70 Colonialism Essay Topics

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  1. International Development, Colonialism, Social Inequality and Class Stratification
    A social inequality exists because of inadequate wealth in certain places which hinders these people from accessing goods, housing, and health care.
  2. Colonial Unrest in Virginia, New York and Massachusetts
    The study explores the disturbances or dissatisfactions experienced by colonies such as New York, Virginia and Massachusetts under the control of the colonial states.
  3. Colonial History of the U.S.
    The history of the U.S. reveals a complicated interaction of social, political, and historical factors, which have shaped the nation to its present status.
  4. Cuban Colonial History: The Effects of Spanish Government’s Reforms
    This paper is aimed at examining the effects produced by the reforms that were carried out by the Spanish government in order to improve the defensive capabilities of Cuba.
  5. Religious Experiences of Women in Colonial Latin America
    The religious experiences of women in colonial Latin America were characterized by limitations, cases of sexism, and productive abilities that made it easier for them to mould their lifestyles.
  6. Jules Ferry: A Defense of French Imperialism and Colonialism
    In his speech delivered in the French Chamber of Deputies in 1844, Jules Ferry offered reasoning for the deployment of the colonization policy and imperialism.
  7. European Colonialism and Regression of Africa
    This paper reveals how Europe influenced the regression of Africa and proves that “colonialism in Africa was a one-armed bandit”.
  8. History of Colonial Williamsburg
    The life of the Virginians during the 17th-18th centuries can be examined in detail with the focus on the life in colonial Williamsburg.
  9. China as Africa’s Partner and Not a Colonial Power
    China’s interest in Africa is founded on finding a source of raw materials for its rapidly growing manufacturing sector and securing a ready market for its products.
  10. Is China the New Colonial Power in Africa?
    In spite of the arguments on whether China is colonizing Africa, there is a need to conduct detailed research on the continent’s economy to determine the extent of Chinese interventions.
  11. Post-Colonialism in Nigeria, Jamaica, and Congo
    The post-colonial review of three countries, Nigeria, Jamaica, and Congo, shows that there is a great deal of progress made towards self-governance.
  12. Colonial and Revolutionary America
    While the British forces were perfectly disciplined, armed, and organized, the Patriot army experienced a lack of skilled generals and soldiers as well as a lack of armament.
  13. American Founding Fathers and Colonialism
    Being one of the Founding Fathers, John Dickinson co-signed the U.S. Constitution. Colonialism had a drastic effect on the culture of Native Americans.
  14. European Colonialism in Africa
    Colonialism refers to a governance system in which a powerful country takes control of a weak state by ruling its people and exploiting its resources for economic gain.
  15. Jules Ferry’s Speech “On Colonial Expansion”
    The paper will provide an outline of developments in world trade that Jules Ferry is concerned with, his answers to critics, and non-economic reasons for imperialist expansion.
  16. Jules Ferry’s Defense of French Colonialism
    One of the strong proponents of colonialism in France was Jules Ferry. He was the Prime Minister of France during the existence of the Third Republic.
  17. Jules Ferry on French Colonial Expansion
    The purpose of this paper is to explore and analyse the arguments of Ferry’s critics against the colonial expansion, and non-economic arguments in favor of the imperialism.
  18. Jules Ferry’s Speech on French Colonial Expansion
    Jules Ferry, a politician of the early Third Republic, is famous for his strategy of secular education and the fruitful extension of France as a colonial empire.
  19. Colonialism in Barbara Fuchs’ “Conquering Islands”
    Barbara Fuchs’ analysis of Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” explains the psychology and upbringing of people keen on the ideas of colonialism and slavery.
  20. Colonial Women and Their Role in American Society
    The colonial times turned out to be a real challenge for many women because they had to be ready to change, act, and think.
  21. History of Colonial Mexican Society and the War of Independence
    Modern Mexico and some other territories of North and South America had been under the Spanish rule for a long period of time. These lands supplied Spain with resources.
  22. Jules Ferry’ Views on French Colonial Expansion
    It is worth noting that Jules Ferry was a French public and political leader. He enforced the laws regarding the free and compulsory primary education.
  23. The British Colonial Rule Impact on Kuwaiti Literature
    The proposed research is going to study the impact of the British colonial rule on Kuwaiti literature and the key trends in literature that are connected with foreign influence.

