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Why Is Christmas the Best Holiday?

There are a number of holidays that are loved by Americans; however, Christmas is one of their most favorite. It is celebrated on the 25th of December, just before the start of the New Year. It would be interesting to explore the reasons behind the popularity of this event. After all, Christmas is important for people of many races and religious beliefs. It is suggested that this holiday is so loved because it is a feast that is associated with love, family, giving, and receiving.

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First of all, during this time people are provided with a short break which they can spend with their family. Moreover, there is a beautiful atmosphere around the cities and in homes. In every house, there is a decorated Christmas tree with little lights that are brightly lit. Family members gather around the table and delight each other with gifts. According to researchers, “the custom of gift-giving has been passed down the ages” (Thambi 74). There is no doubt that this is a splendid tradition that brings joy to every person who gives or receives it.

In addition, in the US, this time of year provides an opportunity for adults and children to take some time off from work or school. It is customary for people to visit their families and invite the closest people for dinner because this is primarily a holiday for families. It means that more people can spend quality time with their loved ones, which is important for bonding and creating meaningful connections.

Moreover, giving presents makes the holiday more joyful and allows people to remember it for a long time. A gift that was chosen with love is filled with positive energy, which will certainly pass to the new owner. A given item makes the relationship even more trusting and warm. Since everyone goes shopping for presents during Christmas, stores make more profit which gives an opportunity for them to develop their business.

In conclusion, there are numerous reasons why Christmas is so adored by not only children but by adults as well. This is the most remembered holiday because it offers a chance to devote more free time to the loved ones, as well as to cheer them up with presents. Overall, it is delightful when such beautiful traditions are not forgotten, and they pass from older generations to young people.

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