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Writing a Memo with Research Information

To succeed in writing memos, it is very important to understand the essence of such paper and the main purpose of this writing process. In fact, memo writing is identified as a crucial “step between data collection and writing drafts of papers” (Charmaz 72), this is why there is no need to hurry up, to make some fast conclusions, and to share personal guesses about the topic. What is required is to gather a number of ideas, find clear statements, and make sure to introduce them properly in a memo. My purpose is to help a subordinate find out the most effective and correct way to write a memo and make use of the Internet data. With the intent to define the steps of a memo writing process, the colleague should learn how to evaluate Internet data properly and present it in the paper.

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It is very important to **give clear examples** so that a future writer is able to understand what is required: each logical thought should be properly written and cited, each sentence should sound clearly, and each argument has to be supported. *There is no need to present some pieces of information just in order to fill in the space*. Though memos provide the writer with necessary “space and place for making comparison between data and data” (Charmaz 72), the writer does not have the right to waste it.

A person should start Internet search only after the main ideas of future paper are identified. **Internet is the hugest source of information**, this is why it is very important to narrow down searching and put only clear keywords in quotation marks. *The more searching is narrowed and clarified, the better results may be expected*.

Making personal notes is one of the most appropriate methods to succeed in writing memos. As any memo is usually “circulated within the office” (Farhathullah 133), the reader of a memo is aware of the basics and some general terms, this is why the essence of the memo is **to introduce new and captivating information that could improve office work and achievements**. As the vast majority of Internet sources are protected by specific rights, it is necessary to cite the source properly in order not to be blamed from ideas’ plagiarism.

It is very important to understand all the ideas and words in the memo. To achieve good results in this activity, it is necessary to underline the main ideas, implement them to the chosen sphere of work, prove that their effectiveness is evident, and persuade the reader about the correctness of the material. In other words, any chosen fact in memo should **sound confident** to *prove the worth of writing*.

Writing a memo is not as challenging as it could seem to be. The above-mentioned rules should help to clear up how to impress the reader and how to choose interesting material. Internet contains a number of information both necessary and unnecessary, and the writer should be able to filter thoughts thoroughly.

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