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  1. Religious Values of Peace and War in Islam and Christianity
    The paper proves that it is not the religious beliefs that define people’s existential mode, but people’s racial affiliation defines the essence of their religious beliefs
  2. Nature of Christianity: Political Resistance versus Cultural Assimilation
    Religion as a phenomenon has a complex social purpose and is typically viewed as a source of spirituality and ethical development of its proponents.
  3. Christianity in Rome During the 1st to 5th Centuries
    Christianity started as an apparently unknown sect of Judaism. It survived persecution to become an important part of the Roman Empire.
  4. Christian Teaching by Saint Augustine
    Saint Augustine was a philosopher who tried to explain the role of religion in society by observing that any decision has to be based on the teaching of God in the scripture.
  5. Christianity Role in Positive Environmental Changes
    Christianity is an ideal platform for instating positive environmental changes through personal approaches. This is because the church can easily mobilize and educate the masses.
  6. Classical Christianity: Faith, Beliefs, and Practices
    Classical Christianity connects between the present and the past thus permitting continuity in faith, beliefs, and practices.
  7. Christians and Killing
    Christians living in this contemporary world face violence. When a family gets to the point of danger, the family members have to defend the family.
  8. Homosexuality From a Christian Point of View
    In the Old Testament, every person knew that homosexuality was an abominable sin, hated and disgusting even to mention.
  9. Roman Catholicism Vs Protestant Christianity
    This paper examines the differences between the beliefs of the Roman Catholicism and the mainstream Protestant Christianity.
  10. Early Christianity in Asia
    A critical review of early Christianity reveals that it has its roots in the Middle East. The historical fact is undeniable in spite of the fact that the region is currently dominated by the Islamic faith.
  11. The Christian and Buddhist Perspectives in Healthcare
    This paper purposes to conduct a comparative analysis on the Christian and Buddhist perspectives regarding healthcare provision and its implications for healthcare practice.
  12. Judaism and Christianity: Revelational or Worshipful?
    Ascher suggests that Judaism and Christianity may be regarded as revealed religions. Formstecher thinks that Christianity and Judaism can be viewed as forms of spiritual worship.
  13. Biomedical Ethics Study in the Christian Narrative
    The case study at hand contains several controversial issues that can be called pressing if regarded in the context of the Christian narrative and Christian vision.
  14. Biomedical Ethics in Christian Narrative
    The case study demonstrates how religious beliefs, in this case, Christian beliefs have a negative influence on the treatment of a patient.
  15. Reviewing Leadership: A Christian Evaluation
    Reviewing Leadership: A Christian Evaluation of Current Approaches by Banks & Ledbetter analyzes the influence of leadership from a theological point of view.
  16. Discipleship in Christianity and Its Five Stages
    Discipleship is a core element of Christianity and it enables believers to start their journey in the companionship of Christ.
  17. Christian Mentor Interview on Religion or Spirituality
    Mentorship is one of the critical components of the modern understanding of religion or spirituality. Nonetheless, some experts disregard the role of mentors in their lives.
  18. The Christian Worldview: Fundamental Elements
    The number of Christians has steadily been growing in the recent past. The article below focuses on the fundamental elements of the Christian worldview and their effects.
  19. Death and Dying in Christianity and Buddhism
    Using Christianity and Buddhism as two diverse religious perspectives, this discussion explores how patient’s health demands can be met by healthcare practitioners.
  20. Christianity and Buddhism for Terminally Ill Patient
    The patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has been thinking about euthanasia. Christianity and Buddhism offer different answers to death-related questions.
  21. Euthanasia in Christianity and Buddhism
    This paper provides a discussion on a case study on euthanasia of a man, who finds out he has a severe disease that will disable him within several years.
  22. Christianity and Europe in the Middle Ages
    The paper discusses the changes in the belief system the Western European Christian societies underwent in the Middle Ages to develop the Catholic intellectual tradition.
  23. Organ Transplantation in Christian Beliefs
    According to the principles and beliefs of Christians, the child’s health is always under the God’s control, which let his parents refuse the necessary medical treatment.
  24. Christianity Beliefs and Practices
    Christianity is one of the most popular religions in the world. Generally, Christians believe in the existence of one Supreme Being (God), who is the creator of the universe.
  25. Christianity in Western Civilization and Thought
    The adoption of Christianity by the majority of Western Civilization peoples triggered by multiple changes in the social and political structures of the society.
  26. Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative
    Christians believe that God controls everything including people’s health. He creates diseases and makes people ill in order to reach some purpose and show His power.
