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Acquaintance With the Most Annoying Person

I thought that there could be no annoying people. I believed those who call someone annoying was too rude and irritable. However, I could not be more wrong. Now I have to admit that there are very annoying people in this world. These people enter into someone’s life and make these people’s life miserable. My acquaintance with this category of people started with a real guru and the champion among annoying people. This champion turned out to be my relative who entered into my life quite unexpectedly.

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In fact, this girl is quite nice and cheerful, she is active and energetic, she is full of energy, and this energy is simply killing me. Of course, it was very interesting to learn more about this girl’s life during the first months of our friendship. She has had a variety of hobbies. I think she has already tried most hobbies which exist in this world. However, soon Ann, this is my relative’s name, came out in her true colors.

I have studied her ways and her strategies perfectly well. When she finds her victim, she starts making nice phone calls. She asks about the news and is very sympathetic. She tries to help whenever the victim has any constraints. She often visits the victim in the victim’s house. She spends a lot of time there and does not understand (or pretends she does not understand) that the victim wants a bit of privacy. Ann is eager to act all the time. She needs to move all the time.

She even smokes ‘energetically’, i.e. moving all the time. For those who do not like smoke, it is a problem as Ann creates enormous nicotine clouds all over the room or house. She invents a variety of activities, which turn out to be quite meaningless. Watching films with Ann is horrible torture as she leaves the room several times, and when she is back she is asking about what has happened so far.

When the victim is fed up with such an energetic friend, the second phase starts. The victim wants to disappear from Ann’s life, which is nearly impossible. Ann makes long phone calls talking about various quite meaningless things. She tries to visit the victim, even though the victim says there is no one home. If the victim does not pick up the phone, Ann does not mind this. She keeps calling and texting. She seems to fail to notice that she is not welcome anymore.

If Phase 2 does not work, there is the third phase. Ann tells some striking stories about her problems and pretends she is miserable and needs support. She seems to be vulnerable though sometimes it becomes obvious that the situation is not that dead-end. This hypocritical behavior is, perhaps, the most annoying thing about Ann. This phase leads to a return to Phase 1. Thus, I have already studied this annoying person’s style but strategies to save my poor soul from this demon are yet to be developed.

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