85 Financial Crisis Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Financial Crisis

  1. The Financial Crisis in the USA in 2007
    At the beginning of the recession in 2007, USA has passed an inflexible economic phase that already has an impact on global economy.
  2. The Greek Financial Crisis Resolving
    The article “So, We Meet Again: The Greek Crisis” emphasizes the core issues that the European Union [EU] is considering in determining how to resolve the Greek financial crisis.
  3. Obama’s Economic Policy and Financial Crisis
    There were significant expectations laid on the new president after the election. The economic situation Obama had to face when becoming the president was a true disaster.
  4. The Financial Crisis of 2008: Problem and Causes
    The financial crisis of 2008 had influenced the well-being and prosperity of many countries in a negative way. In the paper, hypotheses concerning the causes of the crisis will be evaluated.
  5. 2008 Financial Crisis: Effects and Countermeasures
    In 2008, the global financial crisis took place. It had started with the financial meltdown in the US financial markets.
  6. Major British Banking Group and Financial Crisis
    The purpose of this study is the assess the extent to which financial crisis in the United States of America contributed to the liquidity crash in the Major British banking group.
  7. Risk Management During Financial Crisis in the US
    The study covers the classification of risks and aspects of risk management. It studies cases of failures in Lehman Brothers and 2007/2008 subprime financing.
  8. The Evolution of Financial Crisis
    The modern world faces numerous problems that could not but impact the state of finances and economy of various countries.
  9. 2008 Financial Crisis Governmental Decision Making
    The problem in leadership and effective decision-making revealed by the financial crisis of 2008 was the lack of system in the short-term reactions of the government.
  10. Housing Bubble and the Financial Crisis of 2008-09
    This paper overviews the mechanics of the ‘Housing Bubble’ and explains why this crisis is best described as having been deliberately triggered by bankers.
  11. The Global Financial Crisis and Its Indicators
    The paper has outlined indicators of economic and financial crises and discussed global policy and regulatory responses to the global financial crisis of 2008-2009.
  12. Global Financial Crisis and Banking System in Australia
    The recent global financial crisis affected almost all banks in the world with very few banks shielded from this misfortune.
  13. 2007 Financial Crisis and Executive Handling
    The Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 is the worst crisis of the last years. This work analyzes the executive handling strategy of a crisis to determine whether it is efficient or not.
  14. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles: The Financial Crisis of 2008
    The economic downturn of 2008 forced MOCA to transform its institutional roles, typology, exhibition approaches, and planning and implement a suitable managerial structure to achieve its future goals.
  15. The Big Short: Analysis of the Financial Crisis of 2008
    The discussion uses the documentary “The Big Short” to give a detailed analysis of the financial crisis of 2008 and the issues associated with it.
  16. How Financial Crisis Affected Supply Chain Organization?
    The prevailing economic crisis that has affected the entire globe has altered the way in which various organizations views capital investment and cash.
  17. Exchange Control and the Asian Financial Crisis
    There are many ways to combat Asian crisis aside from using exchange control. Singapore was able to show that timely adjustments in policies allowed them to remain competitive.
  18. Euro and the Global Financial Crisis
    The crisis has already affected economies, with a large number of them having negative economic growth. There is hope that recovery will be attained.
  19. “The Causes and Current State of the Financial Crisis” by Zindi
    The article “The Causes and Current state of the Financial Crisis” aims to examine the economic effect of the fiscal crisis that had been there for about three months ago.
  20. Types and Causes of Financial Crisis
    A financial crisis refers to a situation where assets of financial institutions keep on reducing on their value.
  21. Post-Global Financial Crisis Companies’ Strategies
    This paper advances proposals that companies should exert to change their strategies regarding bonds, fixed income, and leveraged securities, given the Global Financial Crisis.
  22. Financial Discourse Under Financial Crisis 2007-2008
    This paper studies financial columnists’ writing under the 2007-08 economic crash from world-leader newspapers such as Wall-Street-Journal, National-Post, and New-York-Times.
  23. Causes of 2008 Financial Crisis in Sony Documentary, “Inside Job”
    One of the impacts of the 2007-2008 financial crisis was job loss. Many employees of the companies that had to shut down were laid off or their income was reduced.
  24. The Financial Crisis and Its Connection With Globalization
    This essay examines two audio interviews that raise the issue of globalization and its impact on the economic security and policies of international banks.
  25. Financial Crisis: Mortgage Lender’s Perspective
    This paper aims to consider the ethical decisions and problems faced by mortgage lenders such as Rebecca Steele.