  27. Euthanasia as a Christian Ethical Dilemma
    The issue of euthanasia has been quite topical over the past few years. It is viewed as inadmissible from the Christian perspective.
  28. Bioethics: Medical Help or Christian Beliefs?
    The patient’s parents are facing an ethical quandary that requires them to allow the medical practitioner to intervene or follow their Christian teachings.
  29. Biomedical Ethics: Saving Life vs. Christian Narrative
    The report analyzes a case that revolves around biomedical ethics in the Christian narrative and examines the principles that apply to the case of Mike based on pre-prepared questions.
  30. Human Life and Death in Christianity and Buddhism
    Illness often leads to agony and prompts the search for the meaning of life as people try to understand the reasons behind their predicaments.
  31. The Christian Worldview: Gospel Essentials
    This essay is a benchmark assignment paper that gives an overview analytical summary of the Christian worldview. It also highlights some of the essentials of the philosophical framework.
  32. Christian Personal Skills and Knowledge
    Leadership audits turns out to be a significant contribution to the development of a person as a Christian and as a leader. These audits show the distance a person and God have between.
  33. Christian Disciple, Obedience, and Teaching
    This paper discusses the issues pertaining discipleship in Christianity, including obedience to Christ, teaching, and helping others obey and become Disciples of Christ.
  34. Medical Ethics: Christianity and Buddhism Perspectives
    Ethical concerns are present in any working conditions. However, ethics in medicine is particularly important, and it has many complicated issues.
  35. The Manifestation of Christianity and Rastafarian
    This paper shows conclusively that different religious movements have developed their unique rituals, belief systems, and myths.
  36. The Christian Worldview and Key Concepts
    The principles of Christian faith manifest themselves in not only the aspects of one’s life related to religious traditions but also regular life.
  37. Christianity and Rastafarianism Comparison
    Several religious movements have emerged in the recent past. Rastafarianism is one of these movements and follows most of the ideals held by Christians.

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  1. Christian Teachings vs. Biomedical Ethics: Illogical Decisions and Treatment Issues
    This paper shows the situation of James who has exposed his parents to an ethical dilemma as they are torn between following the physician’s directives or exercising their faith.
  2. Judaism and Christianity as Revelational Religions
    The characteristic of Judaism and Christianity as revelational religions is attributed to the German writer and translator Saul Ascher.
  3. Death from Christian and Buddist Perspectives
    This discussion examines the case of a patient with a terminal condition from two different religious perspectives: Christian and Buddhist.
  4. Contemporary Democratic Ideals and Christian Tradition
    In the given paper, democracy will be regarded as the value-based ideal of social order that implies the presence of a particular worldview aligned with it.
  5. Biblical Christianity: God and Evil
    Biblical Christianity represents God as a figure who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and inherently benevolent. However, people also cannot deny that evil is a part of this world.
  6. Christian Salvation as One of the Main Paradigms of Christianity
    The concepts of different Gospels are compared, for instance, the texts of St. Luke and St. John have different positions regarding an opportunity to count on the mercy of God.
  7. Christian Doctrines and Church Attendance
    Christianity as a religion has many faith groups and denominations which subscribe to various specific set of doctrines, based on various interpretations of the Bible.
  8. Hans Christian Andersen’ Works Analysis
    Hans Christian Andersen can be described as an author in children’s literature. Many people are familiar with the works of this author.
  9. Wedding Session in Christian Religious Tradition
    Upon requesting the church leader to attend one of the services, he welcomed me to the wedding session that was going to take place the following week.
  10. Christian Counseling for Marriage and Family
    This paper discusses Christian counseling for marriage and family described in “Love and Respect” by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.
  11. Counseling: Clinician as Christian
    A practical example of Christian counseling can explain its principles fully. A lot of approaches to counseling, the main of which are psychology-based, Bible only, and open-minded approaches.
  12. Christians and Going to Church
    It is important for Christians to meet regularly apart from the times when one may be in a hospital bed or working in a place where no church is available.
  13. Christian Eschatology: The Destiny of the Unsaved
    Many Christians ask this question: why does loving God allow His creatures to suffer in Hell? Can an idea of eternal punishment be compared with the love of God?
  14. Issues of Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative and Christian Vision
    The given case study describes rather a controversial situation, in which Christian vision comes into conflict with common sense, ethics, and medical science.
  15. Christianity as a Contemporary World Religion
    Christianity is a religion that has been in existence for many centuries. Its teachings are embraced and followed by many believers in different parts of the world.
  16. Christianity and Feminism: Differences in Beliefs
    Christianity is contradictory to feminism as it is the ideology of the individual who may not be eager to build a family but can contribute to society in other ways.
