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Religious Studies: Israel in Canaan

The book of Joshua is one of the most important scriptures that describe the final journey of the children of Israel into the Promised Land from Egypt. After the death of Moses who had led the Israelites out of Egypt, Joshua took over the leadership. He was given the mandate to lead them to their final destination (Hoffmeier 21). He came at a time when the Israelites were experiencing increased hostilities from communities that they found on the way. However, despite these challenges, the Israelites in Canaan may be viewed as a fulfillment of God’s promises in Exodus chapter three and verse seven.

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Joshua can be viewed as a military leader who led the Israelites through many battles to pave a way for their journey towards their final destinations. Firstly, it is worth noting that the success of many of the conquests that Joshua and the Israelites faced was attributed to their true belief and worship of the God who had delivered them from the hands of the Egyptians (Hooker par.1).

The first city to fall under the attack of Joshua and his army was Jericho as highlighted in Joshua chapter 6. However, due to the sins of Achan who took devoted things against the will of God, Israel was defeated at Ai (Hoffmeier 26). After the first defeat, Joshua prayed to the extent of being told the reasons for the defeat. Once the Israelites destroyed the devoted things that they had obtained, the Lord delivered victory to them the following day. The success of their taking over of the Promised Land was evident when Joshua subdivided the land to the tribes of Israel.

Up to this point, it is evident that the children of Israel acquired the long-awaited land. However, once they settled in the Promised Land, different scholars paint a grim picture of the lives of the Israelites. For instance, the next book of Judges, specifically, chapter 2 verse 10 starts on a low note questioning the morals of the Israelites where concerns are raised over the rise of a generation, which seems to not know the works that the Lord has done for them (Hoffmeier 29). The book goes on to blame parents for not passing over the knowledge about the Lord to their children.

Consequently, the book seeks to establish guidelines of how the Israelites will return to the Lord. While this disobedience to God is a major drawback, it does not indicate failure. Instead, it shows a community, which after years of slavery, is adjusting to self-rule. This observation is a progressive direction where the Israelites are trying to find a balance between the freedom that they are enjoying and the rule through leaders such as Moses and Joshua who God has put in place for them.

Concisely, the Israelites in Canaan is a success story with its challenges that the community must address to remain loyal and obedient to God. Hence, their arrival and settling in Canaan depicted nothing less than the fulfillment of God’s promises.

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