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  1. Postnatal Depression: Prevalence of Postnatal Depression in Bahrain
    The study was aimed at estimating the prevalence of postnatal depression among 237 Bahraini women who attended checkups in 20 clinical centres over a period of 2 months.
  2. Psychology Issues: Stress Management Skills
    Stress management is a skill that is required in everyday life, and that is why it is important. People face stress in almost every part of their life.
  3. Psychology: Personality and Music Preferences
    Many researchers and neuroscientists concur that brainwaves have the potential to predict the popularity of hit songs.
  4. Psychology: Deviant Behavior and Control
    The purpose of this report is to understand whether participation in deviance behavior is an individual’s shortcoming or the construct of a society in their definition of normalcy.
  5. Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention
    Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is a renowned professor of psychology and the author of the book “Flow and Psychology of Discovery and Invention” and is the latest book by the professor.
  6. Psychology: Humor Theory Concept
    A good sense of humor is definitely a positive characteristic trait in a human being and people do like to enjoy funny things, no matter how trivial they are.
  7. Historical Perspectives in Psychology
    Theoretical perceptions about the historical perspective in hedonic psychology made breakthroughs for a lot of experiential results.
  8. Psychology: Happiness as a Way of Living
    While discussing the topic of happiness and people’s attitudes to this concept, it is possible to speak about many individuals who view the idea of happiness differently.
  9. Psychology: Amyloid Deposition and Alzheimer’s Disease
    This critique examines the relationship between Amyloid concentrations and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) among clinical patients. The paper examines the weaknesses and strengths of the hypothesis.
  10. Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior
    In this essay I shall concentrate on how the information travels in the three components and on how the brain process this information.
  11. Psychology: Mothers’ Learning and Its Impact on Children
    The relation between the education progress of the mother and the academic success of the child has been under a serious scrutiny over the past few decades.
  12. Personal Loss Psychology: Bereavement and Grief
    The paper studies different psychological states: bereavement, grief (complicated, prolonged, traumatic, disenfranchised), loss (primary, secondary, ambiguous) and mourning.
  13. Psychological Treatment: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
    The universal condition of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that emanates from the exposure to traumatic events continues to pose health concerns to the victims.
  14. Groupthink Psychology: Behavioral Decision Making
    This discussion indicates that socialization can produce several important effects on the behavior of an individual. This issue is relevant if one speaks about the cooperation of students.
  15. Psychological Therapy of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a distressing condition that leads to brain disturbance due to exposure to dreadful situations.
  16. Functionalistic Theory of Edward Lee Thorndike – Psychology
    The social world can be studied objectively if behaviors of individuals are considered as a result of social stimulation. This is concerning the procedural concept of functionalism.
  17. Anxiety Disorders Psychology: Managing Panic Attack
    People should avoid emotional conflicts and past difficulties in order to reduce chances of developing panic attack. They are sometimes associated with heart attacks.
  18. Learning and Cognitive Theories Comparison – Psychology
    During the oral stage in Feud’s theory the baby’s body responds to pleasurable sensation through the gums, tongue and mouth.
  19. Loneliness Causes – Psychology
    Loneliness is a serious problem of the contemporary world. Lots of people of all ages are suffering from the inability to find a suitable partner and arrange own love life.
  20. Abraham Maslow Theory – Psychology
    Maslow is still one of the most influential people in the field of psychology. He was a professor in four major institutions of higher learning in America.
  21. Developmental Psychology: Apert Syndrome
    This paper compares the level of development in a girl with Apert syndrome to the behaviours, which all children are expected to display at this stage of cognitive development.
  22. Psychotherapeutic Approach: Person-Centered Therapy
    Some people turn to psychotherapy to help them confront unresolved conflicts and deal with issues that prevent them from functioning normally.
  23. Organizational Psychology: Definition, Evolution, and Comparison With Related Disciplines
    The paper defining organizational psychology and offers an account of the evolution of the field, then it compares and contrasts with other related fields.
