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  1. American Presidents: John F. Kennedy’s Biography
    This paper discusses about the life of John F Kennedy, from his childhood till his assassination. This includes his educational background, interested activities he had done.
  2. American Ex-Presidents: the Election of Barack Obama
    The election of Barack Obama as the first African American president was a major event that transformed the country’s history. This paper offers arguments and discussions to support the thesis.
  3. President Bill Clinton’s Biography
    President Clinton’s eight-year term as the president of the United States of America was certainly the most concurrently contentious and effective presidency in America’s history.
  4. President Obama’s Inaugural Speech Analysis
    Barack Obama gave his inaugural speech after taking the oath of office. He did this while standing in front of a building which was built by black slaves during the period of slavery.
  5. President Harry S. Truman’s Assassination Attempt
    This paper analyzes the assassination attempt of Harry S. Truman and tries to detect the underlying causes and determine whether politics played any role in the attacks.
  6. President Obama’s Remarks on Trayvon Martin’ Killing
    The killing of Trayvon Martin, an African-American, by George Zimmerman, a Hispanic, meant a lot to the black community since they held different analogies to the incident.
  7. President Obama’s Policies and Projects
    President Obama contributed much to improving the image of the USA abroad, and the President’s administration should focus on following the positive tendency.
  8. President Obama’s Style of Leadership
    Obama’s administrative policies have influenced the economic stability of higher education and have an indirect impact on the educational system as a whole.
  9. President Trump’s Inaugural Address
    Political speeches appear to provide gripping material for analysis. One of the recent speeches is Trump’s inaugural address.
  10. Why Bernie Sanders Should Be President?
    Bernie Sanders is an American politician and a candidate for the Democratic nomination who wants to run for the President of the United States in the forthcoming election.
  11. Donald Trump: Our Unpresidential President
    Nowadays, there are many people worldwide who are eager to discuss the behavior of the current US President, Donald Trump.
  12. President Obama’s Fallacy in Abortion Arguments
    There is a need for more states in the United States to embrace policies that protect the lives, especially by limiting the number of abortions.
  13. Ronald Reagan – President of the United States of America
    Ronald Reagan, who is regarded as the greatest communicator of all time, was the 40th president of the United States of America.
  14. President’s Speech on the High Levels of Corruption
    Corruption leads to the destruction of a person’s morals and ethics and would increase people’s hatred towards that person.
  15. President Obama’s United Nations General Assembly Speech
    President Obama is critiqued and praised as an exemplar of liberalism in international relations. His approach can also be viewed as an expression of Constructivist thinking.
  16. President George Bush’s Economic Policies
    This paper examines the objective monetary policies implemented by the Federal Bank and specific economic conditions as well as fiscal policies adopted by President Bush.
  17. The Future of President Assad’s Regime and Syria
    From the research conducted in this paper, it is clear that the future of Assad’s regime is secure, but that of Syria, as a country, is doomed.
  18. Five Presidents: My Extraordinary Journey With Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford
    Carter pushed through the Crude Oil Windfall Profits Tax, a domestic energy package meant to fund the energy sector and make the U.S. more self-reliable.
  19. Have the Trade Policies of President Donald Trump Increased the Competitiveness of the USA?
    Donald Trump’s presidency is marked with a number of contradictory policies, some of which concern trade. This paper will analyse whether Trump’s trade policies have increased the competitiveness of the USA.
  20. African-American President’s Influence on Black Community
    Obama’s president position affected the community as a direct consequence. So, one could raise a hypothesis that his presidentship changed African-Americans in several fields.

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  1. Positive Effects of the War of 1812 for the USA. The Role of President Jackson in the History
    The neutral rights of Americans had been adversely violated by Great Britain. This marked when sailors of American origin were made to join the Royal Navy.
  2. Future US President: Arguments & Critical Thinking
    One of the greatest arguments is taking place today in the United States. The argument centers around who will be the running mates of Barack Obama and John McCain.
  3. Recommendations for the Vice President of Claire’s Antiques
    This paper will include an analysis of the role of performance measures in an organization and a proposal of two recommendations for the Vice President of Claire’s Antiques.
