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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Microsoft

  1. Microsoft Company Employment Discrimination
    In 2015, Katherine Moussouris sued her former place of work, Microsoft Corporation, for the evident cases of employment discrimination.
  2. Microsoft Company’s Marketing Ethics
    Microsoft is an example of an ethical business because it enhances responsibility, commitment through a network of partners like businesses, nonprofits, and governments.
  3. Microsoft Company’s Competitive Strategy
    This paper evaluates the competitiveness of Microsoft following the entry of Geyser into the market for developing operating systems.
  4. Apple Stores vs. Microsoft Stores
    The purpose of the study based on comparing the performance of Apple and Microsoft retail stores in terms of the observed consumer behavior, retailer behavior, and associated analytics and sales.
  5. Microsoft Company in the B2B Marketing Environment
    Microsoft products are marketed across the globe due to wide market coverage. The products feature in the online and traditional stores.
  6. Apple Store and Microsoft Store’ History
    In 2009, the first Microsoft retail stores were opened in Arizona. The first Apple retail store was opened in Virginia, in 2001, in the context of a new business strategy promoted.
  7. Microsoft Company’s Monopolistic Pricing
    This case study review focuses on how Microsoft as a monopolistic firm restricts output with the view of charging higher prices and maximizing profits.
  8. Microsoft Corporation’s Organizational Behaviours
    In the course of time, the Microsoft Corporation structure changed several times. However, mostly, these changes were not significant.
  9. Customer Behavior in Apple Stores vs. Microsoft Stores
    The areas of research and goals set for this study include identifying differences between Apple stores and Microsoft stores in terms of customer behavior analytics.
  10. Microsoft Corporation’s Structure, Culture, Power Distribution
    Microsoft Corporation is a renowned software company that has dominated the industry for at least four decades since its inception in 1975.
  11. Microsoft Company: Employee Motivation and Retention
    The examination of Microsoft’s strategy found that the introduction of a collaborative corporate culture in the company could bring an array of benefits such as boosting morale.
  12. Employee Motivation and Retention in Microsoft Corporation
    The individual approach to personnel retention along with a fixed-term contract system could be easily integrated into the existing system.
  13. Microsoft Project Tool: Benefits and Challenges
    Microsoft Project is defined as the application that provides the tools to manage projects. The purpose of the given paper is to summarize this software.
  14. Microsoft Kinect Technology and Its Utility
    This paper is an exploration of the internet and published article sources that give a glimpse of Microsoft Kinect and its utility in the consumer market.
  15. Microsoft Corporation: Lack of Innovation
    Lack of change at Microsoft contributes to the poor performance of the company’s smartphone. Microsoft’s Windows Phone operates on a system that does not support many applications.
  16. Microsoft Corporation’s Case Analysis
    According to the case study, Microsoft’s world market share is so massive that the company behaves like a monopoly firm.
  17. Microsoft Corporation Strategies
    Microsoft monopoly has ensured that the innovations do not reach the world market by making sure that their users become fully dependent on their services and products.
  18. Microsoft Corporation’s Resources and Capabilities
    This paper discusses whether Microsoft Corporation has resources (tangible/intangible) or capabilities that give it a competitive advantage.
  19. Microsoft Access: Efficiency and Collaboration
    This paper presents a proposal for the migration from the Microsoft Excel to a relational database such as Microsoft Access in order to help in tracking personnel data.
  20. Microsoft’s Strategies to Leverage Its Monopoly Position
    Microsoft has succeeded in creating a monopoly in the operating systems market with its Windows operating system. Running an operating system requires very many software programs.

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  1. Competitive Rivalry: Google vs. Microsoft and Uber
    In this paper, the question of whether Microsoft should continue competing with Google, which enjoys more success in these markets, will be discussed.
  2. International Attempts to Curb the Power of Microsoft
    This is a letter to the US and EU Competition authorities that explain that attempts to reduce the monopoly power of Microsoft will be against society’s interest.
  3. Use of Microsoft Excel for Proper Business Planning
    This essay ,therefore, explains how Microsoft excel can be properly used in business planning to reduce or avoid problems.
  4. Microsoft Corporation: The Future Development Strategy
    Core assumption that is held by Microsoft Corporation about its future development is that success of the business is based on the high levels of customer and partner satisfaction.
  5. U.S. v. Microsoft Corporation: An Ethical Analysis
    Microsoft Corporation was sued by the Department of Justice and 21 state governments in 1998. The main contention was that Microsoft misused its monopoly status.
  6. Pricing and Marketing Strategies for Windows and Office That Microsoft Should Follow
    The strategies Microsoft is trying to employ show the potential for it to succeed despite some people showing pessimism.
  7. “The Microsoft Case: Antitrust, High Technology, and Consumer Welfare”
    The book “The Microsoft case” by William Page and John Lopatka, presents a detailed analysis of the case, including decisions, possible solutions, background, and influence.
  8. Microsoft Press and O’Reilly Media Strategic Alliance
    O’Reilly’s strategic alliances allow Microsoft Press to create sustainable competitive advantage and deliver quality products to the end audience.
  9. Microsoft Live Workspace and SkyDrive
    Microsoft Live Workspace and SkyDrive are two modern means of storing and sharing data of various kinds. Being free and online-based makes them quick means of information exchange.
  10. Market Value: Microsoft vs. Alphabet
    Financial analysis in both investment and corporate finance fields is conducted primarily to analyze available data and monitor an organization’s performance.
  11. Family Budget Project in Microsoft Excel
    Budgeting is a practice that helps to achieve goals through the efficient use of money. This paper provides an example of a family budget that was created using Microsoft Excel.

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  1. The Monopoly and Globalization of the Microsoft Corporation
  2. Analysis of Microsoft Business Policies and Strategy
  3. The Operational Corporate Global Structure of the Microsoft Corporation
  4. Working Capital Strategies for Microsoft
  5. The Rivalry Between Unix and Microsoft Windows and Their Respective Features
  6. Modeling and Optimizing the Business Processes Using Microsoft Corporation Products
  7. The Problems Facing the Microsoft Mobile Market
  8. Viruses and Microsoft’s Susceptibility
  9. The Inception and History of Computer Giant, Microsoft Corporation
  10. Microsoft and the Antitrust Problem
  11. The Infamous Case Against Computer Giant Microsoft in the United States
  12. Will Microsoft’s Bing Win the Brand Competition
  13. The Compare and Contrast Microsoft Dos With Unix
  14. Using the Software Microsoft Word
  15. The Microsoft Public License and How It May Be Utilized
  16. The Microsoft Started Integrating Its Internet Browser
  17. Microsoft Global Supply Chain Management
  18. Overview of Organizational Behavior at Microsoft
  19. The Historic Antitrust Lawsuits Versus Microsoft Corporation
  20. Microsoft Corporation Sustainable Solutions
  21. The Differences Between Microsoft Office 2021 and 2019
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