  24. Comparing Self-Esteem and Anxiety – Psychology
    In psychology, self esteem is a feeling that gives someone a source of purpose in life. On the other hand, anxiety is an extreme feeling resulting from imbalances.
  25. Psychology Issues: Childhood Development and Positive Parenting
    Each stage of an individual’s development is important. However, childhood can be regarded as one of the most important periods in a person’s life.
  26. Psychology Issues: Television Violence
    Exposure to violent television scenes leads to the development of aggression through priming, mimicking, desensitization and learning.
  27. Psychology Issues: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is one of the main challenges that people deal with after a traumatizing event. PTSD should be treated as soon as any of the symptoms start to be recognized.
  28. Childhood Psychological Trauma: Rape
    The paper discusses rape as one of the childhood psychological traumas: its categories, consequences, Rape Trauma Syndrome and its stages.
  29. Philosophical Antecedets to Psychology
    Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes and physiological processes underlying them. Since time immemorial, philosophers have tried to understand mind processes and epistemology.
  30. Psychology: Critical and Creative Thinking
    Critical and creative thinking are two forms of thinking that characterize creativity, originality, innovation, reflection, and deep comprehension of reality.
  31. Major Depression’ Symptoms and Treatment – Psychology
    A continuous sense of tiredness, unhappiness, and hopelessness are key signs of clinical or major depression. Such mood changes alter the daily life programs of an individual for sometimes.
  32. Psychology Issues: Stop Time
    ‘Stop time’ is an unforgettable time that is considered as a person’s beginning of comprehending certain personal issues in life.
  33. Abnormal Psychology: Case Studies
    This paper discusses 4 cases in abnormal psychology considering borderline personality disorder, mental disorder, histrionic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder.
  34. Parents Bear Responsibility for the Recreational Rioter – Psychology
    The author of this article is trying to put across is that bad parenting is to blame for such bad behavior. The author tries to appeal to parents to rethink their parenting styles.
  35. Pathological Perfectionism – Psychology
    When speaking about pathological perfectionism, it is necessary to highlight the basic signs of a psychological disease.
  36. Emotional and Behavioral Disorders – Psychology
    Behavioral disorders, which are also termed as conduct disorders, form part of the mostly experienced psychopathology forms, especially within children along with young adults.
  37. History of Assessment and Ethical Issues – Psychology
    Personality assessment involves the study of the characteristics which constitute the social, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive functioning.
  38. Psychologists Types: Differences and Similarities
    The following text explores the professional training and services of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and counseling psychologists citing their differences and similarities.
  39. The Twenty Statements Test – Social Psychology
    The Twenty Statements Test helped people understand the correlation between culture and self-concept. The research design contained many flaws that had to be rectified.
  40. Social Psychology Concepts: The Belief That Cognition and Behavior Are Linked Together
    It is important to understand social psychology as a sub-field of psychology. The focus is on the thought process and how it is linked to behavior.

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  1. Groupthink Concepts in Social Psychology
    Groupthink can be referred as a behavior that occurs in cohesive groups when people are under pressure to make quality decisions.
  2. Kubler–Ross’ Model of Mourning and Dying – Psychology
    Elizabeth Kubler- Ross developed a five-step process that facilitates the understanding of how individuals cope with different fatalities in their lives.
  3. Depression in the Elderly – Psychology
    This paper discusses how a person would know whether a relative had clinical depression or was sad due to specific changes or losses in life.
  4. Family Crisis Addictions in Psychology
    The paper describes the nature of addiction crisis, presents theories of addiction and approaches to prevention and interventions.
  5. Developmental Psychology: Aggression Between Parents
    The article that is presented by the New York University is dealing with the parents’ influence on the children’s ability to control emotions and recognize them.
  6. Depression in Older Persons – Psychology
    This article presents the research findings of a study conducted in Iran to assess how effective integrative and instrumental therapies are in the management of depression in older persons.
