52 Critical Thinking Essay Topics

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πŸ† Best Essay Topics on Critical Thinking

  1. Critical Thinking to Solve Hard Problems
    The hard problem is a problem without functional explanation as opposed to an easy problem, which involves explanation in the form of what mechanism can perform what function.
  2. Critical Thinking in Education
    Critical thinking is useful for any person because of providing possibilities to analyze the situations and facts appropriately and find effective solutions to problems.
  3. Critical Thinking Tactics for Nurses
    Critical thinking guides nurses to get right information from patients. The concept makes it easier for Nurse to analyze, discuss, and address issues affecting patients.
  4. Critical Thinking and Overpopulation Problem
    Paul-Elder Critical Thinking Framework is used to analyze various social issues. The main purpose should be to understand why overpopulation is a major problem affecting humanity.
  5. Critical Thinking in Five Nursing Process Phases
    Critical thinking in nursing practice is a reasoning process that enables the nurses to generate and implement approaches for dealing with patients.
  6. Humanistic Psychology: Critical Thinking and Issues
    The paper discusses Humanistic Psychology, its peculiarities, and effects on the development of the understanding of human behavior, as well as the difference of the school of Behaviorism.
  7. Critical Thinking in Addressing Dispensing Errors
    Dispensing errors are common and most of them, often, go undetected when dispensing drugs in the hospitals and the pharmacies.
  8. Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgment in Nursing
    Nurses in the current healthcare institutions need to have proper clinical judgment skills that will ensure that their decisions help save the lives of their patients.
  9. Nursing Values: Empathy and Critical Thinking
    The ability to be empathetic and the nurse’s willingness to help the patient is a fundamental variable of nursing. Empathy can create space for the patient’s self-actualization.
  10. Reflection: Critical Thinking and New Habits’ Development
    Reflective learning is one of the most efficient ways of getting some information and developing certain skills. It is based on constant analysis of different kinds of activities.
  11. Learning Environment for Nurses’ Critical Thinking
    The learning environment plays a significant role in the formation of students’ critical thinking abilities. For nursing students, these skills are particularly important.
  12. Television Violence and Critical Thinking
    T.V. viewing is one of the most influential forms of information distribution and behavioral modification in that people tend to believe what they hear from T.V.
  13. Critical Thinking Skills Influence
    The ability to think critically allows a person to identify and resist attempts to manipulate, teaches to keep thoughts clear and structured, and interpret information correctly.
  14. Happy Life: Critical Thinking and Ethics
    Any person has more chances to be happy and successful if some material values are present in the life and do not cause any emotions or feeling.
  15. What Is Critical Thinking?
    Critical thinking is a way of thinking in which the critical thinkers arrive at conclusion through logical means.
  16. Critical Thinking for Managers
    Everyday we are dared to make proper decisions, normally with limited ideas under serious time restrictions; this requires critical thinking.
  17. “Critical Thinking” by Brooke Noel Moore and Richard Parker
    The author of this piece commits some serious logical errors owing to the fact that he/she is trying to convince other readers to support his/her position based on a bad flow of reasoning.
  18. Philosophy of Knowledge and Critical Thinking
    Philosophical inquiries and debates contribute to the students’ critical thinking and encourage them to look at one issue from different angles.
  19. Critical Thinking and Ethics Today
    Ethical interpretations of events are based on various types of viewpoints. Amoralists believe that ethics do not exist.
  20. Critical Thinking for Homeland Security
    The skill of critical thinking is helpful in all areas of people’s lives. It is vital to understand what factors contribute to the development of one’s critical thinking.

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  1. Relationship Between Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Decision-Making, and Stress Management in Nursing
    In nursing practice, many care providers and leaders have to encounter high-stress levels due to the nature of their work.
  2. Homeland Security and Critical Thinking Skills
    The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how a lack of critical thinking skills on a governmental scale could cause long-term issues and threats to homeland security.
  3. Future US President: Arguments & Critical Thinking
    One of the greatest arguments is taking place today in the United States. The argument centers around who will be the running mates of Barack Obama and John McCain.
  4. Social Psychology and Critical Thinking Process
    Obedience to the boss is a common thing and most people take it for granted, the others try to quarrel, thinking that they know better.
  5. Aspect of Sociocentric and Critical Thinking
    We are to learn how to avoid stereotyped thinking and be aware of some peculiarities of different cultures from the point of view of diverse matters, aspects, and ideas.
  6. Characteristics of Critical Thinking and Decision Making
    Critical thinking involves fairness, and it implies in-depth thinking with highly insightful thinking. A critical thinking mind treats every opinion in an unbiased manner.
  7. Critical Thinking: Examples From Literature
    The five stories under analysis allow seeing how critical thinking can be differentiated from pseudo-critical and unsupported ideas of inexperienced people.
  8. Assisted Suicide: Critical Thinking and Rhetoric
    For assisted suicide to have positive consequences for people who yearn for such an early death, the practice must be published and not performed in secret.
  9. The Attributes of Critical Thinking in the Nursing Practice
    The current paper discusses such attributes of critical thinking as curiosity, reflection, rational thought, and intuitive thought.
  10. Reading as a Source of Knowledge, Intelligence, and Critical Thinking
    Reading has always been a source of knowledge, intelligence, and critical thinking, which is an essential element of a contemporary human being.
  11. Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning
    This paper will review the concept of critical thinking and types of logic, as well as key steps in identifying logical arguments.

πŸŽ“ Most Interesting Critical Thinking Research Titles

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  1. Social Media Affecting Critical Thinking
  2. The Performance Classification Systems for Critical Thinking
  3. Sustainable Development Critical Thinking
  4. The Relationship Between Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  5. Relationship Between Listening and Critical Thinking
  6. The Outsourcing Bogeyman Critical Thinking Exercise
  7. Banking Regulation Critical Thinking
  8. The Relationship Between Critical Thinking and Language
  9. Applying Critical Thinking Skills on Academic and Professional
  10. Relationships Between Critical Thinking and Ethics
  11. Various Critical Thinking Skills and Their Uses
  12. The Early Church Critical Thinking
  13. Barriers and Critical Thinking Skills
  14. Assisted Suicide Critical Thinking
  15. The Direct Relationship Between Critical Thinking and Ethics
  16. Relationship Between Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  17. The Importance and Features of Critical Thinking
  18. Using Critical Thinking Skills Creatively
  19. The Education Profession Aims and Improving Critical Thinking
  20. African American Civil Rights Movement Critical Thinking
  21. American Foreign Policy Critical Thinking
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