54 Real Estate Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Real Estate

  1. Investing in Real Estate in Germany: Political and Legal Factors to Consider
    When engaging in international business, investors must comprehensively consider the political and legal factors existing in their preferred investment countries.
  2. Indonesia’s Potential Real Estate Bubble
    The Indonesian housing market is heading towards a burst. This reality has been necessitated by economic factors that are integral to its propagation.
  3. Jim Mallozzi’s Positive Leadership in Real Estate
    Jim Mallozzi fosters leadership as a key aspect of organizational success. The kind of leadership has direct effects on its realization of the vision, mission, and business goals.
  4. State Bank’s and Real Estate Bank’s Collapse
    Today, the collapse of state banks is the problematic situation which is often associated with significant economic and political problems in the country.
  5. European and American Real Estate Institutions
    Various countries have different policies and structures that govern the operations of a real estate institution. This paper handles five major real estate institutes.
  6. Rengo Real Estate Project Marketing Strategy
    Marketing has a broad range of activities. The promotional approach would enhance the use of promotion mix to try to sell the Rengo Real Estate Project.
  7. Real Estate Market Role in Macroeconomics
    Real estate markets are affected by several factors, and employment changes are a core factor. Reduction of exports and real estate hiccups are to blame for the soaring unemployment figures being realized.
  8. Restriction on Ownership and Its Impact on Real Estate Market
    Real estate is a sector that has attracted several investments in recent years. The sector growth has attracted several rules and regulations to protect both private and public interests of its acquisition.
  9. Factors and Beliefs on Real Estate Markets
    The government is looking into revamping growth by addressing unemployment and taxation issues. These two vital factors largely affect real estate markets.
  10. Real Estate Role in Sustainable Development
    The objective of this paper is to investigate the role of real estate in sustainable development in developing countries.
  11. Real Estate Company’s Information Management
    The report addresses the concerns and constraints that real estate firms have to face during the implementation of their key objectives and management of customers’ needs.
  12. Real Estate and Affordable Housing
    Many people have suffered the consequences of the crisis financially. This crisis calls for a measure that provides shelter at a reasonable rent or price.
  13. Business Ethics in Real Estate
    Business ethics still remains one of the most important areas in business practice influenced by internal and external factor, cultural and social changes.
  14. Scottish Real Estate Market Analysis
    The economics, dynamics and interactions between use, investment and development sectors are discussed for analyzing the factors that influence trends of the commercial real estate market.
  15. Industry Research Completion: Real Estate Industry
    Industry passes through a sequence of developments and downfalls either due to external factors or any internal grounds.Economic establishment helps to foster the growth of industries
  16. Land Supply and Real Estate Development in Hong Kong
    Hong Kong’s real estate industry is characterized by a high rate of appreciation, a clique of a small group in the industry, and a relatively huge public housing sector.
  17. Real Estate Industry Review
    The real estate industry plays a significant role in both economic growth and development. It is the role of each government to ensure investors are investing in this field.
  18. Real Estate Appraisal: Single- and Multi-Family Houses
    An appraisal is the opinion of an expert to estimate the value of a residence. What the appraiser will work on will be giving a report in regards to the size, state of the house, etc.
  19. Inflation in the Real Estate Industry
    This paper will cover the real estate industry in the US, as it might be affected by the increased inflation rates, as the demand for housing is not increasing as quickly.
  20. The Relative Effect of Property Type and Country Factors in Reduction of Risk of Internationally Diversified Real Estate Portfolios
    The aim of this paper is to identify and study the impact of diversifying portfolios of real estate securities mainly based on two categories.
  21. Investing in Real Estate in Germany: Factors to Consider
    Real estate investment in Germany is a sure bet as only 45% of the population occupies their own homes. In Berlin, only 13% of the residents have their own homes
  22. Real Estate Judgement Summary
    The case presented by the United States Attorney General seeks a determination of whether the mineral reservation law.
  23. Smart Home in Aging Society: Real Estate Industry
    The increase in the global aging population has been recognized in connection with the trends in morbidity and mortality of older adults has continuously dropped.
  24. Islamic Real Estate Investment Trust
    REITs form part of Investment Trusts in Real Estate. These are trusts that give investors an investment guide in all landed properties.

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  1. Cognitive Moral Development and Real Estate Practitioners
  2. Effective Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Business
  3. Cross Border Real Estate Investment in India
  4. European Non-Listed Real Estate Fund Risk Factors
  5. Controlling for the Impact of Variable Liquidity in Commercial Real Estate Price Indices
  6. China’s House Price: Affected by Economic Fundamentals or Real Estate Policy
  7. Expense and Rent Strategies in Real Estate Management
  8. Currency Swaps and International Real Estate Investment
  9. Buying Real Estate That Is Not for Sale
  10. Commercial Real Estate and Corporate Finance
  11. European Metropolitan Commercial Real Estate Markets
  12. Buy and Holding Real Estate
  13. Commercial Real Estate and Native American Leasing
  14. Budgetary Risks From Real Estate and Stock Markets
  15. Cross-Border Capital Flows Into Real Estate

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  1. California Real Estate State Exam Latest
  2. Broward County Real Estate Best in Florida
  3. Asymmetric Information and the Predictability of Real Estate Returns
  4. Financial Crisis and the Real Estate Market in Greece: The Impact on Bank Stock Prices
  5. Corporate Real Estate’s Impact on the Takeover Market
  6. Asymmetric Risk Measures and Real Estate Returns
  7. Contrarian Real Estate Investment in Some Asia Pacific Cities
  8. Commercial Real Estate and Management Information Systems
  9. Corporate Real Estate and Stock Market Performance
  10. Creative Real Estate Financing Methods
  11. Bargaining over Residential Real Estate: Evidence from England
  12. Bridging the Gap between Capital and Real Estate Markets
  13. China Real Estate Market
  14. Clustering Methods for Real Estate Portfolios
  15. Consumer-Oriented Real Estate Technologies
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