  7. Psychology of Healthy Grief: The Kübler-Ross Model
    Kübler-Ross introduces grief as a five-stage emotional process that people go through when faced with suffering or death.
  8. Stress Impacts on Psychological and Physiological Health
    Exposure to stressing environmental conditions has negative consequences. This paper identifies three important strategies for coping with stress at a personal level.
  9. Stress and Wellness – Psychology
    Stress affects the emotional wellness of an individual. People who are under stress find it difficult to relate with other individuals in a normal manner.
  10. Institutional Violence – Psychology
    Institutional violence is one of the issues that are of great concern to psychologists, medical workers, business administrators and many other stakeholders.
  11. Developmental Psychology: Self-Esteem and Cultural Values
    The paper analyzes the findings of the survey exploring the relationship between self-esteem and the fulfillment of the values dominating the cultural environment.
  12. Compassion Fatigue and Caregiver Burnout – Psychology
    Compassion fatigue is a common condition among caregivers who deal with terminally ill patients. It is an extreme burnout, which appears suddenly with minimal or no signs.
  13. Fallacies and Assumptions – Psychology
    Assumptions are a part of human cognitive processes that are framed by knowledge and contemplations in relation to the leading out reasons or potentially factual information.
  14. Social Psychology as a Science
    Social psychology is a scientific field that studies factors that influence an individual’s behavior, thoughts, and feelings in a social setting.
  15. Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory – Psychology
    Bandura’s social learning theory argues that gaining knowledge that result in behavior change is attained through observation, imitation and modeling.
  16. Domestic Violence Effects – Psychology
    This paper seeks to examine the principles of critical thought in relation to domestic violence. It considers the importance of ethics and moral reasoning.
  17. Christian Counseling – Psychology
    The four models of Christian counseling include cognitive and solution focused approach, active listening, inner healing, and mixed models.
  18. Substance Abusers Alcoholics – Psychology
    Alcoholics suffer from a distinct physical yearning to take alcohol past their capability to manage it, irrespective of every law of common sense.
  19. Compassion Fatigue Definition – Psychology
    Compassion fatigue can be defined as a type of condition that normally impacts people that work with trauma victims, patients in psychiatric wards.
  20. Psychology Issues of Children’ Spanking
    This paper looks at several reasons why parents and caretakers should not spank children while disciplining them for negative behaviors.
  21. Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Intelligence – Psychology
    Evaluating the intelligence rates in young children is crucial to locating any possible issues in their development. For this use Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Intelligence.
  22. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Psychology
    This paper discusses the history of the cognitive-behavior theory and notes that it is an important model for treating mental disorders and restoring the mental health.
  23. Maslow’s Rationale for Work Motivation – Psychology
    Motivation refers to various innate forces that create impetus for satisfaction and fulfilment of recurrent human needs. Such forces are vital in determining human drive and willingness.
  24. Private Speech in Psychology
    Private speech is the act of communicating with oneself for the purposes of self-guidance and self-regulation.
  25. Psychological Studies and Experiments: Code of Conduct
    The following paper is based on past psychological studies i.e. Stanly Milgram’s ‘Obedience Experiment’, Philip Zimbardo’s ‘Stanford Prison Experiment, and Jane Elliott’s ‘Class Divided’.
  26. Parental Exposure and Underage Drinking – Psychology
    In the context of this article, parental exposure is used to imply the behaviors and actions that the youth are exposed to when their parents engage in drinking sprees.
  27. Role of Dreams in Psychology
    In the scientific world, the study of dreams is called Oneirology that regards the dreams as the ones referred to different things as argued by various authors.
  28. Social Psychology and Health Issues
    Social psychologists respond to health issues taking into account people’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. They examine patients and their relations with others.
  29. Psychological Health Problems and Their Threats
    This paper discusses psychological disorders, explains why they pose great challenges to different stakeholders and proposes strategies for resolving these problems.
