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Discoveries of Other Characters in Three Novels


Microserfs,a novel by Douglas Coupland is full of interesting characters. These characters have different traits but they are connected by their fascination with the computing world. Daniel Underwood, who is arguably the lead character in the novel, comes to the conclusion that there is life beyond computers. He therefore embraces the company of his friends and his computing activities take place from the perspective of the small community that emerges (Coupland 2008, pp.340-49).Daniel is not the only character who makes a realization about his life and how it is supposed to be. Other characters make to points of self awareness at various points and pursue lines that they think make more sense and carry more meaning to their lives. Self awareness is a crucial factor in anyone’s life (Berg 2002, pp.16-18).This character analysis will be focusing on Karla, Todd, Bug, Dusty, and Amy.

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To start with, Karla is not ready to let the world know her at the beginning of the novel. She even has problems with her family members and finds consolation in the relationship that she has with Daniel. But as time progresses, she learns to open up and interact with people (Coupland 2008,pp.315-321).It is evident that she gets a lot of support from the relationship that she has with her boyfriend, Daniel, and this is partially why she has the courage to deal with life’s issues despite her eating disorder. The clear description of what Karla decides about life is that it has to be faced and lived as normally as possible. But she also recognizes the vital role played by partners given the level of appreciation she has for Daniel as a boyfriend and a lover. It is possible to conclude that Karla became aware of the fact that she needed a partner in life’s journey. The presence of Daniel filled this void thus giving her life meaning. The abuse she received from her parents is partially to blame for her emotional problems but she is able to put up with them.

Apart from Karla, Amy is another interesting character who comes into the novel through her relationship with Michael. The most outstanding discovery that Amy makes is the width of her adventurous spirit and risk taking ability. Though not explicitly stated in the novel the moves she makes and the way she handles the outcomes makes this point clear. Amy begins an online relationship with Michael that eventually ends in marriage to Michael (Coupland 2008, pp.279-289). It is not every day that people end up getting married after meeting online. A degree of adventure and the ability to take risks are involved here and clearly Amy becomes aware of how abundant these traits are in her personality. She ends up joining Michael and Daniel in their place of work thus becoming part of the family.

Moving away from Amy, Todd is another character who makes an astonishing discovery about his character. The expectation is that since he comes from an extremely religious family that does not entertain the idea of computers and other worldly affairs; he should be a religious fanatic too. But his is not the case. Todd comes to the realization that unlike his parents, he is a man of the world whose love is on girls, computers and cars. He is also obsessed with huge muscles, and he works out from time to time with his girlfriend (Coupland 2008, pp.311-319).The girlfriend, Dusty, is from California and she is older than he is. She likes working out like he does and this compatibility brings them together resulting in a relationship. They have a baby together.

Lastly, Bug makes a sexual discovery about himself (Coupland 2008, pp.314-322).He is gay; a fact he tries to repress over a long time. The acceptance of his true sexual identity makes him start dating immediately.


In conclusion, most characters in the novel reach various discoveries about their lives. Like in normal life, the novel comes out as a journey in search of meaning (Frank 2006, pp.19-21).


Berg,M.,(2002). The Way: Using the Wisdom of Kabbalah for Spiritual Transformation and Fulfillment. New York:John Wiley & Sons.

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Coupland,D.,( 2008).Microserfs.New York:Harper Perenial.

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