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Racism in Campus of the Montclair State University Effect


The paper analyzes the effect of racism on campus according to how I did the interview. Ethnic in Montclair State University (MSU) is real according to the findings I got from the interview I conducted. I found out that both my interviewee felt that their high school education did prepare them for college education; they were also from a middle-class background but diverse ethnic set up. One is Caucasian white and the other is from an African American origin both the interviewee differs on the number of the minority in the faculty. From these two students, we can critically evaluate our understanding of self on the topic of race and ethnicity in MSU.

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Effect of racism on the selection of friends on the campus

From the interview, I have conducted the student are very likely to form friends only if their high school background had diversity. If the student high school background had race issues the student will have trouble associating with another student because this faculty is most diversified, the only main concern if the student has a Caucasian background for they are the majority in this faculty this could have some implications on racism if the student come from the discussed background. This would help spread racism if not early detected (Blank, 2001). Though the faculty pride it’s self with racial and ethnic control by certain programs and including diverse social groups for students so as not to isolate certain members of a certain community. The high school background and economic-social class also do play major roles in how students will make friends though this is not a very big issue as making friends are rampant but socializing would now be the determining factor if the friendship was genuine or bias to fool the faculty or friends. In my view of things, the faculty should access the high school background for the entire student who enrolls in this faculty; this will help to monitor those with racist attributes based on their high school background of segregation or racism.

Influence of racism on how students make friends

Diversity plays a major role in friend selection as one feels comfortable in a circle that seems to understand one’s lifestyle. These ethnic cycles are the refuge for those who are shy in socializing with other diverse races. Interest from different diverse background plays major roles in this too, different clothing tastes, socialization cycles, different music tastes, and also interracial relationships although not a major issue in the social class this plays a major role and its one of those issues that need attention, for this affect how student network even in this social groups set up by the faculty. Making it mandatory for the entire students in the faculty to join other social ventures outside their social circles would reduce these.

Role of diversity in promotion of racism in the university

High school diversity plays as the recreation of the way the student will relate in college, if the background of a student had segregation in socializing at high school level they are sure bound to carry it through to college. However, if they change then they tend not to focus on or ignore diversity matters ignorantly but sometimes knowingly though not paying any attention. Like the case of the white interviewee, he claims to observe that the faculty has a minority in ample staff and faculty, and then when asked if diversity affects MSU he claims “No” this is because from his interview we see that his high school had diversity issues as he observes that most social groups were segregated (Gallagher, 2006). We see that the other black American interviewee observes that his high school did not have any segregation in socializing or groups and you will observe he is very positive on matters concerning diversity. The school should categorize such characters and know how to enlighten them about the importance of diversity and why it’s essential in the faculty to minimize ignorance. This will help in pinpointing where the problems may arise.

Significance of racial or ethnic-based on student groups on campus

These will help to reduce segregation in the faculty and increases inter-race and ethnic relationships and bonding. This is very good for those who are shy, they meet students can express their prowess in activities marked by theses, social groups. These also help to tame those who have racism and help them not to exploit their vices of racism as these groups are monitored by faculty staff or students member who reports to the faculty staff.

Perception of students if the campus is diverse

The student does perceive the student to be diverse on their part as the faculty has devised an appropriate way for alienating ethnicity close groups that encourage diversity and this mostly leads to scandals, as this group targets the minorities groups which tend to excel in school. The student though feels that the faculty has not addressed the diversity issues in the staff deployment, as they claim that there is a minority in ample staff and faculty staff (Jongman & Schmid, 2009). They however all agree that decide that which only affects them by discrimination by some of their professors, the faculty is very diverse and all ethnic and races issues are not condoned by the board of the faculty.

Racism in campus

There is no racism in this faculty in all respect on the faculty and the student part, the complaint from the students of the professors are a mere fabrication of the dislike for a certain class or how certain professor lectures their lessons, based on the grading that the students get they tend to discriminate the professors themselves.

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Effects of Racism on students at Montclair State University

Racism does not affect the student of these faculty because there are no cases reported about such issues as the faculty is very strict on such matters and because all pursuant of this level of education is past the prosecution level it’s a crime for the pursuant of this kind of oppression so there no such cases here. Though if this was the case the student would have a very unpleasant time in the faculty, this would lower their grades.

How the students who are enrolled at university have been trained to mitigate the spread of racism in the university

Depending on the student’s motivation to go to a good college then high school is the recreation center for the student to nature their young mind. High schools shape the mind of young minds and are deemed as the stepping stone for those who are under higher learning. They develop an interest in the kind of studies detailed by the career objectives they want to pursue and parental guidance is very helpful here but not use of force but support to the youth in deciding which subject to heed to achieve the kind of career they want to pursue later in life.

Racism effect on preparation for college

Racism affects the grade of students who are under good grades for a good place in a good college. The bad grades will alienate the student who wanted to join college and this will only help in frustrating them and result in very active mind becoming idle resulting in crimes or substance abuse de to frustration. This kind of rough neighborhood deters a student to go through to college by indulging the youth into indecent groups which are basically due to peer pressure or just poverty limiting them good grades and deterring them a place in a good college or lack of scholarship as many dully depends on scholarship due to financial difficulties (News Batch, 2009).


Depending on the student’s high school and neighborhood segregation, the level of diverse thinking and acknowledgment is seriously determined by these factors. The student whose high school years is marred with ethnicity is not going to recover from these attribute and will practice segregation in the new environment, and if they won’t practice these ugly practices then they bound not to care if there is a student with such pleas in ignorance. Neighborhood segregation also does play a major role in racial and ethnic segregation by excluding certain societies to dwell and socialize among them only.

This brings about myth and misconception of the other community and background enormity and feud arises this create a barrier between two society if these are not addressed and remedy issued the pursuant of these bad vices sometimes becomes violent against the minority community. The social activities by the faculties are just good ways to combat these very old and immoral behaviors attributed to colonialism and lack of respect for life. Based on my opinion on the account from the research that I have concluded that it is evident that the campus is heavily influenced by racism. This is an issue that needs to be addressed by the faculty need to address the issues by promoting diversity of the students and encourage the involvement of people of different races.


Blank, M. (2001). An Overview of Trends in Social and Economic Well-Being. Washington, D.C: National Academy Press.

Gallagher, C. (2006). Rethinking the Color Line 3rd Ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill

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