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Family Resources: Aid Programs for Families


Early childhood education is fundamental in laying down the educational foundation of a child. It kicks starts the child’s brain in preparation for a lifetime learning process. As such it requires the availability of adequate, affordable, and accessible resources that can facilitate provision for the health, developmental, emotional, and social needs of infants, toddlers, and young children.

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Our community is privileged courtesy of our government and people of goodwill to have non-profit, social, legal aid programs available to families with infants, toddlers, and young children. There are also low-cost and/or no-cost recreational and educational facilities available to families with children attending early childhood schools. This booklet is a well-researched pointer for parents and guardians who are stakeholders in early childhood education to such community resources available in our society (Blenkin 1996; Deiner 2009).

Non-Profit Social, Health and Legal Aid Programs for Families of Infants, toddlers, and Young Children

The following is a list of non-profit social, health, and legal aid programs where parents with school-age infants, toddlers, and young children can get medical check-up services, healthcare services, and prenatal services, and spiritual help.

Head Start Program

  • Head Start Program has got centers countrywide in US and centers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (Deiner 2009)
  • Head Start’s mission is to enhance the development of our children in their care.
  • Head start offers health, education, and social services to children.
  • Head start services are available in various places in the US and offer assistance to all children including the disabled.
  • Head start is useful to children and families in that enable less privileged families to provide for the health and, social services

Catholic Charities

  • They are located in Princess Place Drive.
  • Their mission is to pioneer feeding children and clothing them.
  • Have food banks, infant clothing, and new born needs
  • Catholic Charities are often readily available in various places
  • Catholic charities play important roles in promoting good health for our children which begins with a balanced diet

Family Support Network

  • They are located in Wrightsville.
  • Endeavors to promote the protection and upholding of children’s rights through the provision of advocacy.
  • Offers resource and recommendation information to community services and advocacy for families
  • Their services are helpful to families that have cases relating to abuse of their children’s rights.
  • Their services are useful in ensuring the protection of children’s interests and rights.

Life Line Pregnancy Center

  • They are located in S.Kerr Ave.
  • Their mission is to offer avoidable prenatal and baby care services
  • Provides free pregnancy test, counseling, diapers, clothes and baby supplies
  • Their services are crucial in ensuring that the less privileged deliver safely and reducing infant mortality

Kure Beach First Baptist Church

  • They are found in Ave Kure Beach.
  • They mission is to contribute towards feeding our hungry children
  • They have a food bank appropriate for families with food security challenges
  • Their services contribute towards the good health of our children by offering food to the hungry

Good Shepherds Ministries

  • They are found in martin Street.
  • Their mission is to house the children so as to enhance their normal development
  • Their services include soup kitchen and day housing
  • Their services are important in housing the children

Volunteers America

  • They are found in Frog Pond Place.
  • The mission is to house the homeless
  • Offers long term housing for families plagued by domestic violence
  • Their services are crucial in facilitating the continuation of infants learning during times of domestic violence in their families

Partnership for Children

  • They are located in Wrightsville Ave.
  • They are committed to offering medical aid and child care services
  • They offer Medicaid and assist families with childcare choices
  • Their services are available to less privileged families

Child Advocacy Commission

  • They are found in 39th Street.
  • Their mission is to promote childcare
  • Helps parents seeking childcare
  • Their services are useful to parents in search of childcare services

Children’s Development Services

  • They are found in Burnt Mill Dr.Suite
  • Provides multidisciplinary evaluations, genetics clinic among other services
  • Low-cost Recreational Facilities No-Cost Educational Facilities

Child Development Centre

  • They are located in Princess Place Drive.
  • Offers comprehensive educational services or daycare

Fit for Fun Centre

  • They are found in 10th Street.
  • They are devoted to the fitness of children
  • They offer a community activity center for young children
  • Their services are important in contributing towards the fitness of children

Eastern North Carolina Early Intervention and Preschool Program for Children Who Are or Hard Hearing

  • They are found in Burnt Mill Drive Wilmimngton, NC.
  • They provide educational services for young children who are deaf

New Hanover County Schools Board of Education

  • They are found in Carolina Beach School.
  • They provide individualized educational program for children aged between 3-5 years

New Hanover County Schools-Title 1

  • They are found in Princess Place Drive.
  • They offer educational program for four year olds or more.


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