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  1. New Technologies in Nursing
    In this research paper, some of the current trends in nursing technologies as well as the significance of new technologies for both nurses and other persons are discussed.
  2. Nursing: Long-Term Care Facilities
    Shawnee Christian Nursing Center is a lowly rated nursing home compared to Monticello House nursing home even though they are both located in Dallas city.
  3. Continuing Nursing Education: A 3-5 Year Plan
    This is a 3-5 year plan for continuing education of a graduate student who pursues a Master of Nursing Science in Administration and Doctorate of Nursing Practice degrees.
  4. Nursing Communication Process
    The five elements of the communication process include the sender, message, receiver, channels, and feedback.
  5. Contemporary Nursing Knowledge Components
    The two theories that are discussed in the article are based on the premise that symptoms are a critical component of not only nursing but the wider field of medicine and patient handling.
  6. Concept Comparison and Analysis across Nursing Theories
    The theories have been adopted by several institutions, which include learning institutions, research centers and health centers.
  7. Undergraduate Nursing Program and Resnick’s Theory
    The concepts of self-efficacy elaborated by Resnick within the framework of this theory help a nurse practitioner adjust to the complicated conditions of the working cycle.
  8. Evidence-based Practice & Applied Nursing Research
    The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Family of Physicians provides a great deal of facts-oriented practices that can find application in nursing practice.
  9. Religious Studies: Spirituality in Nursing
    Researchers indicate that nurses should consider religious needs of a patient who has chronic pain, but they should not be his or her religious advisor.
  10. Painting “Louise Nursing Her Baby” by Mary Cassatt
    The happy, well-nourished mother in the Mary Cassatt painting entitled Louise Nursing her Baby is a New York-born socialite who became a suffragette, and, with her husband, an art patron.
  11. Flipped Classroom in Nursing Schools
    This paper aims to review available scholarship on the flipped classroom model with the view to demonstrating how it can be effectively used in associate degree nursing schools.
  12. Simulation Concept in Nursing Programs
    This paper aims to discuss the topic of simulation in nursing by illuminating its purpose, benefits, how it is used to challenge students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  13. Registered Nurse in the Nursing Home Act
    This paper discusses the “Put a Registered Nurse in the Nursing Home Act”. It is currently going through the legislative process in the Congress and it should soon become law.
  14. Cultural Competence in Nursing
    Cultural competency refers to the ability of an individual to understand and relate well with people from different cultural backgrounds.
  15. Workplace Violence in Nursing Practice
    Some occupations have a higher susceptibility to workplace violence in comparison to others. Evidence suggests that presently, workplace violence against nurses is a global menace.
  16. Critique and Evidence in Nursing
    Practice problems in nursing require sound as well as valid theoretical framework. This paper will explore the significance of analyzing evidence.
  17. Patient Advocacy in Nursing Practice
    The present paper reviews available nursing literature to provide a well reasoned discussion on the role of the nurse in the continuum of patient advocacy.
  18. Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory Role in Nursing
    Nursing theories provide very important principles to nursing practice. This paper presents a discussion of the environmental theory developed by Florence Nightingale.
  19. Nursing Shortage and Nurse Turnover
    This paper is focused on the ways of prevention of nursing shortage and nurse turnover by nursing managers and leaders practicing various styles.
  20. Benefits of a Sterilized Nursing Environment
    Nursing environment requires complete commitment from all relevant departments. This paper will explore the benefits of a sterilized nursing environment.
  21. Initiative on the Future of Nursing
    The report issued by the IOM can have profound implications for various organizations. This report may lead to the changes in the legislation that regulates the work of medical institutions.
  22. The Role of Cultural Competence in Nursing
    Nurses, who play a crucial role of providing care to patients, have been compelled to increase their skills and acquire new competencies.
  23. Alzheimer and Dementia Patients Nursing Care
    Nurses working with, and caring for patients suffering from dementia will oftentimes realize the difficulty of the task. It can be an exhausting and frustrating work.