  17. Christianity History from Various Viewpoints
    Views on Christianity as one of the world’s major religions are largely shaped by the experience of generations and those laws that are considered inviolable and eternal.
  18. Christianity in Hirsch’s and Formstecher’s Portrayals
    While Formstecher advocated for the separation from the religious bonds to build a better society, Hirsch insisted on the premise of Judaism playing an integral role in society.
  19. Salvation in Christianity and Scientific Arguments
    When it comes to discussing the validity of the Christian salvation thesis, many people tend to do it in an emotionally charged manner.
  20. Doctrinal Statements in Christianity
    Doctrinal statements serve three different purposes: providing instruction, creating and securing group identity, and establishing common beliefs.
  21. Karl Rahner’s Concept of Anonymous Christians
    Karl Rahner introduced the idea of anonymous Christians stating that not only individuals who profess faith can be loved by God.
  22. Sikhism and Christianity: A View on Life and Death
    The purpose of this essay is to discuss the relationship between the two religious movements to the purpose of human life and the phenomenon of the afterlife.
  23. The Historical Rise of Christianity
    We will try to gain insight into the peculiarities of this new religion, so-called Christianity, and investigate its main differences from Judaism.
  24. The Concept of Death in Perspectives of Christianity and Hinduism
    Each individual interprets and deals with such situations according to personal values. This perspective is often based on a system of beliefs such as a religion.
  25. Cosmic Christianity: Eliade’s “Myth and Reality”
    For this paper, the subheading “Cosmic Christianity” was selected from the chapter in Mircea Eliade’s novel “Myth and Reality” to be reflected upon and analyzed in closer detail.
  26. Baptism in Christianity: History and Meaning of the Rite
    Baptism is among the oldest Christian sacraments, as it has been introduced in the Bible and is likely older than the writing.
  27. Euthanasia Decision Regarding Christian Worldview
    This paper has revealed that religious worldviews can guide people to make evidence-based decisions whenever dealing with complex issues, such as suicide and euthanasia.
  28. Death & Dying Ethics in Christianity and Buddhism
    The paper will discuss the attitude toward the deliberate ending of life from the viewpoint of Christianity and Buddhism.
  29. Incurable Disease in Christianity and Buddhism
    This paper examines Christianity and Buddhism in regards to views on life and death and applies the concepts to the case study of a patient with an untreatable illness.
  30. Death & Dying Ethics in Hinduism and Christianity
    Death and dying are essential notions in belief systems. In some religions, death brings an end to a person’s existence, in others, the soul continues to exist in the afterlife.
  31. Death & Dying Ethics in Buddhism and Christianity
    The paper describes the ethical challenge the patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is facing and the best approaches to support him using religious values or ideas.
  32. Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Context
    Biomedical ethics is a field that many practitioners should take seriously. Healthcare providers should liaise with the targeted patients in order to provide competent care.
  33. Medical and Christian Ethics in Pediatric Settings
    The lack of understanding between the parents and the physician of the child diagnosed with kidney failure leads to poor decision-making.
  34. Augustine’s On Christian Doctrine Literary Criticism
    In Augustine’s famous treatise, On Christian Doctrine emphasis is on the interpretation of the Bible, dealing with philosophical principles for the Christian use of the scripture.
  35. Death Explanation in Christian Religion
    Human death has been explained in many different ways by the different religions existing in this global world.
  36. The Death of Jesus in Early Christianity by Carroll & Green
    This writing reflects on the book ‘The Death of Jesus in Early Christianity’ by Carroll and Green and proposes a unique approach and interpretation of the primary text.
  37. A History of Christian Church: Gnosticism
    The basic line of Gnostic ideas is the radical dualism in relations between the God and the world, the person and the world.

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  1. Iroquois: History and the Effect of Christianity
    The work discusses the Iroquois and the effect of Christian mission on their culture, which resulted in the adoption of new religious beliefs and changes in the gender roles.
  2. Christian Foundations in Government: Human Trafficking
    Human trafficking or trafficking in human beings is defined as the movement of people without their consent, usually by force for the intention of sexual or labor exploitation.
  3. Christian Foundations and Cultural Engagement
    This paper evaluates the call to Christian cultural engagement. Lewis, Charles, Leithart, and others espoused the necessity of embracing a Christian framework.
  4. Hinduism Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Comparison
    This paper compares Hinduism on the one part, and Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on the other part based on the existent points commonality in the Abrahamic religions.
  5. Evangelism in Christians Analysis
    Evangelism is the endeavor of Christians to convert people who do not believe in Christianity or who belong to other religions to convert to Christianity.