  30. Correlation and T-Test in Psychological Statistics
    The paper describes usage of Spearman’s correlation test and paired-samples t-test to analyse data collected in two psychological research works.
  31. Psychology: What Is Play-Based Therapy?
    Play-based therapy is normally used when focusing on the creation of affiliation with children via the use of a medium or a standard named play.
  32. The Psychology of Physical Attraction
    Psychologists have demonstrated increased interest in understanding the factors that come into play for people to admire and like others.
  33. Psychological Trauma Assessment: Jenny Curran’s Case
    Jenny Curran has developed a complex traumatic stress disorder due to traumas obtained in her childhood. Jenny’s alcoholic father physically and sexually abused Jenny and her sisters.
  34. Elderly Falls Reduction: Psychological Training
    The proposed research aims to answer the question of whether the relevant psychological training can assist in fall prevention in elderly patients.
  35. Expectancy Effect in Experimental Psychology
    The study provides an extensive examination of the experimental psychology. The scholars have introduced their view on the impact of experimenters’ bias on the outcomes of the experiment.
  36. Psychological Research Methods: Behavior and Mental Processes
    Psychology relies on scientific methods to understand human behavior and mental processes. There is no consensus on the main specific research methods used by psychologists.
  37. Insights Into the Psychology of Relationships
    A lot of research has been devoted to the immediate effects of family relationships on children’s psyche, the quality of their future relationships remains poorly explored.
  38. Biological Psychology and Human Nature
    Biological psychology is an integral part of people’s lives, and its study plays a rather significant role in the study of human nature.
  39. Psychological Help as the Prevent From Possible Crime
    Nowadays, the USA needs to provide constant psychiatric help to people with severe mental disorders to prevent them from possible crime.
  40. Psychology of Religion: Children’s Religious Views
    The psychology of religion explains religious behavioral practices. The paper reports interviews on children’s understanding of their religious identity and ideas.

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  1. Psychological Attitudes, Their Nature and Origins
    Many theories have been developed to try to understand what makes people have attitudes toward different things. This paper will cover the nature and the origin of attitudes.
  2. Developmental Psychology History and Application
    Developmental psychology is a branch of psychology that targets the development of people and their behavior over time. The research in this field touches upon various theoretical areas.
  3. Abnormality and Mental Illness in Social Psychology
    The first explanation of abnormality is nonconformity to social standards. The main problem with this definition is that social norms change quickly.
  4. American Psychological Association Style Guide
    The APA framework provides a set of rules that allow for a homogenous format to be applied to all studies. The process of navigating a particular article becomes easier.
  5. The American Psychological Association Style
    Criminal Justice is a government institution. It consists of many establishments and trainings merged into one big entity. All these institutions work together.
  6. Experimental Psychology: Science Vs Ideology
    Some people have defined ideology as a science of ideas while others claim it is an idea of science. Whatever the correct definition of the term is, it remains to be a very contradicting issue.
  7. Psychological Effects on Social Workers
    A social worker is a professionally qualified personality who strives for the general well- being of individuals from all lifestyles.
  8. Gaming Influence on Psychology and Personality
    Gaming can influence one’s personality, for example, make them more aggressive or more logical. This paper investigates gaming influence on human psychology and gamer’s personality.
  9. The Janus-Faced Nature of Comparative Psychology
    The author, Gordon M. Burghardt, examines comparative psychology by using its history as the basis of his investigation and examination.
  10. The American Psychological Association: Forensic Field
    Forensic psychologists are commonly invited to provide expert consultation and share their observations that might be useful to the judicial system.
  11. The Human Beings’ Psychological Conception
    The human being has different components that work together: psychological, physical, affective and spiritual components.
  12. Humanistic Psychology: Critical Thinking and Issues
    The paper discusses Humanistic Psychology, its peculiarities, and effects on the development of the understanding of human behavior, as well as the difference of the school of Behaviorism.
