88 Auditing Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Auditing

  1. External Audit: Purpose, Role and Drawbacks
    The purpose of the external audit and its role are not well understood, yet but it brings many advantages to large corporations and their stakeholders.
  2. External Auditing Process and Its Stages
    The procedure of external audit is significant for the company as it helps to protect the financial sector from speculations and violations.
  3. Sam Houston State University’s Strategic Audit
    The Sam Houston State University offers its MBA program as part of courses for its College of Business Administration. The university boasts of small classes that improve the personal education.
  4. Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Audit and Strategic Plan
    The main objective of this report is to present a full situational audit of Jumbo Seafood and develop a strategic plan for the next 3 years.
  5. KidZania Dubai Company’s Marketing Audit
    This report explores how KidZania Dubai working in the indoor edutainment industry can refine its business model and strategies to compete in the United Arab Emirates.
  6. Procter & Gamble Company’s Marketing Audit
    Marketing audit has become a common practice among many businesses as they undertake strategic planning in their marketing process.
  7. Human Resources Audit and Its Key Elements
    An HR audit is a process of evaluating the efficacy of an HR department’s activities and their effect on employees’ motivation and the results that they deliver.
  8. Internal Auditing and Corporate Governance
    This paper evaluates the role of internal audit in corporate governance by providing objective assurance on control and risk management.
  9. Ethical Standards in Wal-Mart Company’s Auditing
    Wal-Mart has contributed to the understanding of how a company must respond to changes in the global economic environment and the need to meet the rights of staff members.
  10. Legacy Community Health Service: Communication Audit
    This report dwells upon the use of external and internal communication channels at Legacy Community Health Service and gives recommendations to improve communication.
  11. Auditing and Metrics in Process Safety Management
    This paper describes characteristics of effective metrics, benefits of using metrics in Process Safety Management, and components of the auditing process.
  12. Sun Life Financial Company’s Audit Plan
    Sun Life Financial is a leading financial services company that offers investment and wealth management products and services. The audit plan is prepared after collecting basic information.
  13. Walgreen Company’s Strategic Audit
    Walgreen operates in the US drug stores industry. The paper examines its mission, vision, business model, financial and strategic objectives, competitive and growth strategies etc.
  14. Cultural Diversity Audit for Grant Thornton Website
    This essay carries out an audit on Grant Thornton International Web site evaluating its efforts to embrace cultural diversity.
  15. EBSCO Business Database in Internal Audit
    This paper analyzes the result of references for the “Internal Audit” concept from the EBSCO Business Database by decade from 1901 to 2010.
  16. Easy Jet Airline’s Strategic Marketing Audit
    Easy Jet specialises in service delivery. The place for the service offering is dependent on the preferred destination of its clients.
  17. Auditing in Amazon: Risk Factors and Compliance Issues
    The Amazon’s income statement includes the structure of the company financial statement, the economic characteristic, and its marketing strategies for brand differentiation.
  18. Almond Limited’s Audit Planning Phase
    The impact of delay of several shipments of Almond milk by Australian customs will be primarily on recorded sales, which may drop by 20%, and related accounts.
  19. Under Armour Company’s Strategic Audit
    Under Armour is a leading brand in the sports clothing industry, which specializes in the invention and distribution of athletic apparel, footwear, and various sports accessories.
  20. Environmental Management Approaches and Waste Audit
    The current research provides a comprehensive analysis of environmental management approaches in terms of conducting a full-spectrum waste audit.
  21. Ethics and Audit Risks of Auditing Fraudulent Financial Statements
    Guidelines and sets standards for auditors that enables them to accomplish responsibilities directed to them in relation to detecting frauds in auditing financial statements.
  22. The Changing Roles and Responsibilities of Auditors
    The paper analyzes the role of auditors in the organizations and their responsibility for the accuracy, credibility, and reliability of the financial reports.
  23. ING Group’s Information Audit and Policy Development
    This paper gives a short summary of ING’s business and how this business is affected by the information that the company must process on a daily basis.
  24. The Meaning, Objectives and Effectiveness of Audit Reports
    An audit report is an account, statement or description containing the final results or the conclusions of an audit
  25. Program Audit and Evaluation: A Theory
    Program evaluation and audit are ones of the most reliable ways to control the activities of persons or organizations.
  26. Swatch Group’s Brand Audit and New Positioning
    Swatch Group is repositioning and rebranding its products due to the vast competition that it is facing from other dealers world wide.
  27. ZZZZ Best Co. Case Study: Key Events and Key Auditing Topics
    The ZZZZ Best case is one of the most complex accounting frauds to have been undertaken as it managed to bypass even the watchful and credible Security Exchange Council.
  28. What Should Expect Auditors to Do Within the Examination?
    Audits serve as the basis for a financial and economic activity analysis which allows identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a business.