  24. Transcultural Nursing Education Strategies
    Professional nurse has to have all the necessary knowledge and skills and be able to provide the customer with high-quality healthcare services.
  25. Combating Compassion Fatigue – Nursing
    Compassion fatigue is compared to a burnout the coping processes, in fact, must be based on enhancing the feeling of nurse’s work significance and redefinition of orienting system.
  26. Experience of Disorder Symptoms – Nursing Research
    The study was approved by an Institutional Review Board. The framework is loosely connected with nursing theory. People with certain disorder completed questionnaires on the symptoms they experience.
  27. Nightingale Pledge Role, Function and Purpose – Nursing
    This paper accounts for definition, discussion, purpose, ethical implementation, limitations and debate concerning the Nightingale Pledge.
  28. The Nightingale Pledge – Nursing
    This paper will explain and discuss the Nightingale pledge. The paper will also explore the pledge’s function, historical role, limitations and ethical benefits.
  29. PC Programs’ Impact on Health – Nursing Research
    The study examined the impact of PC programs on health outcomes of family members. The study’s findings have implications for nursing practice.
  30. Arguments Favor and Against the Nightingale Pledge – Nursing
    Throughout the world, nurses have used the Nightingale pledge to affirm the commitment to the practice. But people are pessimistic about its relevance to modern practices.
  31. Importance of Evidence Based Practice in Nursing
    Evidence based practice is a life-long, self-directed, issue-based learning that involves assessment of the relationship between clinical reasoning and research evidence.
  32. New Practices in Nursing Community
    The implementation of new practices is a challenging task for any nursing community as it requires consideration of a suggested method, its validity and the relevance of the findings.
  33. From Breast Cancer to Zika Virus – Nursing Issues
    The paper studies relations between diabetes type II and oral hygiene, treatment of cardiovascular diseases, vision loss, breast cancer, and preventing Zika virus.
  34. Community Health Nursing: Family Health Assessment
    The purpose of the assessment is to discuss the specifics of the family composition, psychological and physical health, and to analyze the social aspects of the family development.
  35. Transition Models in Nursing: Role and Value
    The paper addresses different aspects of transition models to make the conclusions regarding their value for facilitating the nursing practice.
  36. The Role of Nursing on the Patient Health Improvement
    The need to improve the health status of patients through the alteration of their health behavior calls for patient education.
  37. Transforming Nursing: Issues and Trends
    Nursing will attract many students because of the transformations that are taking place to improve it. This means that the provision of health care services will improve.
  38. Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
    This paper is a journal based on the 5th and 6th chapter of the book Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: A Clinical Approach by Elizabeth M. Varcarolis.
  39. Technology in Nursing Practice
    The patient care environment has changed significantly because of the introduction of technology in nursing practice. Many nurses use technology to provide quality patient care.
  40. Communication and Clinical Interview – Nursing
    Good communication is very critical in the nursing profession. It is necessary for nurses to develop healthy relationships with their patients.

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  1. Nursing Leadership and Management
    This essay explores the similarities and differences between leadership and management in nursing. It focuses on how nurse leaders and managers perceive quality improvement.
  2. Caregivers’ and Health Professionals’ Risk – Nursing
    This paper examines the nature of caregivers’ and health professionals’ risk and the causal factors. The discussion also presents Piercy’s model as the best tool for intervention.
  3. Global Poverty and Nursing Intervention
    It is evident that poor health and poverty are closely linked. Community nurses who are conversant with the dynamics of the health of the poor can run successful health promotion initiatives.
  4. HIV/AIDS Epidemiology and Nursing
    This paper applies the concepts of epidemiology and nursing research to HIV/Aids: description of the disease, epidemiologic triangle, the role of the Community Health Nurse.
  5. Using New Technology in Nursing Practice
    In the 21st century, the nursing practice is characterized by the more complex character in comparison with the situation observed several decades ago.
  6. Family Nursing Care Plan’s Development
    For performing the family health assessment, the Yosleidy family residing in Miami, Florida, was selected. The researcher has conducted interviews with each member of the family.
