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Contemporary Design: Evolution Queen Wall Bed

Development of society has always influenced development of all other spheres of human activity. New ways of thinking promote evolvement of science which, in its turn, leads to creation of new methods of expressing thoughts. That is why, art has always been changing with society to answer all challenges of the epoch. Way of living and tastes, peculiar for a certain age, influence direction of the culture in the whole and art in particular. That is why, each period of time in the history of humanity has its own unique appearance (Woodham xviii). Masterpieces of Renaissance or works of classicism have their unique peculiarities which help to distinguish them at the first gaze. This statement can be applied to modern age. High tempo and thirst for rationalization influenced creation of the unique image of our time, which can be seen in pictures, sculptures or even pieces of furniture.

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Peculiarities of contemporary design can be easily seen in the Evolution Queen Wall Bed. It is not just a traditional bed which was has been peculiar for the majority of epochs in the history of humanity. It is a wall bed, which means that it can be easily folded and transformed into a usual drawer (“Evolution Queen Wall Bed” para.1).

At the first gaze, it is possible to say that the bed looks very elegant and even exquisite. Being closed, it looks like a good and elegant piece of furniture which can create comfort and play into any interior. Being opened, it still has its attractive appearance. Thin metal legs help to create the impression of lightness combined with robustness. Having seen this bed, it is possible to treat it as the reflection of modern age, its tendencies and peculiarities. One of the main purposes of beds of this construction is to save space, providing more room for living and activity. Generally, the tendency for minimalism can be called the main peculiarity of modern age. People try to use less furniture in order to create lighter and spacious rooms.

Resting on this fact, this bed conforms to requirements of our age perfectly. Moreover, high tempo of modern life dictates its own rules, according to which everything should be very practical and multitask, for people to be able to save their time. This bed presents itself a perfect combination of these two qualities. Being not bulky and having ability to transform from one state into another almost effortless, this bed combines all peculiarities of the modern age, allowing a person, who has not clear idea about contemporary style, to understand all trends and wafts of the epoch.

To understand peculiarities of modern style reflected by this piece of furniture, it is possible to compare it with the bed which belongs to another epoch. The Great Bed of Ware is a perfect example of tendencies in art peculiar for the 16th century (Trench 267). At the firs gaze, it is possible to see differences in the approaches. Being very massive, with solid columns and tester, it creates very steady and deliberate impression. Looking at this bed, it is possible to imagine Elizabethan period with all its peculiarities. The use of materials is also different. The Great Bed of Ware is made mostly of oak, while the modern bad combines different materials and kinds of wood. This combination guarantees its firmness and lightness. Moreover, the modern bed does not have different decorated elements which are peculiar for The Great Bed of Ware.

The last one is rich in elaborate wood graving and different anglicized Renaissance patterns (“The Great Bed of Ware” para. 3). These two beds are absolutely different as different are the epochs to which they belong. The elements of Renaissance, peculiar for the first bed, are replaced by some postmodern features of the wall bed. Having entered a new century, artists and designers created their new approach to art. In their works, they try to express their feeling and emotions, no matter what form they will obtain. Straight lines and reserved design show adherence of the designer of this bed to minimalism. Trying to create convenient and beautiful piece of furniture, he combines different techniques and uses different approaches.

Having analyzed modern bed, it is possible to come to certain conclusions. First of all, it should be said that it reflects all peculiarities of the art of modern age. It was designed to guarantee the economy of living space and creation of a modern interior. This bed is very different from The Great Bed of Ware. Belonging to different epochs, these pieces of furniture show what tendencies are dominant at certain stages of development of humanity. Combining elements of postmodernism and minimalism, the wall bed can be taken as the symbol of our epoch which is characterized by high tempo and thirst for utility. This bed can play into any modern interior.

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