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The Power of Metabolism

There is plenty of health problems which practitioners fail to address. One of them is obesity and excessive weight, and they are treated with diets (Suarez, 2016). However, there is an apparent paradox in this situation related since the number of people in the United States suffering from these conditions reached 65.2% and 24.7% for overweight and obesity, respectively (Suarez, 2016, p. 15). Meanwhile, the proposed treatment has not changed because of the increasing number of patients, whereas this problem is in slow metabolism.

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There is an apparent connection between slow metabolism and specific conditions, and it is essential to be knowledgeable about the ways to address the roots of the problem.

Slow metabolism positively correlates with obesity and resistance to insulin, and this fact indicates that particular attention should be paid to this issue to propose a solution to this problem.

I will define the term “metabolism,” discuss its causes and interrelation with obesity, insulin resistance, and propose a solution to the problem.

The understanding of metabolism and its deviations starts with the term definition and its causes.

Metabolism is a complex term related to the functioning of the human body. This term includes all actions, movements, and changes related to converting food (Suarez, 2016). Metabolism is connected to energy contributing to the survival of people (Suarez, 2016). Slow metabolism is caused by lifestyle factors affecting body’s functioning. The most crucial factor is insufficient movement resulting in slow body processes (Suarez, 2016). The rates of movement are directly connected to health and nutrition (Suarez, 2016).

Obesity is caused by dysfunction of multiple tissues and organs (Uranga & Keller, 2019). Insufficient movement leading to slow metabolism correlates with body dysfunction (Suarez, 2016).

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Therefore, obesity can be seen as a result of a slow metabolism. Resistance to insulin is related to slow metabolism since it is connected to obesity. Obesity causes insulin resistance by complicating glucose uptake (Choi & Cohen, 2017).

Since slow metabolism leads to obesity and, consequently, insulin resistance, all these issues are interrelated.

The solution to the problem of slow metabolism includes specific actions regarding physical activity and nutrition. Physical activity will allow to maintain the proper body functioning. It will ensure the adequate work of metabolism when processing food. It will allow eliminating the risks of obesity for people. Healthy nutrition will help eliminating the risks of insulin resistance. The avoidance of chronic overnutrition normalizes glucose uptake (Choi & Cohen, 2017).

Subsequently, the possibility of diabetes type 2 will also be lower (Choi & Cohen, 2017).

Obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes type 2 are conditions connected to slow metabolism. Therefore, they can be avoided with the help of proper nutrition and physical activity. The initiatives to combat health issues will be more efficient if they address the causes rather than the consequences.


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Uranga, R. M., & Keller, J. N. (2019). The complex interactions between obesity, metabolism and the brain. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 13. Web.

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