  13. The McMartin Preschool Case and Forensic Psychology
    The forensic psychologist helps to extract critical information from the children through interviews, leading questions, and medical tests.
  14. Childbearing and Psychological Well-Being
    The research topic of this study addresses the extent to which major decisions females aged between 21 and 55 make concerning childbearing and companionship are affected by their inadequateness.
  15. Modern Psychological Testing: Concepts and Theories
    Developing a test is an intricate process that involves careful consideration of the author’s goals, the purpose that the test is supposed to serve, and the needs that it must meet.
  16. Forensic Psychologist’s Role in Death Penalty Trial
    Forensic psychologists play critical roles in court cases. They help the judges to investigate the claims from a professional dimension.
  17. Psychological and Physiological Influences on Behavior
    The research question is as follows: “to what extent do psychological factors, and physiological factors influence a person’s character, reactions, and behavior?”
  18. The Psychological Effects of Violent Media on Children
    In contemporary society, children spend a lot of time-consuming different forms of media such as video games, the Internet, television, and movies.
  19. Longitudinal Research in Developmental Psychology
    Various types of designs can be used to provide research investigations in developmental psychology. Among the most popular ones are the longitudinal designs.
  20. The Wiley Handbook of Psychology, Technology, and Society
    “The Wiley Handbook of Psychology, Technology, and Society” studies the effects that IT innovations have on people’s cognitive and personal development.
  21. Inattentive Blindness in Psychological Experiment
    The features of the human consciousness not to notice quite obvious changes are natural and innate. Such blindness can be caused by several factors.
  22. Educational Psychology: Bloom’s Taxonomy
    The cognitive domain in the Bloom’s Taxonomy relates to the recall of knowledge and development of intellectual skills and, therefore, receives the most attention from educators.
  23. Psychological Assessment: Psychology and Testing
    Various psychological tests aimed to assist in making decisions were designed. It is important to highlight the most significant one of them.
  24. Career in Developmental and Personality Psychology
    Professionals who work in the area of developmental psychology concentrate on the provision of required assistance to people with developmental issues.
  25. Evolution Psychology: “Is Anatomy Destiny?”
    The media “Is Anatomy Destiny” raises questions relating to the issue of anatomy by arguing that the concept of anatomy is to a large extent influenced by social categorizations of the human body.
  26. American Psychological Association Style in Studies
    The choice of APA style in academic writing is preconditioned by the fact that it allows a reader to quickly locate and identify the resources used for in-text citations.
  27. Child Psychology: Toy Design and Elderly Visit
    Even though babies do not have sufficient motor ability, they enjoy investigating the world, and toys are the most helpful tools in this process of exploration.
  28. Divorce Activities and Family Psychology
    After reviewing the results of the study, the researcher came up with several recommendations regarding before- and post-divorce activities.
  29. Industrial-Organizational and Social Psychology
    Industrial psychology is a branch of psychology that studies how an individual behaves and cooperates in work settings.
  30. The Psychology of Music
    Despite the numerous and often contradictory findings regarding the phenomenon of music, there are no doubts about the powerful connection it has with a human mind, emotions, feelings, and actions.
  31. Music Therapy and Its Positive Psychological Impact
    Music therapy is defined as an evidence-based and clinical use of interventions related to the musical experience.
  32. Experimental Psychology and Forensic Psychology
    Psychology is a powerful field of study aimed at addressing a wide range of human problems. The field can be divided into two specialties. These include experimental and forensic psychology.
  33. Social Psychology Theory in “American Beauty”
    The movie “American Beauty” reveals a social psychology theory revealing dissonance in roles distribution in the stereotyped American society.
  34. Medical and Psychological Genetic Counseling
    Genetic counseling is defined as the process of helping people understand and adapt to the medical, psychological, and familial implications of genetic contributions to disease.
