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Holy Terrors: Religion and Terrorism in the US

What/who caused God to “lift the veil of protection” which allowed the attacks on September 11, 2001?

It seems that Falwell and Robinson lay the blame for what happened on September, 11 completely on Bill Clinton. Falwell and Robinson tended to think that the ex-president’s political moves were not wise enough, which made God teach the president a few lessons. However, as the further course of affairs showed, Clinton’s resignation did not lead either to an economical successor to political stability.

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The “veil of terror” lifted over the U.S. led to the most tragic consequences, but it did not serve as the “purifying suffering”. Saying that the policy of Bill Clinton had nothing to do with the terrorist act of September, 11th would be probably wrong, but blaming it completely on Clinton would be a mistake either. After all, it must be taken into consideration that it was George Bush who took the chair of President as the tragedy occurred.

What is the significance of 11 Chronicles 7:14 in the context of the events of 9-11?

Emphasizing the significance of 11 Chronicles 7:14, Falwell and Robinson are trying to convey the idea that, like God made Israel repent for the sins which people were drowning in, He made the USA pay for their misdeeds and the politics of Clinton which led to the worsening of the conflict between the USA and the Islamic people. Falwell and Robinson try to represent the tragic events of September, 11th as the result of the unreasonable and half-baked decisions made by the then American government. According to Falwell, people need to repent and to “humble themselves” so that they could not dread the attacks of the foes anymore.

To what events in the history of the ancient Israelites does the 11 Chronicles 7:14 passage refer?

In contrast to Falwell, Bruce Lincoln, the author of the book, emphasizes another important event in the ancient Israelites’ life. Telling the story of the Israelites who were to face the terrors for all the sins that they have done, Lincoln also draws a clear parallel with the Americans, yet what he means is that people must draw important conclusions out of this accident.

What is unique about religion according to Bruce Lincoln?

Considering the capacity of stabilizing the vitally important human concerns as the key issue of religion, the author makes religion a specific shelter for people to survive the political and economical disasters of everyday life. According to Lincoln, people resort to religion trying to find a way to calm down. Feeling that they are protected, people take religion as a part of their lives.

How did the Enlightenment change the relationship between religion and culture?

Lincoln marks that the Enlightenment had a very specific impact on religion. On the one hand, it narrowed the influence of the religion, making the terrors of the Inquisition fade away into the past. Yet, on the other hand, the epoch of Enlightenment did not toss the religion aside, still worshipping God and leaving the scope for people’s beliefs and prayers. It can be suggested that the Enlightenment suggested a compromise between religion and culture.

What do the ACLU, People for the American Way, pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays, and lesbians have in common?

As Falwell and Robinson say, the people in ACLU, as well as people for the American Way, pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays and lesbians are to be blamed for the liberty which has gone too far. Starting with the ideas of liberty, they drove these concepts to permissiveness, while the latter resulted in corruptness. People have gulped too much of freedom, and they got intoxicated with it, Falwell says.

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Why the events of 9-11 could result in a revival?

The revival as Falwell and Robinson see it is rising from the ashes which they see the U.S. now. Passing through the ordeal of wars and suffering from terrorist acts, the U. S. will finally achieve the state of being purified, Falwell says. However, it is still doubtful that if people “get serious with the Lord”, they will finally find their way to heaven. Devoting their lives to God, people will not be as corrupted as they are now, Falwell hopes.

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