  7. Nursing Shortage: Causes, Consequences and Solutions
    The shortage of nurses is a happening that keeps persisting in the modern healthcare and also could be observed in the healthcare history decades ago.
  8. Nursing Evolving Practice and Patient Care Delivery Models
    The paper presents discussion that will touch on the probable changes. It makes recommendations on how the nurses can prepare to adapt the changes and improve services.
  9. Nursing Shortage in the United States
    Registered nurses contribute to one of the largest groups in healthcare practice. Analysts have identified the existence of nursing shortages in the United States and other parts of the world.
  10. Nightingale Pledge Benefits and Limitations – Nursing
    This paper focuses on the historical role of Nightingale pledge and dig deeper into the significant of it. This discourse lays emphasis on the benefits and limitations of pledge.
  11. St. Patrick’s Nursing Home: the Recruitment of People
    It is important to consider some factors when making plans for the recruitment of people to work at St. Patrick’s Nursing Home in order achieve the good results.
  12. Evidence-Based Practice – Nursing
    Evidence-based practice gained relevance in nursing because nurses need evidence that the decision made would be the best alternative for a patient.
  13. Future of Nursing: the Institute of Medicine Report
    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee Initiative on the Future of Nursing in cooperation with the Institute of Medicine has implemented extensive research of the future of nursing.
  14. Nursing Informatics: Electronic Health Records
    Nursing informatics entail the use of health care technology such as the EHR. Electronic health records provide integrated data that nurses can use to support safe and patient-centered care.
  15. The Family Health Assessment in the Nursing Practice
    The study will help to understand the different aspects of nursing assessment and, thus, will make a significant contribution to the improvement of professional clinical practice.
  16. Nursing in Israel: History and Changes
    This paper looks at various issues regarding the state of nursing in Israel. It stresses on the history and changes in the nursing profession in Israel.
  17. The Significance of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
    The study assesses the attitude of nurses to the concept of evidence-based practice (EBP), the adequacy of their EBP skills and their application to a specific case.
  18. The Institute of Medicine Report: Future of Nursing Practice
    The Institute of Medicine report on the future of nursing is important in the nursing practice. The report suggested nurses should take active leadership roles to address the changing demands.
  19. The Institute of Medicine’ Impact on Nursing
    This essay reviews impacts of the IMO (Institute of Medicine) Report 2010 on nursing education, nursing practices, and nurse role as a leader.
  20. Cultural Competence in Nursing Practice
    Cultural competency is defined as the ability of a health care worker to understand and relate appropriately with patients from different cultural settings.
  21. Nursing Care Delivery Models: Pros and Cons
    Holistic nursing is a type of nursing practice that focuses on curing the whole person. In team nursing, staff is divided into teams, and each team is assigned to a group of patients.
  22. Supposed Barriers’ Impacts on the Clinical Nursing
    The article has shown the need to use other variables and research participants to locate the nurses affected by alleged barriers to the research use.
  23. Family Health Assessment Importance in Nursing Process
    The collected data about the family helped to identify three nursing diagnosis and compose a short plan with the use of a nursing process.
  24. Nursing Legal and Ethical Issues Case
    The paper studies a case of a woman with Alzheimer’s disease and her family who have to decide whether it is correct to provide her with machines to support life.
  25. Ethical, Legal, and Moral Dilemmas in Nursing
    The nurse may be faced with challenge of deciding whether to respect the autonomy of patient or report to relevant authorities about the intention of patient to end own life.
  26. Health Care Reform: Changes in the US Nursing Practice
    This paper educates nurses about how the practice of nursing is expected to grow and/or change by discussing the concepts of continuity or continuum of care, medical homes and nurse-managed clinics.
  27. Clinical and Management Tracks for Nursing Advancement
    Nurse managers have to develop policies and use their experience to gain opportunities. A BSN helps to become a leader in the sphere of nursing management and teach other people.
  28. Developing a Detailed Picture of Family Health
    Family health assessment has proved to be an effective practice to find out the atmosphere in the chosen family that might be useful for choosing the right way to treat the patients.