🎓 Most Interesting Financial Crisis Research Titles

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  1. Factors Generating and Transmitting the Us Financial Crisis
  2. Complexity and Bank Risk During the Financial Crisis
  3. Credit Insurance During the Financial Crisis
  4. Bank Stock and Option Transmissions in Financial Crisis
  5. Bulgaria From Enterprise Indiscipline to Financial Crisis
  6. Current Global Financial Crisis and Islamic Financial System
  7. Constructing Forecast Confidence Bands During the Financial Crisis
  8. European Financial Crisis and Bank Productivity: Evidence From Eastern European Countries
  9. American Option Pricing Under Financial Crisis
  10. 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and China
  11. China’s Financial Linkages With Asia and the Global Financial Crisis
  12. Brazil and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis
  13. Elections, Special Interests, and the Fiscal Costs of Financial Crisis
  14. European Integration and Financial Crisis: Causes, Implications, and Policy Directions
  15. Asset Markets Contagion During the Global Financial Crisis
  16. Corporate Governance and Financial Crisis in the Long Run
  17. Australia and the Financial Crisis
  18. Bank Performance and the Financial Crisis: Evidence From Kazakhstan
  19. Causes and Remedies for a Global Financial Crisis
  20. Asian Financial Crisis and Korean Trade Dynamics
  21. Bank Market Power and Lending During the Global Financial Crisis
  22. Cross-Border Capital Flows Since the Global Financial Crisis
  23. Confronting Emergency Financial Crisis
  24. ECB Policy Making and the Financial Crisis
  25. Bank Performance During the Financial Crisis 2007-2010
  26. Consumption Behaviour and Financial Crisis in the Netherlands
  27. Asia: China’s Policy Responses to the Global Financial Crisis
  28. Cross-Border Bank Lending, Risk Aversion, and the Financial Crisis
  29. Banking Reforms After the Global Financial Crisis of 2008
  30. Bank CEO Incentives and the Global Financial Crisis

💡 Simple Financial Crisis Essay Ideas

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  1. American Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Mexican Economy
  2. Dividends and Bank Capital in the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009
  3. Employment and the Financial Crisis: Evidence From Tajikistan
  4. Bank Regulation and Supervision Ten Years After the Global Financial Crisis
  5. Federal Reserve and Financial Crisis
  6. Credit Default Swaps and Their Role in Global Financial Crisis
  7. Bank Dependence and Investment During the Financial Crisis
  8. Efficient Market Hypothesis and Financial Crisis
  9. American and European Financial Crisis of 2008
  10. Bank Valuation and Accounting Discretion During a Financial Crisis
  11. Audit Quality During the Global Financial Crisis: The Investors’ Perspective
  12. Credit Rating Agencies Role in Financial Crisis
  13. China, Japan, and the Us Stock Markets and the Global Financial Crisis
  14. Explaining Irish Inflation During the Financial Crisis
  15. Factors That Influenced the Global Financial Crisis of 2008
  16. Corporate Governance Lessons From the Financial Crisis
  17. Credit Distortion and Financial Crisis
  18. Bank Capital and Exposure to the Financial Crisis
  19. Bankers’ Stock Options, Risk-Taking, and the Financial Crisis
  20. Equity Markets’ Clustering and the Global Financial Crisis
  21. 1997 Financial Crisis South Korea
  22. Bank Lending During the Financial Crisis of 2008
  23. Asian Financial Crisis and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Korea
  24. Capital Controls and Recovery From the Financial Crisis of the 1930s
  25. Debt Maturity Structure and the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis
  26. Community Bank Lending During the Financial Crisis
  27. England’s Rental Market Influenced by Financial Crisis
  28. Argentina One Year On: From a Monetary Crisis to a Financial Crisis
  29. Brazil: The First Financial Crisis of 1999
  30. Factors That Caused the 1997 East Asian Financial Crisis
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