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Reducing Food Packaging Litter in Ireland


Since the 1960s, food packaging has increasingly become an enormous challenge in Ireland and globally. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (2019, p. 2) states that the actual level of plastic production has increased exponentially by more than twenty percent. The devastation which the plastic bags are causing becomes noticeable. The food packaging litter majorly includes plastic containers and bags which customers’ food is served in the different hotels and cafeterias. Food Safety Authority of Ireland (2019, p. 3) indicates that garbage is causing massive damage to people’s health in Ireland and globally. Therefore, critical steps can necessitate combating food packaging litter in Ireland, including advising customers to carry their bags, buying in bulk, purchasing loose products, and advocating for the reuse of packaging.

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Advocating for Reusable Bags

Advising customers to carry their reusable bags will ensure that they are not disposed of the bags recklessly. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (2019, p. 2) mentions that having individual bags from home will make sense that the same bag is essential, hence keeping and reusing it in the subsequent shopping. The reuse of bags will critically help Ireland reduce litter in the streets and decrease the budget, which it spends on maintaining the roads clean. Therefore, requesting consumers to carry their bags is a tremendous recommendation towards combating food packaging litter in Ireland.

Purchasing Loose Products

Opting for loose products is a critical step because it involves no carrier bags. For instance, customers can decide to purchase fruits and vegetables which are not put in the regular carrying bags. The consumer should carry the items and put them in their reusable bags instead of waiting for the products to be packaged and subsequently put in their reusable bags which they carried. Wróblewska-Krepsztul et al. (2018, p. 387) allude that buying loose products is an environmental-friendly behavior because it encourages conservation. Holistically, motivating buyers to purchase loose products is a significant step towards combating food package litter in Ireland.

Reuse of Packaging Products

Reusing carrier bags means that individuals are conserving the environment. Several bags can be recycled, including plastic and paper bags, wrapping papers, and tins. According to Wróblewska-Krepsztul et al. (2018, p. 344), reusing the non-decomposing products exemplifies conserving the environment. Regular use of carrier products critically means that an individual cannot purchase the same packaging bag to carry the bought items the following day but instead use the same bag to take other products. As a result, the rate of food litter will drastically decline in Ireland.


In conclusion, it is paramount to note that food packaging litter is a giant menace throughout the different countries of the world. Customers need to be advised on the best ways they can use plastic bags to avoid litter incidences. For instance, consumers should carry their pockets, buy foods in bulk, lose purchase products, and equally embrace reusing. Above all, there is a need for public education to enhance the effective use of plastic and paper bags in Ireland.


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