  29. Telenursing: Nursing Practice in Cyberspace
    Telenursing is one of the emerging nursing practices that involve the use of information technology to provide nursing services to patients without necessarily interacting with them physically.
  30. Nursing’s Educational Preparation: Associate-Degree Level and Baccalaureate-Degree Level Competencies
    The work of a nurse requires specialized education, considering the level of responsibility essential for health care system.
  31. Leadership Aspects in Nursing Practice
    The leadership program has to involve the evaluation of the real-life cases while working in teams. Nurses have to combine the characteristics of the leaders and managers.
  32. Nursing and Health Promotion in Family Pediatrics
    The modern approach to the delivery of nursing care is focused on the significant improvement of people`s quality of life and the environment in which they live
  33. Nursing Philosophy and Developing Factors
    The essay reviews nursing philosophies and factors influencing the development of the personal nursing philosophy, such as accountability and compassion.
  34. Modern and Traditional Nursing Educational Frameworks
    Analysis of the frameworks will be beneficial for understanding the key principles as well as the way in which both frameworks are used in education and can be used in the nursing curriculum.
  35. Nursing Quality Models in Healthcare Institutions
    Nursing quality models have been in use for several decades as a way of guiding activities of nurses in institutions of care.
  36. Nursing Definition, Competencies, Professionalism
    This paper discusses the five core competencies identified by the Institute of Medicine, the professional characteristics of nursing, and analyzes the definition of nursing.
  37. Diversity and Communication in Nursing Philosophy
    This paper discusses the nursing theory that will embrace diversity by incorporating the elements of education, communication enhancement, and the target population’s needs.
  38. Nursing Collaboration and Teamwork in Miami
    The following SWOT analysis will focus on the areas of collaboration, teamwork, and aesthetic leadership of one of the nursing departments in Miami, Florida.
  39. Bridging the Education-Practice Gap in Nursing
    The paper at hand is aimed to address the issue of the non-correspondence of nursing practice to the education received.
  40. Transcultural Nursing and Hispanic Patient’s Outcomes
    This paper discusses how the Application of Madeleine Leininger Transcultural Nursing Theory may contribute to improve hispanic patient’s outcomes.

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  1. Palliative Care and Humanistic Nursing Theory
    Palliative care aims to provide people with relief from the pain, symptoms, mental and physical stress, thereby improving the quality of life for sick people and their families.
  2. American Healthcare Policies and Nursing Role
    As the present case demonstrates, it is not always evident for nurses how the process of policy-making develops and correlates with public health stakeholders’ consideration.
  3. Florence Nightingale’s Model in Nursing Practice
    The purpose of this theoretical article is to provide a safe health care environment by employing nursing leadership strategies in connection with egalitarian human rights.
  4. Nursing Education and Practice Gap
    The sphere of nursing has altered dramatically over the last ten years. This paper discusses the gap between nursing education and nursing practice appears.
  5. Nursing Theory of Vigilance and Its Values
    Caring is one of the fundamental requirements that all professions are required to provide. Professional vigilance is the most important aspect of nursing care.
  6. The Impact of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
    Nurses should be equipped with certain knowledge and skills to be able to complete various tasks associated with the nursing practice.
  7. Technology in Nursing and Governmental Financing
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to determine the relevance of technology in nursing and determine how to lobby the government to budget for these facilities.
  8. Nursing Concepts of Care: Person-Centredness
    The term “person-centredness” is applied when characterizing a norm of care guaranteed to the patient in a care center.
  9. Nursing Role in Treatment and Care Planning
    This paper reviews the case of a patient whom the nurse informed about his Prostate-Specific Antigen test results, the possible treatment, and outcomes.
  10. Organizational Behavior in the Nursing Settings
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the leadership approach designed to manage the issues associated with organizational behavior in the nursing setting.
  11. Transitional Nursing Technology and Education
    Creating the devices that will help nurses determine the emergent threats and communicate essential information to the rest of the staff will enhance the quality of services.
