsystem. These developments will make it possible for the identified organization to achieve its goals much faster. These needs are valid and capable of disorienting the effectiveness and integrity of information sharing and responsive support.

The initial technologies at this organization are pertinent to the perceived need. For instance, some of the current resources are outdated, thereby increasing the possibility of potential phishing and hacking. The nature of modern technology means that new resources and devices will emerge continuously that is faster and more reliable. This fact explains why continuous development and improvement of C3 subsystems is a powerful strategy for supporting the objectives of any given organization. In conclusion, the consideration of these aspects and possibilities explain why it would be necessary to undertake the intended development project and implement the targeted C3 subsystem in the identified organization. This approach will support the delivery of high-quality and timely results.


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