🎓 Most Interesting Auditing Research Titles

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  1. Auditing Theory and Practice: Business Negotiation
  2. Internal Auditing and Institutional Support
  3. The Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
  4. Fraud and the Ethics of Internal Auditing
  5. The Accounting Cycle and the Auditing Cycle
  6. Auditing and Professional Practice Australia
  7. The Development and Intellectual Structure of Continuous Auditing Research
  8. Auditing Theory and Practice: Business Engagement
  9. The Co-operative Group Financial Report and Auditing
  10. International Accounting and Auditing Standards
  11. The Nature and Purpose of Auditing
  12. Auditing Publicily Trading Company
  13. Corporate Fraud, Governance, and Auditing
  14. Relation Between Internal Auditing and Risk Management
  15. Judgment and Decision Making in Auditing
  16. Auditing: Analytical and Logical Skills
  17. Financial System and Auditing
  18. The Social Welfare Implications of Industry Self-Auditing
  19. Accounting Standards and Auditing Techniques
  20. The Public Sector Auditing Accounting
  21. Compensation and Auditing With Correlated Information
  22. Auditors’ Liability, Vague Due Care, and Auditing Standards
  23. Auditing-Purchasing and Inventory Cycles
  24. Health Care Fraud Auditing and Detection Guide
  25. The Frauds and Errors in Auditing: In Corum Area
  26. Auditing and Competitive Bidding in the Public Sector
  27. Environmental Assessment, Planning, and Auditing
  28. Public Auditing Cloud Computing for Privacy-Preserving
  29. Auditing Policies and Information Systems in Principal-Agent Analysis
  30. Tax Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Accounting

💡 Simple Auditing Essay Ideas

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  1. Auditing, Directorships, and the Demand for Monitoring
  2. Auditing and Assurance Confusion of Market Transactions
  3. Asymmetric Information, Auditing Commitment, and Economic Growth
  4. Optimal Auditing With Heterogeneous Audit Perceptions
  5. Economic Demand for Auditing
  6. Auditing Standards and the Expectations Gap: Evidence From Spain
  7. Continuous Auditing for Web-Released Financial Information
  8. The Auditing Oligopoly and Lobbying on Accounting Standards
  9. Tax Evasion, Informants, and Optimal Auditing Policy
  10. Optimal Auditing With Scoring Theory and Application to Insurance Fraud
  11. Information Asymmetry and Competitive Bidding in Auditing
  12. Auditing: Inventory and End Inspection Select
  13. Internal Auditing and Use of Technology
  14. Regulatory Compliance and the Auditing Process
  15. Auditing and Internal Controls
  16. Advanced Auditing Theory and Practice
  17. Cost Observation, Auditing, and Limited Liability
  18. Optimal Auditing and Insurance in a Dynamic Model of Tax Compliance
  19. Auditing and Assurance Standards in Philippine
  20. The Importance and Need for Auditing in a Business
  21. Auditing Standards, Legal Liability, and Auditor Wealth
  22. Government Accounting and Auditing in the Philippines
  23. Auditing and Ethical Business Practice
  24. Independence and Auditing Fraud Issues
  25. Optimal Insurance Under Random Auditing
  26. Accounting and Auditing Processes
  27. Agency Conflicts and Auditing in Private Firms
  28. Corruption and the Environment of Accounting and Auditing in Africa
  29. Auditing and Assurance Services Identification
  30. International Versus Domestic Auditing of Bank Solvency
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