  35. Eye and Brain: The Psychology of Seeing
    While color vision is taken for granted in everyday life, it, in fact, served a crucial role in the progress of the humankind at the dawn of its development.
  36. Psychodynamic Approach to Psychology
    The psychodynamic approach to psychology is different from the behavioral approach as the former does not involve the focus on the ideas confirmed by correct experiments.
  37. American Psychological Association’s Ethics Code
    The APA Ethics Code affects several activities carried out by the psychologist. To begin with, all human relation activities of the psychologist are affected by the Ethics code.
  38. The Third Psychological Stage by Erik Erikson
    The third psychological stage discussed by Erikson deals with initiative and guilt. It commonly occurs during the time children are 4-6 years old.
  39. Big Ideas of Social Psychology
    Social psychology studies have helped to build societal thinking about life. There are many ideological thoughts about people’s behaviors.
  40. Gifted Development: Social and Psychological Factors
    The issue of child giftedness is a controversial one. There are many perspectives on the phenomenon in the contemporary literature.

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  1. Nature vs. Nurture in Child Psychology
    The nature versus nurture discourse concerns the relative impact of a person’s natural qualities in the establishment of personal differences in behavioral characteristics.
  2. Logotherapy’s Role in Psychology and Counselling
    This essay looks at how logotherapy relates to mental illness and emotional distress. The techniques and methods proposed by the theory will also be analyzed.
  3. Psychological Personality Tests: Objective Judgment
    There are several key areas where tests can be highly useful: diagnosing, and planning of effective treatment; planning of instruction, placement of students; selection.
  4. Urban Poor Teenagers’ Psychology and Activities
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the psychological factors that influence teenagers in impoverished urban areas to engage in particular activities.
  5. Happiness, Positive Psychology and Counselling
    The paper defines happiness, discusses theories of happiness, measurement of happiness, promoting happiness in counselling, and the role of positive psychology in counselling.
  6. Psychology Coursework Ideas: How to Find Them?
    Psychology coursework writing is a process of producing a subjective judgment; there are many interesting topics for psychology coursework.
  7. Carl Rogers Biography and His Psychology Contributions
    This paper provides a biography of Carl Rogers and his contributions into the field of psychology. The essay will provide an overview of Carl Rogers theories of personalities.
  8. Long-Term Space Travel and Psychological Issues
    The exploration of space is one of the strategic goals humanity is likely to focus on in the nearest future. Astronauts have spent months during quite lasting spaceflights.
  9. Multicultural Psychology and Biopsychosocial Model
    Biopsychosocial Model of Behavior is a holistic approach to behavior explanations because it acknowledges the influence of multiple factors on a person’s behavior.
  10. Social Psychology Influences on Personal Life
    Social psychology affects my life through various activities such as violence and aggression. Social psychology affects prosocial behavior in my life.
  11. Psychology of Feeling and Thinking
    In the Schachter-Singer theory, the occurrence of an event causes a physiological change. The cause of the physiological change is identified before the emotion is experienced.
  12. Forensic Psychology: Important Issues
    Forensic psychologists consider that task of determining insanity extremely difficult. There is a difference between insanity as a psychological condition and a legal concept.
  13. “Perspectives on Psychology” Documentary
    This paper aims to discuss the film “Perspectives on Psychology” that represents different perspectives that determine the way of how people can understand psychology.
  14. Family Relationships and Divorce Psychology
    The paper dwells on the problems that may arise throughout the divorce process. The researcher discusses the consequences of divorce and compares the outcomes for boys and girls.
  15. Definition of Psychological Terms and Sentences
    This paper explores various forms of visual challenges by defining terminologies and also using them in constructing sentences in order to bring out their meanings clearly.
  16. Social Psychological Research and Theories
    This paper discusses issues related to sociology, describes its three theories, and examines applying social psychological principles to life.
  17. African-Centered Psychology for Single Mothers
    The proposed study helps for the better understanding of single African American mothers’ experience of their relationships with their sons.
