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The Civil War and the Cold War

History is a very significant subject that displays people’s attitudes and behaviors in relation to their own, as well as foreign cultures. There were several major events in American history that shaped the country in a way that has led to its present state today. The Civil War and the...

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The Crete Battle of World War II

Introduction World War II consisted of various battles among them, the Crete battle in which Germany invaded the territory that was hitherto controlled by the British and Greece troops. Germany needed the oil in Ploesti for its intended invasions and Crete was an ideal place for Germany to access the...

Karl Marx and International Relations Theories

Marxism is one of the fundamental theories of international relations. According to Marxists, both liberalism and realism are merely expedient theories started by capitalist regimes to protect and validate universal inequality. However, Marx disagrees that class is the basic unit of analysis of international relations (IR) and the global system...

“I Have A Dream” by Martin Luther King

If we do not read the literature of our own culture and that of the world, we impoverish ourselves intellectually, spiritually, and lose opportunities to connect with others across time and geographic separation. The literature of all kinds is eminently worth the investment of time, for its power to display...

Fashion as Performance – The Ballets Russes

Fashion and the performing and visual arts have always been intertwined for those with the financial resources to indulge in one or all three. Fashion has also always been concerned with more than just covering nakedness or keeping off the cold and sun. All over the world, and even in...

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Material Goods Role in Happiness

Happiness is an expression of positive emotions such as intense joy and contentment due to a state of mental well-being. Material goods are commodities such as cars, houses, televisions as appliances that can be sold or purchased. It is important to note that material goods give the possessors non-spiritual pleasure. ...

Cell Phone Effects on Family Life

The entire world has been witnessing numerous technological advancements across all sectors in the society in the 21st century. World governments have invested in this sector to be on par with the current technology. Markedly, technology has both negative and positive effects on the final users in society. This essay...

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