  12. Collaborative Model of Care in Nursing Communication
    A collaborative model of care can be chosen for enhancing communication between nursing professionals and promotes their responsibilities.
  13. Blended Family History and Nursing Diagnoses
    The interviewed family is a blended family, where the parents are married not for the first time, and their children come from the previous marriages.
  14. Nursing Leadership Styles and Model Case
    The traditional approach towards leadership implies that leaders possess different personality characteristics compared to their followers.
  15. Nursing Core Competencies: Comparison and Implementation
    Nursing professionals have different core competencies depending on the peculiarities of their profession. A lot of diverse features can be found when comparing those competencies.
  16. Implementation of the IOM Future in Nursing
    The purpose of this paper is to review the Future of Nursing Report and its significance in the reorganization of the nursing profession.
  17. Scatter Plots’ Benefits in Nursing Research
    A scatter plot is one of the types of diagrams that helps to represent the information found during practical research and show relationships that exist between two variables.
  18. Undertaking of Florence Nightingale Pledge – Nursing
    The practice of taking an oath before undertaking an activity is a common tradition. Most graduates are expected to undertake the Nightingale pledge prior to commencing their nursing practice.
  19. Health Insurance Policy’s Impact on Nursing
    The federal policy that has a significant impact on the role of the advanced practice registered nurse is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  20. Healthcare Reform: Evolving Nursing and Patient Care Practice
    This paper will reflect on the opinions of nurses in regard to the incoming healthcare reform and provide important feedback for consideration and analysis in regards to the subject.
  21. Asian-American Family Analysis and Nursing Care
    The decision-making in the family is split into two areas of responsibility – the father manages finances, while the mother makes the decisions about the child and the household.
  22. Family-Oriented, Focused, Community-Based Nursing
    Family-focused care also known as family-centered care (FCC) can be defined as a collaborative approach to making decisions related to health care.
  23. Nursing: Research Questions and Hypotheses
    The research question may be formulated as follows: What effects does training aimed at improving new nurses’ cultural competence have on patient satisfaction?
  24. Nursing Work in Quantitative Cross-Sectional Study
    The paper analyses article according to which the higher quality of the provided care is observed in those nurse units where the environments are reported as more advantageous.
  25. Holistic Nursing Care’ Principles and Essentials
    According to the holistic nursing care, a nurse integrates self-care, responsibility, and spirituality based on such concepts as mind, spirit, body, emotion, and environment.
  26. Conflict Resolution Strategies in Nursing Settings
    The targeted conflict occurred in the institution’s pediatric ward. The issue emerged when one of the female nurses in the ward indicated that the nurse manager (NM) was unfair.
  27. Stress Influence in Emergency Nursing
    Working as a nurse in emergency departments is particularly stressful, as patients who are there need urgent medical assistance or they can die.
  28. Staffing Issues in Nursing
    Inadequate staffing is often a problem in the nursing field and has emerged as both a personal and professional concern for practitioners in this sector.
  29. Medication Prescription in Nursing Practice
    A nurse practitioner is authorized to diagnose patients and prescribe medications. This paper discusses a professional practice issue of the nurse practitioner as a prescriber.
  30. Peplau’s Interpersonal Theory in Nursing Practice
    Peplau’s theory identifies empowerment as the readiness of the patient to assess the health needs, negotiate the terms of care, and take responsibility for the decision.
  31. Financial Concept Map in Nursing Work
    Nurses have always affected the way resources are allocated through their reports and commentaries concerning things they need to complete tasks assigned.
  32. Bachelor and Associate Degrees in Nursing
    In the United States, different nurse-training programs vary in duration, curriculum, and competencies that specialists have upon the completion of the studies.
  33. Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical and Nursing Care
    Evidence-based practice (EBP) is gaining in popularity in the health-care environment as it allows more opportunities to achieve a threefold purpose.
  34. Democratic Style of Leadership and Attributes of Leadership in Graduate Nursing
    Leadership in an advanced nursing role is associated with a high degree of workplace adversity that requires a fair amount of courage and inspiration.
