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The Phenomenon of the ADHD Disorder


Concerning this issue, the paper analyzes the facts represented for whether or not attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is real. The disorder has been analyzed according to the views of two articles. One of the articles argues that the condition is a real disorder while the other does not express this perception towards the views on ADHD. The analysis has been made on two articles written by Rogers Wright, a psychologist with an argument against the condition as a real disorder. The other text was written by the mental institute of health from the health department in the US.

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The first article written by the mental unit in the health department supports the fact that ADHD condition is a real disorder caused biologically and mainly affects people during their young age. The condition affects children and the effects are felt in their adult hood. The disorder accounts for a substantial percentage of children in the United States. However, the second article written by Rodger White disputes this fact and argues that the condition is an extreme diagnosis that affects both children and people in their adulthood

Presentable facts on ADHD

These articles mainly analyze the argument about ADHD. According to the health officers, the condition is a disorder that mainly affects people in their young age. This is described by the way children behave, the way they talk, their ability to remember actions and the way they carry themselves. The condition has mostly affected American population because most of their children are diagnosed with this condition. Hyperactivity in America involves characteristics such as; talking excessively, running around, restlessness among other wild behaviors.

This condition affects most of America’s children due to ignorance of their parents on hyperactive characters. Since all people have the weakness of getting excited and hyper activity, they end up confusing the condition. However, the condition is associated with actions performed more often than the required ability according to the person’s age. Another fact based on this article argues that the condition mostly affects young people who face the symptoms at an old age. This significantly shows that ADHD is a disorder brought about by biological effects in a child’s upbringing.

The article written by Rodgers Wright however argues that the condition is not real and is an extreme disorder that does not only affect young people but also affects adults. The author points out that the condition is also experienced by ordinary people in their daily lives. Information based on the article further proves the fact that diagnosis of the condition is relative and the specialists prescribe other conditions for ADHD. This article stresses that the specialists acknowledge the point of most Americans being hyperactive. Most people therefore assume that children suffer from the condition due to their involvement in interactive events. Most active children are looked over in the sense of motivation yet they suffer from hyperactivity because of their dullness and poor discipline (Gangadean, 2008).

Opinions based on the facts

The opinions brought forward by the mental institute suggest that all children, especially those in preschool should be properly attended to since some of their behaviors may be overlooked. This is approved by the benefits of diagnosing ADHD since it helps in dealing with the conditions inefficiency. Main points based on the effects condition show that it is genetic and biological from the assessment of children’s brains. The condition strongly affects the victims when compared to the children not diagnosed. ADHD also affects the ability of children in school performance since they experience lack of concentration in class and have anti-social behaviors due to hyperactivity and distraction.

Rodger Wrights disputes the diagnosis. The article brings out the opinion that the condition should be overlooked and instead be diagnosed as brain syndrome. This should be done because the conditions arise from tiredness and distraction from external behavior. Since distraction mostly arises from impulsiveness, the disorder should not be classified as a psychological occurrence. The article further brings forward the opinion that ADHD should not be classified according to children’s hyperactivity since different people behave in different ways. The main advantages of this article deduce that the condition can be dealt with by immediate treatment to children with weird signs of such conditions.

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To add on this opinion, ADHD does not affect all personalities with impulsiveness and inattentiveness. However, this happens because human beings have the tendency to utter unintended words in reaction to particular issues. Therefore, the chance of disorganization in a person’s speech becomes high. This shows that, in order for a person to be diagnosed with ADHD, extensive examination should be done on the person’s ability in terms of the in appropriate reaction and expression towards problems. This support is based on both the diagnosis of the condition and the argument about its prevalence. The article suggests that the diagnosis need to be reached after extensive examination of the client. This relies on the fact stated since the condition needs a far-reaching observation and diagnosis from well trained clientele (Gangadean, 2008).

Strengths weaknesses and credibility of the authors

The condition is a real disorder because it affects children since they are at high risks of suffering from behavioral conditions. The knowledge about this condition helps parents to observe their children with caution. This enables them to realize whether the young ones have weird behaviors that may lead to ADHD. The fact that impulsiveness occurs in different ways with symptoms varying according to the environment and setting shows that ADHD is a real disorder, which should be constantly observed in a child’s growth. Credibility of the mental unit is allowed because it gives chance for the examination of children who harbor funny behaviors. These acts based on their hyper active actions and response to simple tasks. The article advises that all children who show signs of the conditions should be examined for adequate measures. However, the opinions have some weaknesses since it is not approved because there are several arguments against it. One of the arguments is based on the fact that hyperactivity is evaluated according to the person’s upbringing. The fact also faces some weaknesses because it presumes that the condition exists in all impulsive children.

According to Rodger Wrights, the condition is not biological since most of the children especially in America are hyperactive. This is influenced by their exposure to the real world at an early age (Gangadean, 2008). These facts are advantageous to the American community because, most people assume the existence of the disorder in their children based on the impulsiveness and reaction to basic facts. In the article, the author points out the importance of proper assessment of children before diagnosing them with ADHD. This argument stresses the point that fatigue in children due to their activity causes hyperactivity. Therefore, these conditions do not presume the ability of children suffering from the disorder. The article further describes the condition to be exaggerated because it is a general observation on people from different environments and societies. The credibility of the author in this argument is justified from the idea that the healing of such conditions depends on improperly evaluated ideas. The author also suggests that diagnosis of the ADHD condition should be done according to the localities of the victims. Furthermore, the condition should not be presumed as a child disorder since when diagnosed, it affects people to their old age.

Importance of ADHD observation as areal disorder

Between the two articles, the mental unit in the health department is true to argue that this condition is biological. This is based on the facts and opinions suggested because most of America’s young population suffers from the disorder in either one way or another. It is therefore appropriate that the community as a whole examine their children from hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. This approach enables the community to recognize children with such conditions and avail them for medication. The approach also helps to reduce ADHD in the society which normally results from ignorance of the children’s parents.

Contemporary research

The contemporary research supports the argument that the condition is a natural disorder. Based on the symptoms, an example of the condition is reached upon since the behavior is notable in most children in the American society. The condition of hyperactivity is mostly confused due to children’s association in sports, the way they react to problems and their impulsiveness (Gangadean, 2008). Another example witnessed in the American society is the disruptiveness associated with children. This shows the ignorance in the society towards the ADHD condition.


The articles enable a critical analysis towards the ADHD disorder. One of the articles supports the fact that the condition is a mental disorder mostly observed in children. The other source argues that the condition is not biological but arises depending on the social environment. Based on the articles’ argument, it is evident that many facts are not considered in evaluating whether the condition is natural or not. Therefore, the analysis describes the thought of the conditions credibility.


Gangadean, S. (2008). Philosophical foundation: a critical analysis of basic beliefs. New York: University Press of America.

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