  6. Deontology, Christianity and Codes of Conduct
    From a Christian worldview, integrity means overall good and devotion to laws and regulations applied to accounting profession.
  7. Judaism, Christianity, Islam as World Religions
    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam can be called world religions, which is contrary to specific national religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism have an international character.
  8. Western Civilization: Christian Heresies
    Establishment of the orthodox Christianity result from the emergency of the danger of new converts following teachings that differed from those widely accepted by Christianity.
  9. Christianity Framework: Personal Evaluation
    This paper is an evaluation of this framework along with a brief analysis of Christianity which was chosen as referent religion for this framework.
  10. “Christianity and the Class Struggle” by Abraham Kuyper
    Abraham Kuyper’s opening address to the first Christian social congress in Amsterdam in 1891 had an electrifying consequence on the emerging Christian social movement.
  11. Contribution to Christian and Business Leadership
    This paper will relate the topic of my study which is Christian leadership in the IT workplace with the mission statement of the School of Advanced Studies.
  12. Christianity and Buddhism: Religion Comparison
    Christianity only became a religion, in full sense of this word, when materialistic spirit of Judaism was being transformed into something opposite to what it originally used to be by European mentality.
  13. Judaism and Christianity Comparison
    Judaism and Christianity grew at the same time, they had the same conditions, which predetermine some common features. But they have a different understanding of the world.
  14. Core Elements of Christian Understanding of Salvation
    Salvation is a journey in which one has to work it out her or himself. There are six main elements or principles of eternal salvation
  15. Christian Salvation: Essential Elements
    The course of Salvation is completed by man’s acceptance of God’s proposal to save him. Man is a sinner and this is the situation that requires salvation.
  16. Biblical Terms Used in Christian Counseling
    The available statistical data points out the fact that, during recent decades, the popularity of Christian counseling among citizens has been growing in exponential progression.
  17. Christianity, Islam and Judaism Similarities
    The main factor in the three religions is that they are all Abrahamic religions. They identify with the same spiritual father called Abraham, the father to Isaac and Ishmael.
  18. Christianity and Its Interpretation of World Formation
    This paper is dedicated to compare one of the world’s most spread religions, Christianity, and its interpretation of the world formation with the beliefs of Native Americans
  19. Christianity in South Korea and Japan
    Korean Christianity started growing in 1785. The good news was brought to Korea by the Catholic converts who learned about Christianity in China.
  20. The Role of Medieval Roman Catholicism in Christianity
    The Roman Catholic Church is the mother of all Christianity that made tremendous progress in the Medieval Ages that amazingly changed the face of Christianity.
  21. Christian Spirituality in History and Today
    The question of spirituality and relationship of a man and God should be topical today taking into consideration the present cultural and ethical situation in contemporary society.
  22. Marks of Christian Maturity
    One of the major features of the Christian faith is the teaching that the believer must never stop growing in knowledge, wisdom and character.
  23. World Religions: Islam vs Christianity
    In this paper, Islamic knowledge will be attained from an interview with a Sheikh (a teacher of the Islamic faith in a Mosque).
  24. Buddhism and Christianity: Understanding of Religions
    This essay is intended to help bring out the Buddhist’s understanding of Christianity and correct the wrong perceptions through pointing out relevant scriptures.
  25. Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Comparative Analysis
    This research paper will seek to undertake a comparative analysis of the three major world religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
  26. The Story of Christian Music
    The work describes the formation and development of Christian music, the earliest forms of its existence, the use of Christian music in the framework of music therapy.
  27. Judaism’s Impact on Jewish Art and Early Christianity
    Judaism is the most ancient monotheistic religious observance, it is viewed as a way of life as well as the religion of Jews.
  28. A Marriage Built on Christian Love
    In this essay, the author discusses how love should actually be understood according to Christian beliefs, and what is a factor in a strong marriage.
  29. Comparing Islam, Christianity, and Judaism Religions
    This research paper will compare and contrast Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in terms of origination, foundation, beliefs, rituals, and major prophets.
  30. Did Christianity or Islam Liberate Women?
    Islam and Christianity recognize the impacts of patriarchal culture on religion, and the way religious interpretations can condone oppressive practices towards women in society.
  31. Why a Christian Environment Appeals to Me
    The Christian environment is appealing to me because of its advocacy for brotherhood and love among humanity, there is no judgment from fellow true believers.
  32. Christian Social Concern in Pentecostal Perspective
    The Pentecostal mission has grown and now has many followers who believe in God, and they just keep growing in number.
  33. Importance of Speaking in Tongues in Christianity
    In this paper, we will focus on the mystery of speaking in tongues, where it originated from and its significance especially to the Pentecostal Christian believers.