  18. Definition of Psychological Terms and Creating Sentences
    Congenital hearing loss can be treated especially when it is diagnosed while the child is still young preferably between the age of four to six months.
  19. An Introduction to Psychology Research Methods
    The paper discusses such research methods as descriptive and inferential statistics, single-case and small-N research designs, true experiments, and quasi-experimental designs.
  20. Validity and Reliability of Psychological Tests
    Validity is the effectiveness of a scale score giving a sound and meaningful reflection of what it is intended to measure.
  21. Psychological Testing: Beneficial or Harmful?
    Psychological tests can, at times, be harmful when they delve into topics that are considered taboo, illicit a certain degree of discomfort from certain individuals.
  22. Informed Consent in Psychological Studies
    Informed consent is an individual understanding of the full implications and possible future consequences of an event, activity, or trial that they are about to enter into.
  23. “Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling” by Mark McMinn
    In “Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling,” Mark McMinn comes up with a healing model, which involves need, sense of self, and relationship with God.
  24. Psychology and Language Advancement in Children
    Back in elementary school, a Korean boy had some speech problems. His problem in the speech was notable when speaking letters r, l, and sh.
  25. Informal Assessments in Psychology
    Informal assessments are assessment procedures that are used in informal situations. These settings include settings that are not structured in nature.
  26. Research Methods in Psychology
    Such a research method as a case study is widely used by modern psychologists. One can describe examples of this technique; one of them is the famous case of Susan presented by Irving Kirsch.
  27. APA Standards and Forensic Psychology Practice
    This paper gives answers to two psychology-related questions about the changes in APA standards and the influence of forensic psychology on the concept of competence.
  28. Origin of Psychology Research Method Worksheet
    Psychoanalytic perspective involves the affiliation between unconscious and conscious psychological state. This perspective is not suitable for team work but it takes place between the analyst and the patient.
  29. Decision-Making Psychology: “Groupthink” by Janis
    Janis was a nonfiction writer and he did extensive studies on team dynamics, which led to the book, Groupthink: Psychological Studies of Policy Decisions and Fiascoes.
  30. Self-Disclosure in Psychological Therapy
    Self-disclosure is revealing personal information to others. In the context of counseling, the implementation of this principle may significantly assist the client.
  31. Social Psychology and Human Nature
    Social psychology is the scientific study of how human behavior is influenced by external factors such as the environment.
  32. Educational Psychology: Developing Learners
    The concept of developing young learners has always been of great interest among educational psychologists. It is against this reason that psychologists have developed myriad of theories that can assist teachers.
  33. Wikis and Blogs’ Impact on Psychology
    Being far from each other, people get an excellent opportunity to share news, discuss various themes, meet new friends, organize their days, and entertain.
  34. Differential Psychology as a Future Career Field
    As a psychology student, I am interested in pursuing any discipline that highlights individual differences and how such differences influence personality.
  35. Human Development Psychology Issues
    This paper summarizes learned information on the development of human, in particular transgender disorders and homosexuality, and personality development.
  36. Psychology: Personal and Career Development
    Psychological studies suggest negative emotions caused by the awareness of the discrepancy between the goal and the current state are critical for encouraging self-improvement.
  37. Loss and Grief Studies in Psychologist’s Career
    The knowledge received on the loss and grief theories allows me to analyse my experience in the context of them in order to have an in-depth understanding of the problem.
  38. Psychology: Child’s Brain and Physical Development
    This report reviews articles about conducted research devoted to the connection between the child’s brain and physical development.
  39. Ethical Conduct in Psychology Research
    This essay evaluates the importance of ethics in academic and scientific writing, ethical treatment of research participants, and ethical research conduct in psychology.
  40. Compulsive Buying in Women: Psychological Research
    Some women try to buy as many clothes as they can, some try to make their house as ‘full’ as possible while some invest in their looks or focus on their children’s performance.

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