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Employee Subsidies, Benefits and Workplace Safety

Employee Compensation and Subsidies

Governmental contractors and firms that receive subsidies from the state are often required to pay the so-called living wage to their workers. In some cases, this requirement can be applied to every firm operating in a particular jurisdiction (York 223). In this case, the term living wage can be described as the compensation that can help a worker to meet the most basic needs like nutrition, transportation, or healthcare (York 223).

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The main issue is that living wages usually exceed minimum wages (York 223). Such laws are currently adopted in some parts of the United States (York 223). However, in this case, one can speak most about the initiatives of local governments. Overall, it is possible to say that living wage ordinances can increase the income level of people whose salary barely meets the minimum standards required by the state. So, these people can afford better products and services.

To some extent, this policy raises the standards of living in the company. Yet, at the same time, these ordinances increase the expenses of many companies. More importantly, they can impair the competitive position of many firms. For instance, companies that offer relatively similar services or products may have different competitive positions if one of them has to pay higher wages to their workers. Additionally, the owners of such can say that the compensation, which they pay to employees, exceeds the value that these people can create. These are the main negative effects that can be singled out.

Workplace safety

Workplace incidents are of great concern to the owners of businesses who want to minimize the risk of hazards that can imperil the life and health of employees. Moreover, in this way, they try to avoid the damage of property, especially equipment. In many cases, managers have to motivate the workers to follow the safety rules. Certainly, one can say that there is no need to do it because people do not want to be involved in such incidents.

However, in many cases, self-confidence can endanger the life of employees who believe that safety procedures are superfluous. This problem is particularly widespread in the construction industry. This is why it may be necessary to motivate workers to behave safely. Additionally, sometimes, the workers may not fully understand the risks to which they are exposed. For instance, researchers speak about the so-called repetitive strain injury caused by the physical movements that are repeated for a long time (York 250). Additionally, in some cases, drug abuse becomes the main cause of incidents (York 262).

The main problem is that this behavior can pose a threat to the lives of others. Sometimes, it may be necessary to terminate people who entirely disregard the safety rules established in the company. So, the safety of the workplace depends on the ability of managers to motivate workers. They need to raise employees’ awareness of possible hazards. Furthermore, they should make sure that these people have access to safety equipment and understand its benefits.

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