52 Competition Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Competition

  1. Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition
    This paper compares monopoly and monopolistic competition as two main types of imperfect markets, it highlights their similarities and differences.
  2. Perfect Competition as a Market Structure
    Perfect competition is market structure that assumes optimum allocation of resources. The market is theoretical and non existent in real life.
  3. Russian and European International Competition Law
    This paper compares competition law on restrictive business practices in Russia with provisions of Article 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.
  4. Federal Acquisition Regulation Competition Requirements
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the checklists that should be considered when acquiring a new tax processing software system at the Internal Revenue Service.
  5. Monopolistic Competition in Public Utilities
    The major objective of this paper is to analyze monopolistic competition in public utilities among energy companies based in California.
  6. Rivalry and Competition in Italian Renaissance Art
    In this paper, the discussion will focus on rivalry and competition in Italian Renaissance art and its influence on contemporary art.
  7. Acer Company Analysis: Marketing and Competition
    Acer has recorded a high level of performance through a remarkably high level of sales. However, the company has experienced serious problems in its effort to venture into the American market.
  8. Video Game Console Industry’ Strategy and Competition
    The video game industry has become very competitive over the years. Though the initial market was teenagers oriented, it has developed to include young adults.
  9. Google Inc. and Competition in the Chinese Market
    Google.com faced serious challenges during its venture into the China market. There was competition from other internet search providers who were already operating in China.
  10. Eastern Gear Company’s Competition and Workflow
    The rapid increase in costs can be viewed as the primary problem the company has to face in an increasingly high competition environment.
  11. Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble Competition
    The paper concerns the rising influence of Amazon at the book distribution market and the competition between Amazon and Barnes & Noble publishing house.
  12. Antitrust Laws and Competition Regulation
    The antitrust laws were set by the United States’ Federal and individual states’ governments to regulate businesses and corporations.
  13. Regal Marine Company Strategies and Competition
    Regal Marine is a global company and therefore needs good strategies to remain competitive. To remain competitive, Regal Marine has continually differentiated its products for success.
  14. The Blockbuster Company’s Competition Issues
    This paper discusses the background of Blockbuster and the central issue of this company, offers three possible solutions, and selects the best one to solve the key problems.
  15. Zara Company’s Business Model and Competition
    This report will focus on examining Zara company’s business model and its competitive advantage. Attention will be given to the sourcing strategy, as well as its risks and possible advice.
  16. Wal-Mart’s Target Market Selection and Competition
    Wal-Mart has been known as one of the widely acknowledged supermarkets in the global business. The following paper analyzes Wal-Mart’s marketing plan.
  17. Perfect and Monopolistic Competition in Markets
    The egg market is a perfectly competitive market. In this regard, the producers of eggs as well as consumers are price-takers rather than price-setters.
  18. Competition in Video Game Consoles
    In order to gain a competitive advantage in video game console segment, a company needs to adopt strategies that will enable its devices to stand out and therefore appeal to a larger portion of the market.
  19. Industry Competition and New Entrant Threats
    A South Korean car-manufacturing company that intends to enter the Australian market should bear in mind that it will have to compete with economies of scale such as Toyota or Ford.
  20. How Does Perfect Competition Help Us Understand the Efficiency of Markets?
    This paper uses the effective resource allocation and production efficiency to explain how an idealised market structure would explain the efficiency of markets.

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  1. Personal Touch Product: Target Audience & Competition
    The paper provides a plan for our product “Personal Touch: Hair Stylist on the Move” to be launched and promoted in the market.
  2. Broadcasting: Scientists and Businessmen Competition
    When assessing a technology-driven industry, the main outlined components can be seen through two main directions, the idea itself, the technology on which the industry is based.
  3. Short-Term Price Fixation Under Competition
    In a perfectly competitive market condition, because of the presence of large number of buyers and sellers there is no rivalry existing among them.
  4. Business: Dealing With Competition
    With Taziclor as the only available product in the market, Aveta was able to enjoy a monopolistic position. There could be no close substitute to the product.
  5. Competition in the Australian Food Industry: Case Analysis
    This article focuses on an analysis of the performance of Weight Watchers Comapny and Paradise Food Industries to identify the de facto leader in the health food market.
  6. Alternative Energy Industry’s Competition Dynamics
    Understanding the level of competition in the industry by a company is very important as the level of profits depends to a large extent, the level of competition.
  7. Monopolistic Competition and Market Structure
    Monopolistic competition is a market structure where products are differentiated and a large number of producers compete with each other to satisfy the unlimited customer base.
  8. Competition Policy and Equilibrium Rate of Employment
    In any sound market, three factors might be considered important – the cost effect, competition effect, and location effect.
  9. Competition Within Intermodal Transportation
    In the article, the author discusses competition in the field of intermodal transport: modes of transport and the impact of regulation are considered.
  10. Competition and Power for an Intelligence Function
    Intelligence functions are usually created when it has been perceived that a particular nation may possess resources that depict power and hence exert competition among other nations.
  11. Elemica as the Main Quotation of Chemical Products and Competition
    Elemica’s main aim is to impact growth in the entire chemical industry in terms of supply chain management and connectivity in terms of procedures and operations.

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  1. Competition and the Transition of Finance in Japan and the United States
  2. Airport Privatization and International Competition
  3. Competition Between Computer Operating Systems
  4. Bank Competition, Risk, and Asset Allocations
  5. Competition, Monopoly, and the Organization of Government in Metropolitan Areas
  6. Bertrand Competition With Non-rigid Capacity Constraints
  7. Competition, Innovation, and Growth With Limited Enforcement
  8. Banking Competition and Economic Stability
  9. Competition Economics and Antitrust in Europe
  10. Attitudes Toward Foreign Products and International Price Competition
  11. Competition Law and Policy in the European Union
  12. An Overview of Competition Law and Policy in France
  13. American Labor Market and International Competition’s Impact
  14. Competition and the Efficiency of Markets for Technology
  15. Bertrand Competition Under Cost Uncertainty
  16. Competition Policies for Natural Monopolies in Developing Countries
  17. Catching Capital: The Ethics of Tax Competition
  18. General Information About Competition Law and Policy in Germany
  19. Competition, Patent Protection, and Innovation in an Endogenous Market Structure
  20. Capital Tax Competition and Social Security
  21. Analysis Competition Law and Policy in South Africa
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