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Developing as an Effective HRM

The practice of a Human Resource Manager (HRM) or a Learning and Development (L&D) Practitioner requires individuals to acquire a comprehensive set of skills, behaviours, as well as knowledge that would facilitate increased levels of effectiveness. HRMs are responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the administrative aspects of an organisation and collaborate closely with employees in terms of their interviewing, recruiting, hiring, as well as act as links between the leaders of organisations and their subordinates. The current role is concerned with general HR management activities as well as collaboration with the leading HR in order to facilitate relevant staff and training decisions at an organisation. In the future, it is expected to attain the role of a leading HR at a company, which implies more responsibility and dedication.

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Within the HRM role at an organisation, there are three professional areas that include employee engagement, resource and talent planning, as well as organisational planning. These areas play essential parts when it comes to shaping the skill sets and knowledge requirements. In the corporate design area, it is expected that an HRM will establish an appropriately designed setting that would deliver the best results possible. For instance, knowledge is needed to lead scenarios for planning, conduct financial analysis and establish positive connections between people. The resource and talent planning is an area focused on determining whether an organisation has the right resources, talent and capabilities for achieving the success within the strategic ambitions of organisations and their future development (CIPD, 2013). For example, an HRM is expected to have knowledge of how to produce programs for long-term and sustainable development. Employee engagement is among the most important areas for the HRM practice as it is concerned with fostering strong connections with employees as well as helping them to have a positive attitude toward their work. Within this area, an effective HRM is a person that works toward ensuring that the personnel of organisations is fulfilled with their responsibilities and, therefore, can offer a significant contribution toward reaching the established objectives. For instance, an HRM should be knowledgeable in workplace psychology and approach communicating successfully with a diverse range of people (CIPD, 2015).

In regards to the behaviours that are expected from an effective HRM that could add value to an organisation, there are eight specific points involved in the professional’s work. An effective HRM should be curious, a decisive thinker, a skilled influencer, personally credible, collaborative, driven to deliver, has the courage to challenge, as well as be a role model. For example, a curious HRM is future-focused and open-minded, which means that the professional meets challenges with excitement and works toward adding value to the team. Collaborative behaviours imply effective and inclusive work with individuals from diverse backgrounds, each of whom has unique experiences and expectations. Being a role model involves a set of behaviours associated with leading by example. An HRM exhibiting role modelling behaviours usually acts impartially and independently, while also attempting to balance personal, legal and organisational parameters.

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