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HIV/AIDS Epidemiology in Miami, Florida

This paper aims at discussing HIV/AIDS as one of the most serious and dangerous health problems in the United States, as well as in the whole world. The evaluation of this epidemiological problem is based on the statistical data gathered from such world-known organizations as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The peculiar feature of this disease is that people of all age groups and both genders are exposed to this problem regardless of their communities, incomes, and social statuses. However, more attention to such groups as racial minorities (African Americans and Latinos) and people with non-traditional sexual orientation is paid because these people are at higher risks of having HIV/AIDS. It is stated that around 18,000 Americans die because of HIV/AIDS, and about 100,000 people continue living with this disease in Florida (“Florida highlights,” n.d.; “HIV in the United States,” n.d.). Therefore, this paper is focused on one particular county, Miami, Florida, and the practices that can be applied to its citizens regarding their current needs, health problems, and the existing governmental support.

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AIDS is defined as a chronic disease caused by an HIV infection that can fast spread in the body and influence the work of different systems. People have to know how to avoid this problem or, at least, diagnose it in a timely manner. HIV/AIDS is developed in several stages; therefore, it is not always possible to recognize it quickly. It has flu-like symptoms that result in reduced productivity and the inability to deal with social problems. In this paper, two diagnostic tools are discussed. They are ELISA (the use of antibodies to determine the presence of a certain substance in the body) and Western blot (the detection of proteins in a tissue). Both techniques are effective, and it is recommended to take both of them in order to make sure that the results are correct.

The paper discusses several surveillance methods supported by the CDC and the WHO and proves the necessity for different medical organizations and centers to collaborate to identify new methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients with HIV/AIDS. A descriptive epidemiological analysis is developed to investigate the groups of people for whom HIV/AIDS introduce serious risks. The three evidence-based plans will be developed from the point of view of a family nurse practitioner to meet the health needs of patients in Miami and introduce the measures that can help the population in dealing with the disease. The first approach is based on education and the exchange of information about signs, symptoms, and prevalence among the medical workers and ordinary people. The second approach includes support of families and the representatives of different racial groups, including African Americans and Latinos, in their intentions to be tested and checked for HIV/AIDS at different periods of time. The last approach promotes collaboration between different medical centers and healthcare facilities to deal with HIV/AIDS problems, distribute the information about the disease, and offer free care or tests.


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