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Bullying in Schools: Anti-Bullying Programs


Bullying in schools is a growing concern all over the world. Violence and insults cause psychological harm not only to victims but also to bullies. Students who get abused often feel insecure at school and dream of a safe place to go. In turn, those who insult their classmates may suffer from a lack of parental support. If I had the power to change anything in the world, I would stop bullying in schools to prevent students from harming others. I would ensure that every child is taught in a psychologically comfortable environment where he or she feels valued and respected both by teachers and peers. One particular way to achieve this is by implementing anti-bullying programs.

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During the school years, students may get bullied, and some of them may be abused daily. Unfortunately, children who are most often insulted are those who cannot defend themselves. They suffer consequences beyond embarrassment and may even experience physical distress (Cunningham et al, p. 600). The negative psychological effect of this harmful practice is life-long, which is why victims of a bully often become afraid of others and ashamed of themselves. It is thus important to stop bullying to make all children grow in a positive classroom climate.

Several interventions could be proposed to prevent abuse in schools. Firstly, all students need to be educated about the danger of bullying. It is crucial to ensure that children are offered a safe environment where they can discuss any problem they may have with another student. Help provided by a school psychologist is valuable as this person could teach children how to defend themselves. It is worth mentioning that school staff training is essential to addressing the discussed problem. When teachers see bullying happening, they should intervene and stop it so that victims know that they are bullied unjustly and abusers learn they have no right to behave in that manner.

If I had a supernatural power to address bullying myself, the first thing I would do is ensure that every child is raised in a well-functioning family with a positive environment. I believe that the main reason for bullying is the way a child is treated at home by his or her parents and how they interact with each other. The point is, children, start to insult their peers when they see others acting so. It is thus crucial to prevent students from learning such aggressive patterns.

Secondly, I would make bullies feel loved by parents, so these children do not assert themselves by insulting others. The reason for that is that the biggest sickness of life is to think that no one needs you. Thirdly, I would teach all the victims how to stand for themselves, so that they never feel wrong for just who they are. In particular, I would like to explain to them that they are unique and no one has a right to cause them any harm. Thus, these children would not act as victims the next time they get bullied.

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