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Banner Health Network: Case Study

Organization Presentation: Banner Health

Banner Health Network (BHN) is a care organization that unites Banner Health, the largest health care provider in Arizona, and a broad network of facilities including primary care as well as specialty physicians (“About Banner Health Network,” 2018). Banner Health itself is a non-profit care organization. It provides functioning of acute-care hospitals and other health services in several states including Arizona, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, and Wyoming (“Company overview of Banner Health,” 2018). Founded in 1938 as Banner Health System, it grew up and changed its name to Banner Health in 2003. Currently, Peter S. Fine is the president and CEO of the organization.

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Banner Health develops its strategies grounded on their mission, “Making health care easier, so life can be better” (“About Banner,” 2018, para. 1). The organization runs 29 hospitals and is focused on their performance and compliance with national standards thus improving the quality of patient care. Much attention is given to research and innovation. For example, Banner Health hospitals are involved in innovation tests. On the whole, Banner Health is involved in constant and consistent work to provide reliable, evidence-based care at all of their facilities.

Readiness of Banner Health to Address the Health Care Needs of Citizens

Banner Health is a reliable health care provider that offers care for patients with diverse problems, both physical and mental. The organization is ready to address the health needs of citizens. Banner Health believes that patients should have “accurate and easy-to-understand information to make the best health care decisions for themselves and their families” (“Banner Health quality report,” 2018, para. 1). Thus, providing information is integral to the company’s philosophy, which is making a difference in people’s lives due to provision of excellent patient care. Banner Health is an open organization that eagerly shares its achievements in the quality of care. This intervention is expected to support and guide patients in making more informed decisions. The organization publishes the reports about treating heart-attack patients, treating heart-failure patients, mortality rates, patient safety, treating pneumonia patients, preventing infections in critically ill patients, and surgical care (“Banner Health quality report,” 2018).

To meet the needs of community, Banner Health offers a diversity of health care services. Thus, patients have an opportunity to get a consultation or treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, bariatric surgery, burns, cancer, emergency care, general heart care, home care, maternity, neurosciences and stroke, orthopedics, pediatrics, physician practices, rehabilitation, surgical care, transplant, women’s health services, and many others (“Company overview of Banner Health,” 2018).

Banner Health is aware of the fact that contemporary health care is closely related to science and research. Also, well-educated employees provide a key to success of an organization. To target both issues, Banner Health merged with the University of Arizona Health Network in Tucson, in 2015 (“About Banner,” 2018). That way, Banner – University Medicine was formed. The focus of this reform was academic medicine including research, teaching and patient care. The major activity is provided in three academic medical centers.

Strategic Plan of Banner Health

Strategic plan of Banner Health addresses the issued involving organization growth, physician and nurse staffing, resource management, and patient satisfaction. The company is ready to grow in many directions. First of all, it raises funds to provide advancements in community health and wellness. Contributions can be made to the Banner Health Foundation as well as smaller community foundations. The costs are used for local investments, majorly in Banner Health’s nonprofit facilities and programs.

Banner Health believes that achievement of greater goals is possible with a professional team. Therefore, the organization pays much attention to physician and nurse staffing. One of the focuses of Banner health is valued workforce. The company employs over 50,000 staff members, which makes it one of the largest employers in the United States (“About Banner,” 2018). Banner Health considers fully engaged employees to be the foundation for the best quality of patient care. The company values diversity and provides excellent career opportunities for many healthcare professionals who are ready to make difference in care and serve the community.

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Both previous aspects of a strategic plan can be considered the examples of a thoughtful resource management. Much attention is given to human resources, which make a basis of any healthcare organization. Also, managing finance is a significant aspect. Although Banner Health is a non-profit organization, it operates funds to maintain functioning of all the facilities. Moreover, it raises money through its Foundation to support local community health care.

To increase patient satisfaction, Banner Health focuses on strengthening their patient care. Such aspects as continuous attention to improving patient outcomes and service; development, training of an engaged workforce; application of innovative technologies; and extension of the organization’s facilities and services. All those interventions are aimed at satisfying the community needs.

Comparing Banner Health to Singapore Airlines

Comparing the cases of Banner Health and Singapore Airlines, there are both differences and similarities found between the two companies. The major difference is that Singapore Airlines is a business while Banner Health is a non-profit organization. Still, their philosophies have a common feature related to the quality of service provided. Thus, Singapore Airlines believe that success depends on the quality of service and Banner Health is also concerned about the quality of care that the patients receive. Another similarity is focus on workforce management. Both organizations believe that selection of team members is a key to excellence. Moreover, both companies are large employers in their countries providing work places for many employees. The focus on training is also a feature shared by Banner Health and Singapore Airlines. While the flight company organizes its own training programs to make future employees aware of its peculiarities and the workflow, the health care provider cooperates with a university to receive well-trained professionals.

One more similarity is the promotion the companies apply. Both of them attract attention to their services promising exclusive service of high quality. Still, it is influenced by cultural peculiarities of regions where companies are functioning. Thus, Singapore Airlines focus on providing gentle, courteous service, which is typical of Asian culture. At the same time, Banner Health concentrates on diversity of both staff and clients, which is a demand of the American society. Finally, both organizations provide measurements of their service quality. For Singapore Airlines, quality measurement comprises customers’ complaints and customer satisfaction. Banner Health has a more complicated measurement system which involves diverse indicators such as treatment for certain diseases, mortality rates, patient outcomes, etc. On the whole, both organizations are aimed at provision of high quality service in their fields and involve innovation to achieve their goals.


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