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College Experience and Its Role in Healthcare Career

I consider that my college experience is comprehensive and quite beneficial to me. Having a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree, it is possible to help people to become healthier and improve health care issues in general. This nursing practice allows working for a variety of public organizations in the field of international health, long-term care facilities, and rehabilitation centers. Also, I will be able to conduct nursing research and take leadership roles.

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First, I would like to discuss what I have learned. My experience includes both coursework and clinical practice. Emergency care was studied by me in detail during my lessons. For example, I learned that it is of great importance to react as soon as possible, yet make elaborate decisions. At that, all the actions should be clear and confident to make a patient calm. Another significant issue learned by me is nutrition peculiarities.

Healthy food provides a basis for the prevention of plenty of diseases such as hypertension or diabetes. This issue becomes especially critical in the context of a modern globalized world that sets the faster pace of life. Trying to perform several actions at the same time, people tend to forget about proper eating habits and prefer fast food. As a result, one might observe that obesity raises a large number of negative consequences. The above point might be generalized in the fact that my experience as a BSN will be aimed at health promotion and disease prevention in patients.

Furthermore, research and scholarship for evidence-based practice compose my experience, contributing to the deeper understanding of nursing issues. I learned that continuous research helps to remain aware of the current situation. In its turn, it makes BSNs more competitive and competent. Quality improvement was also included in my studying. I understood that continuous enhancement of health care services might be achieved by constant research. This research should be translated from theoretic statements into practice.

In the next part of the essay, I will discuss my future experience. As it was stated during our first lessons, the course will focus on patient-centered and community-centered care. In particular, it is essential to carefully listen to the patients and take into account all their primary and concomitant diseases while assessing their health. The next issue to be studied is information management, namely, the implementation of technology in a nursing environment. According to evidence-based theories, this step might considerably improve and facilitate health care services by automation of processes. For example, online registration or consultations are quite useful in terms of timely and appropriate health care delivery.

Being a BSN, I will receive more comprehensive learning including public and community health, humanities, and physical and social sciences. Among other subjects I will learn, there are anatomy and physiology. Moreover, interprofessional communication and collaboration will be studied to illustrate that collaborative operation is crucial to provide safe care in both clinical and home environments. Finally, I will investigate health care policies and regulatory environments ensuring the adequate nature of the health care system.

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