  35. Nursing Philosophy, Knowledge and Competencies
    The course has helped to acquire practice-specific skills that can transform the nursing philosophy and the health outcomes of the patients.
  36. Nursing Conflict Resolution Strategies
    The growing diversification of nurse responsibilities can lead to the emergence of conflicts, some of which cannot be resolved with immediate intervention.
  37. Evaluation and Appraisal of Aacn’s Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing
    This paper evaluates AACN’s Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing and reflects specific skills and competencies nurses should develop to provide reliable care.
  38. Transitional Nursing Strategies in Oncology
    Transitional care addresses practices needed when patients transit from one place to another. Transitional nursing strategies can be used to improve patients’ quality of life.
  39. Nursing Informatics Competencies and Nurse Effectiveness
    Nursing informatics reduces the time needed for documentation, streamlines searching activities, and improves communication with healthcare professionals and patients.
  40. Concepts’ Differences and Their Application in Nursing
    Exploring new opportunities for the improvement of the quality of nursing services is a crucial step toward managing patients’ needs.

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  1. Nursing Education and Clinical Practice Guidelines
    Childhood obesity remains an important problem of our society as growing obesity rates significantly decrease the level of public health.
  2. Nursing Theories in Adolescents Issues Treatment
    The paper discusses such adolescent issues as alcohol use, obesity, anorexia and application of Neuman Systems Model and Imogene King’s Goal Attainment Theory.
  3. Social Media in Nursing Practice
    The use of social media can be considered profitable, but nurses should take into consideration the patient’s confidentiality before engaging in this activity.
  4. Importance of Theory: Leininger’s Transcultural Nursing
    A nursing theory turns out to be a group of significant related concepts and relationships the purpose of which is to guide practice and promote the delivery of care.
  5. Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery
    Efficient management and leadership approaches must be developed to help nurses acquire the relevant skills to cater to the needs of a wide range of patients.
  6. Nursing Care: Costs and Strategic Planning Process
    The strategic planning process in nursing care focuses on patient-centered care, decision-making process, evidence-based practice, innovation, and continuous learning.
  7. Childhood Obesity and Community Nursing Intervention
    In the recent decades, the issue of childhood obesity in the US has been increasingly coming to the forefront in the public view and in academia as a major health problem.
  8. Nursing Health Promotion and Its Importance
    Health promotion is one of the concepts that must be more explicitly defined for nursing due to its frequent use and the development of different health care trends.
  9. Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Models
    The U.S health delivery system becomes more and more patient-oriented and tries to satisfy the most complex needs and demands.
  10. Nursing Community Practice and Its Objectives
    Nursing community practice must be viewed as an opportunity for developing a better understanding of how to meet the unique needs of the target population.
  11. Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus: Nursing Care Plan
    The accuracy of diagnosis is dependent on various factors. Subjective and objective assessments assist in acquiring the information about the patient’s condition.
  12. Professional Development and Nursing Education
    Nurses play a major role in understanding the objectives of the 2010 Affordable Care Act and improving the health care system of the United States of America.
  13. Quacquarelli Symonds World Nursing University Ranking
    This paper discusses the recently published list of the QS World University Rankings in nursing that covers the educational programs and universities worldwide.
  14. Nursing Empowerment and Professional Expertise
    Empowerment is an important aspect of nursing practice. In addition to psychological and emotional benefits, the concept has a positive impact on nursing practice.
  15. Global Nursing Issues: Challenges, Strategies and Advocating for Health Care
    Every person is entitled to quality health support and care. Unfortunately, many underdeveloped nations find it hard to deliver quality health care to their citizens.
  16. Patient Safety as Nursing Core Competency
    The paper observes the nurse of the future nursing core competency topic of safety based on the findings from the class textbook and a scholarly article by Steven et al.
  17. Future of Nursing Report’s Role in Practice
    The IOM report “Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” is a set of guidelines designed to transform the nursing practice, education, and leadership.