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  1. Law Enforcement in Colonial America
    This paper reviews the realities that faced a police officer in colonial America. His work conditions, salary, and social standing are illustrated.
  2. The Colonial Foundations of Latin American
    Latin America in 1492 offered plenty of riches, populations to Christianize, and territories to conquer. Spain and Portugal conducted the colonization of Latin American.
  3. Labor Systems and the Colonial Labor Diaspora
    The colonists were exploiting the resources in Africa and Asia and this process caused more harm than gain to the inhabitants of the two continents.
  4. Impact of British Colonialism on Indian Economy
    This research paper reveals the impact of British colonialism in the Indian economy, in particular, on textile and agriculture industries, from different points of view.
  5. Colonialism and Slavery in American History
    This essay discusses reasons for colonization by the European countries and compares the slave experience in the upper South and the lower South.
  6. Colonialism and European Refugee Crisis
    Even though many refugees seek to enter European nations due to war, some nations like Britain still consider them marauders escaping poverty.
  7. Colonial Sugar Refinery Company’s Management Practice
    This paper uses the Colonial Sugar Refinery company to analyse how strategic management tools are used in Australian companies.
  8. Herero Holocaust Among European Colonial Genocides
    The source identifies a pattern of events that preceded the holocaust in Germany. As Ter-Matevosyan notes, the holocaust is one of the worst historic moments in modern history.
  9. Colonial America and Massachusetts in 16th Century
    People from Spain, France, The Dutch Republic, and England came to America in search of fortune, freedom from religious persecution, and for a variety of other reasons.
  10. Colonial History of Canada: Two Viewpoints on Amerindian-European Cultures
    Throughout the years, numerous researchers and historians have studied the colonial period in the history of Canada.
  11. Women and Natives in Colonial America
    During the Colonial era of world history, Europeans explored other continents looking for new land, valuable resources, and trade opportunities.
  12. Central Government from the Colonial Era to the Civil War
    Being a subject of the British Empire, American colonies were dependent on the Crown and had limited power and no ability for self-determination.
  13. Colonialism and Post-Colonialism in the Middle East
    Examining the history of the development of the Middle Eastern countries can help understand what affected and shaped this region.
  14. Settler Colonialism and Indigenous People’s Rights
    The purpose of this paper is to give a detailed literature review of the issue of settler colonialism in Israel and Palestine and the position of the indigenous people.
  15. Issues of Experiences of Africans in the Colonial Period
    Racial discrimination in America of the 18th century concerned mostly the African population of this land. In the majority of cases, this population was not native in the area.
  16. Colonialism: Impacts in Latin America
    Most historical archives of countries in Latin America will mention colonialism as a vital aspect in reshaping the democracy in their respective states.
  17. Women & Power of Pre-Colonial Latin America
    The paper describes the role of women in household and community actions in pre-colonial Southern America’s civilizations.
  18. The Origin of European Colonialism
    The writing describes the origins and main events of the European colonization period and the influence of such expansions.
  19. Contesting Laws: Culture, Colonialism, and Land
    The paper looks at both the negative and positive dimensions of three critical areas in relation to the Australian Aboriginal native title – anthropology, archaeology, and history.
  20. The Rwanda Genocide and the Colonial Politics
    The Rwanda genocide was because of negative ethnicity which was brought out by the politicians. Were politicians more careful in what they say and do, such events can be avoided.
  21. European Colonialism in the Middle East
    The world history is versatile in events which outlined contemporary shaping of the world. The factors which were advantageous for the area and the effects of them are at a core of the discussion.
  22. Colonial Division of Labor: Rich and Poor Nations
    The problem of social inequality is deeply historically rooted. People’s being divided into poor and rich is primarily connected with the appearance of propriety.
  23. Phenomenon of the Anti-Colonialism
    In this text, the author tries to investigate the phenomenon of anti-colonialism, as well as a quick analysis of the print media.
  24. Features of Post-Colonial Literature
    Postcolonial literature – in this work, the author talks about the various aspects that characterize and distinguish it.

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  1. Racism, Colonialism, and Indigeneity in Canada
  2. The Colonialism and Imperialism in China in the 19th Century
  3. Were the African People Partially Responsible for Colonialism?
  4. Capitalism Was the Gift of European Colonialism
  5. The Vietnam War Was the Result of Anti Colonialism
  6. British Colonialism and the Impact of British Imperialism
  7. How Did European Colonialism Affect Aborigines
  8. The Long-Lasting Effects of Colonialism on Africa
  9. American Identity and Colonialism
  10. Slavery and Colonial Rule During Colonialism
  11. Colonialism and Its Effects on African Americans
  12. The Middle East From Colonialism to 1948
  13. British Colonialism and Its Effects on Shaping Pakistani Culture
  14. The Causes and Effects of Colonialism in Africa
  15. Indians, Contact, and Colonialism in the Deep South
  16. British Colonialism and Its Linguistic Consequences
  17. Imperialism and Colonialism and Their Differences
  18. The Pros and Cons of Spanish Colonialism
  19. Regional Colonialism and the Southern Economy
  20. The Effect British Colonialism Had on the Indian Way of Life
  21. Portuguese Expansion and Colonialism in the 16th Century
  22. Social and Economic Impact of Colonialism in Egypt
  23. The Empire and Colonialism in Asia
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