  34. Christianity and the Issues of the Later Roman Empire
    The necessity of establishing new approach to the problem of Christianity emerged as the reaction on rather unfortunate events in military spheres which could affect the empire’s development.
  35. Biomedical Ethics and the Christian Narrative: Balancing Interest in the Patient’s Well-Being and Trust in God
    This paper examines a case of a family with a diseased child that tries to balance their interest in his well-being and trust in God.
  36. The Concept of God in Christian, Islamic and Hindu Religions
    This paper proposes a comparison and juxtaposition of the concept of God in the Christian, Islamic and Hindu religions.

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  1. Christianity Challenges, Mandates, and Dualism
  2. Biblical Theological Tensions Between Islam and Christianity
  3. Catholic Christianity and Islam: A Case for Comparison and Contrast
  4. Christianity and Rastafarianism – a Discussion of Six Similarities
  5. Christianity and African Traditional Religion in Kumasi
  6. Christianity and Religion According to on Liberty and a Letter Concerning Toleration
  7. Christianity and Its Impact on the United States
  8. Christianity: Living the Sermon on the Mount for Three Days
  9. Doctrinal Development and Its Compatibility With Belief in the Abiding Truth of Christianity
  10. Converting the Native Americans to Christianity
  11. Differences Between Mormonism and Christianity
  12. Christianity and Its Place in the Greco Roman World
  13. Christianity and Judaism and the Rites of Circumcision and Burial
  14. Christianity and Yoruba Are Two Great Religions
  15. Christianity and Paganism: The Key to Adventure
  16. Christianity, Scientific Revolution, and Industrial Revolution
  17. Chinese Women’s Rights and the Impact of Christianity
  18. Differences Between Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity Religion
  19. Christianity vs. Neopaganism: The Human Condition, Theodicy, and Soteriology
  20. Differences Between Greek Mythology and Christianity

💡 Simple Christianity Essay Ideas

  1. Financial Indulgence Saved Christianity in Europe
  2. Christianity and Politics: The Christian Way of Life
  3. Christianity and the Complete Opposite of the Religion
  4. Christianity and Islam View on Human Nature and the Human Condition, Freewill and Fatalism, Equality and Difference and the Value of Human
  5. Christianity and Religious Influence of the Romanesque Period
  6. Christianity and Its Effects on the Formation of Identity Among South Koreans
  7. Christianity and Its Effects on Modern Culture and Society
  8. Christianity and Traditional Culture: A Study of Their Judging Principles That Generate Conflict in Modern African Societies
  9. Finding the Genuine Happiness in the Religion of Christianity
  10. Christianity: Historical Background, Key Principle and Doctrines, Current Followers, Intolerance, and Key Ceremonial Practices
  11. Christianity and Its Impact on the World of the 20th Century Essay
  12. Christianity and Biblical Christian Worldview
  13. Christianity: Roman Empire and Christian Persecution
  14. Charles Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory and Christianity Creationism
  15. Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Its Differences to the Western Church
  16. Christianity Judaism and Islam Theology Religion
  17. Christianity and Religion: The Role and Importance of Women
  18. Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist Initiations of Christianity
  19. Christianity, Where Art Thou: Examining Religion, Mythology, and Mysticism in Film
  20. Christianity and Judaism: Subjects to Endless Corruption

📌 Easy Christianity Essay Topics

  1. Alleged Belief Conflict Between Christianity and Science
  2. Christianity and Moral Systems: Nietzsche’s Perspectivism
  3. Christianity and the Religious Services of Each Religion
  4. African Traditional Religion, Christianity, and Islam Assignment
  5. Christianity Claims That Suicide Is a Form of Murder
  6. Evangelical Christianity and the Holy Spirit
  7. Europe Between Secularization and Christianity Religion
  8. Christianity and Islam and Their Views on Life After Death
  9. Christianity and the New Germanic Kingdoms
  10. Christianity and the Cubiculum: Spiritual Politics and Domestic Space in Late Antique Rome
  11. Christians Truly Promote Christianity Through Fellowship
  12. Christianity and Its Impact on the Creation of the World
  13. Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality
  14. Christianity and Hinduism: According to the Human Truth
  15. Charismatic and Pentecostal Christianity and Spiritual Gifts
  16. Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Christianity
  17. Christianity and Christ Changes and Controversy via Seven Councils Over Centuries
  18. Craft Guilds and Christianity in Late-Medieval England
  19. Christianity and Judaism Development Influenced by Zoroastrianism
  20. Christianity and the Church in Europe From the Fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th Century Ad to 1600 Ad
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