  18. Nursing in the Maternal Role Attainment Theory
    The meta-paradigm of nursing in Ramona Mercer’s Maternal Role Attainment Theory is concerned with the health of nontraditional mothers who have an insufficient maternal identity.
  19. Nursing Management for Patient Satisfaction
    This paper will discuss and examine the issues of quality improvement and patient satisfaction, compare nursing leaders’ and managers’ approaches to solving these problems
  20. Culturally Competent Care Delivery in Nursing
    The work delves into the analysis of the significance of the cultural aspect in terms of the healthcare sector.
  21. Nola J. Pender’s Health Promotion Model in Nursing
    To understand how the Health Promotion Model has influenced the practice of the advanced practice nurse, firstly, it is important to describe the essence of this model.
  22. Diabetes and Dementia Relationships and Nursing
    The article discusses the possible links between the two illnesses, as well as the risk of developing one of the conditions when already having the other.
  23. Nursing’s Personal Philosophy
    The sole purpose of this essay is to define, describe, and explain a personal philosophy of nursing that includes the perceptions of other scholars.
  24. 1st and 4th Tenets in the Nursing Code of Ethics
    This paper analyzes two tenets of the Code of Ethics for Nurses to retrieve their purpose, to describe an application to practice, and to provide several examples of their use.
  25. Transcultural Nursing Theory by Madeleine Leininger
    This paper analysis the articles Albougami, Pounds, Alotaibi, and Busher Betancourt about transcultural nursing theory by Madeleine Leininger.
  26. Nursing Shortage and Approaches to the Employee Turnover
    This paper examines the most common factors that cause distress in medical institutions and focuses on leadership techniques that could be implemented to improve the working environment.
  27. Patient-Centered Versus Team Nursing Care Model
    This paper analyses a patient-centered care delivery model which was identified in the process of practice setting observation, and a team nursing care model.
  28. Caucasian Family Assessment and Nursing Diagnosis
    The current development stage of the family is characterized by the presence of two children. The family has successfully gone through all of the previous developmental stages.
  29. Interpersonal Relations Theory in Nursing
    Nurses have the power to influence patients’ outcomes. This approach correlates with the Theory of Interpersonal Relations, which is a crucial part of nursing practice.
  30. Patient Recovery in Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory
    Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory allowed viewing patients and their participation in the process of recovery from an entirely different perspective.
  31. Identification of a Nursing Care Model in Practice
    The paper presents summaries of the articles related to the observed care model and a different care model, analysis of observations, recommendations of a different approach
  32. Nursing Care Delivery Model
    Theories of nursing practices, which guide nursing care delivery models, offer explanatory frameworks to understand nursing practices within the right contexts.
  33. Criminal Prosecution for Nursing Practice
    The Colorado Board of Nursing case presents a highly controversial situation that leaves the reader with a whole range of mingled emotions, some of which even contradict each other.
  34. Nursing Home Innovative Care Model in the US
    The Nursing Home Innovative Care Model is a proposed solution to the problems occurring in American nursing homes due to the lack of necessary nursing workforce.
  35. Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research
    Applied to nursing, research is a systematic investigation of materials and sources that creates a base of evidence for high-quality, safe, and cost-effective practices.
  36. Effective Nursing Leadership and Management
    In the USA, various factors influence the availability of registered nurses. This paper describes the differing approaches of nursing leaders and managers to issues in practice.
  37. Master’s Education in Nursing and Healthcare Practice
    This discussion summarizes the nine essentials of master’s education in nursing and their impacts on healthcare practice.
  38. Advanced, Non-Clinical and Clinical Nursing Roles
    This paper aims to dwell upon the advanced nursing practice role. Besides, it is going to discuss non-clinical and clinical nursing roles.
  39. Art and Science Relationship in Nursing
    There are some close relationships between the science and art of nursing, and it is difficult to say what is more important.
  40. Florence Nightingale’s Philosophy of Nursing and UN Millennium Goals
    The legacy of Janet Florence Nightingale, a pioneer of nursing who became famous for her social reforms, helped shape healthcare as it is known today.

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