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The United States as a Land of Opportunities

The establishment of New World colonies saw America rise as a Democratic nation providing equal opportunities to its citizens irrespective of their background. However, these sentiments are contrary to the notions and ideas of several scholars terming the USA as a nation with few educational opportunities but with a high level of discrimination challenging any US student’s success. The United States is a land of opportunity because it is a home for many universities admitting students worldwide, a nation of equal job opportunities, and a Centre for learning diverse cultures to foster education.

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The USA is a home for major colleges and universities, California, and Harvard University, admitting graduate students from the entire globe. It, therefore, provides equal learning in building the career path of graduates. I am motivated by the educational opportunities available for immigrant students in the USA. The nation provides a scholarship and funding program to support their learning (Lei et al.189). Therefore, the nation addresses the learning barriers associated with education-based immigration in unlocking immigrants’ potential in securing job opportunities similar to other native USA citizens. The USA education system also provides a multi-dimensional system of education in both curriculum and non-curriculum learning. For instance, the educational system embraces both arts, science, and language as critical education dimensions. As a US student, one is trained on a broader perspective in considering the liberal arts as a common path to a career instead of focusing only on the theoretical learning approach. It further establishes racial group learning, focusing on creating a demand-pull factor for foreign scholars to leave their homes and acquire education as US students. The learners, therefore, manifest a prominent level of skills and are more adaptable in working environments.

The USA provides equal job opportunities for every individual in their line of study. For instance, under labor union acts, the government of the USA provides every field of study with a specialized functioning body governing a free and fair process of acquiring any job. For example, Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) puts African immigrants at a high chance of seeking employment opportunities, similar to their American counterparts (Leo 1567). According to MAB, the USA ranks among the top-performing nations in producing job opportunities attributable to its architectural and engineering development (Leo 1567). The current USA innovation also provides an individualized learning system where workers can apply for part-time-based learning to advance their professional careers. I counter the ideas presented in Hidden Figures suggesting how the discriminative USA provides an equal job opportunity.

The film Hidden Figures depicts Henson, Spencer, and Monae’s successful works as a rare opportunity since they represent the minority group of African-American citizens. In my opinion, the civilized society of America has enhanced political goodwill seen to foster learning. This is different in other nations, where the educated elites are arrested and tortured for their activist opinions that are seen to contravene the expectations of government authorities. I think the benevolent political attitude in the USA forms the basis of Henson, Spencer, and Monae’s success. From my experience, the political environment of the USA embraces an inclusive employment engagement beyond racial and color differences. In other nations, female immigrants like the American-African female professionals would hardly access an opportunity to lead NASA’s team of geospatial practitioners in the search for human intelligence, as evidenced in Hidden Figures. For instance, in a conversation with a white police officer, Mary’s response ‘No Crime Being Negro, Neither’ pinpoints how friendly the USA environment is in dominating people of color (Shetterly et al. 23). America as a home of diverse cultures provides an open opportunity for people of a different race to interact with one another, contrary to other nations where the Whiteman’s supremacy is seen to dominate the social interaction of citizens. Therefore, I believe that the USA is a socially responsible nation in dealing with all racial groups. From my experience, almost half of the American learning population are immigrants encompassing a diverse population of Asian-Americans, Black Americans, European Americans, and American natives, together with other racial groups representing co-existing as one nation-the race of humanity. As such, one has an opportunity to participate in all social-economic engagements. Therefore, the democratic environment creates an opportunity for learners to develop their self-independence in working with any international organization in building their careers.

The nation of the USA is, therefore, a home for many opportunities for successful learning. It presents a better education environment than other nations lacking a sound learning infrastructure for more excellent learning abilities. The nation is also known for providing numerous job opportunities on an equal basis for graduates seeking economic engagement. The innovative USA environment also provides a more significant learning potential, with many institutions adopting an individualized learning environment for learners’ success. The USA’s educational setting’s cross-cultural nature is also useful in training students to adapt to the diverse cultural setting in shaping their mindset for cross-border professional engagement.


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