  4. The Presidency of Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States
    Carter has not performed well as a president, but as the initiator of perspective political actions, he deserves a lot of respect.
  5. Andrew Jackson, the President of the US
    The great president of America, Andrew Jackson was born in a backwoods settlement in the Carolinas in 1767. He was the 7th president of America.
  6. Impact of the President’s Budget Fiscal Year 2009 in United States
    The essay aims to answer the question “Does The President’s Budget Fiscal Year 2009 would make a good impact on the states?”.
  7. President Harry S Truman and the Bomb
    Truman’s achievements are many, his presidency will always be associated primarily with the atomic bomb since he is the only leader – so far – to authorize the use of nuclear weapons.
  8. The Rationale and Impact of President George W. Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil’ Speech in January 2002
    In this speech, President Bush made it clear that North Korea, Iran and Iraq are dangerous enemies of the United States.
  9. President’s Day: History of the Holiday
    This essay discusses the origin of this holiday, its history and highlights some of the changes that have been incorporated since its introduction.
  10. How to Becoming a President of the US
    Becoming a president of the US can be one of the most demanding. This is because of various constitutional, legislative and political interests.
  11. Bill Clinton and His Activities as President
    Bill Clinton achieved several impressive accomplishments that brought about considerable improvements within the country, but he was also responsible for spawning several controversies.
  12. Political President Campaign: Developing Strategies
    A campaign manager, who is developing a program for a candidate running for president, should consider such factors as the interests of the party that the candidate represents etc.
  13. Barrack Obama’s First Speech as the US President
    This writing highlights some of the key issues that Barrack Obama the president of the United States of America talked about in his first Speech as the President of the US.
  14. Relationship Between a President’s Leadership and Campaign Styles
    This paper will try to investigate the relationship between the leadership styles of a president and his/her campaign styles.
  15. The Rights of the President of the United States of America
    The president of the United States of America is entrusted with various powers through which he should act accordingly in ensuring fairness within his governance.
  16. American Congress, President, and the Supreme Court
    In performing duties, Congress must keep in mind the interests of the people to ensure that the policies they make serve the best interest of the public.
  17. Ronald Reagan: USA President
    Ronald Reagan the communist, the transformer and a conservative, and the second long-lived president of the United States was a great leader.
  18. Education Policy by President Barack Obama
    Barack Obama and Joe Bidden’s education policy is based on the fact that American children cannot stand any more neglect and indifference in their education system.
  19. John F. Kennedy as the First Modern President
    John F. Kennedy is perceived by many as the first modern president in the history of the United States of America and the whole world.
  20. President Jackson and Actions Against Natives
    The rights and opportunities of Native Americans have been one of the issues for discussion in the USA for centuries, since their reluctance to assimilate harmed Americans and the states’ economy.

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  1. The Many Scandals and Problems of the President Bill Clinton
  2. Why did President Truman Decide to Drop Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  3. Thomas Jefferson, the President Who Laid Down the Framework for the Abolishment of Slavery
  4. Abraham Lincoln: Civil War President
  5. The Presidential Election and the President of the United States
  6. Vietnam War and the Policies of President Richard Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
  7. The Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Be the Next President of the United States
  8. U.S. Healthcare Reform and President Obama
  9. The Role, Significance and Constitutional Powers of the President of the U.S
  10. William Howard Taft: The Reluctant President
  11. The Methods Being Used by Philippine President Rodrigo
  12. Abraham Lincoln and the President of the United States
  13. The Life and Political Career of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
  14. The Watergate Scandal, Role of President Nixon in It, and Its Impact
  15. Truman President War Biography
  16. The Monica Lewinsky Scandal: Issues Surrounding the President of the United States
  17. The Life and Leadership of the First American President, George Washington
  18. President Trump’s Immigration and Refugee Policy
  19. The Life and Achievements of American President, Calvin Coolidge
  20. The Louisiana Purchase and President Thomas Jefferson
  21. US-China Relations and the Administration of President Barack Obama
  22. The Relationship Between President Roosevelt and Winston
  23. The Life and Times of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  24. Abraham Lincoln: The Reasons Why He Was a Great President
  25. The Most Significant President of the United States
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