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English Language Fellow Program Experience

One can assume the fact that globalization is one of the most fast-developing aspects of the modern world. Due to the evolution of the various means of transport and communication technologies, the world seems to have become much smaller. Nowadays, people are able to visit any country and learn about its culture and traditions. This fact can be considered the most important among all other benefits introduced by globalization. The cultural interchange is the phenomenon that makes people travel and visit various countries in order to obtain new experience and knowledge. It was also one of the factors that inspired me to choose the English Language Fellow Program.

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First of all, it is worth mentioning that in terms of the given program a person should live abroad, which is a very good way to obtain some extra experience and understand other cultures. Communication with people who have other frame of mind will promote the development of multiculturalism and tolerant thinking. Additionally, while teaching people with another native language and trying to show them peculiarities of English culture, a specialist is bound to face a serious challenge to his/her abilities and professionalism. That is why, it is a great opportunity to prove ones skills and examine peculiarities of another mentality.

It is also possible to say that in terms of the cultural interaction with representatives of another mentality, this experience can contribute to increasing of the cultural adaptability of a specialist. It is useless to deny that there can be a great number of various conflicts, based on cultural differences and it is a specialists task to try to avoid them and create the environment having the beneficial effect on the development of close and trustful relations between people. To top it all, a good teacher should be able to find a common ground with people who see the world through the prism of another language and have another attitude towards some common facts. That is why, this program can help to understand the differences determined by the language better and find the most efficient way of communication.

Finally, speaking about the possibilities, provided by the given program, it is vital to underline the fact that the ability to work with an absolutely new audience and under some unusual circumstances is vital for any teacher. That is why, while preparing for the lessons, a teacher will have to use all his/her skills and create some approach that will suit the majority of pupils and have the beneficial effect on the development of language skills.

Thus, the given program could also benefit from my participation in it as trying to do my best, I will promote the increase of the popularity of the program and its international image. Besides, my future goals lie in the sphere of professional English teaching as I want to become a good specialist, able to contribute to the development of the given sector by creating and providing new programs aimed at the cross-cultural teaching. The given program can help me to achieve them.

There is no use denying the fact that organization and clear distribution of tasks are extremely vital for any project. Moreover, if a specialist wants to achieve some success, he/she should work with a great dedication. Thus, describing my own work ethic, it is possible to say that I am an honest and responsible person devoting all efforts to work and trying to go beyond the tasks which are given to me in order to contribute to the development of the project and guarantee the positive result. Additionally, I work hard on every project which is given to me and enjoy the process of its improvement and stable development.

Besides, I also try to create the positive environment for all workers to be able to communicate with me in a simple and efficient way. Needless to say that all these qualities help me to do my job well and contribute to the development of the project, in which I participate, greatly. For example, being the English language Survival skills and culture instructor for immigrants at the beginning of my career, I tried to establish the friendly atmosphere for people to be able to relax and accept information better. Moreover, realizing the great importance of such issue as the adaptation for people, who are not familiar with the main aspects of English culture, I created the lists of things that reflect some very important aspects of English culture for people to be able to understand them better.

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Flexibility is the phenomenon that becomes extremely vital under modern conditions. The fact is that in terms of high tempos and changing demands, the ability to accept new conditions and create the approach which suits the given situation the best, could be taken as an integral part of the profession of a teacher. Resting on these facts, it is possible to say that I try to develop my own flexibility in order to become a better professional.

It is obvious that being a specialist in the sphere connected with the human interaction, I face new people every day and have to be ready to understand the manner of their communication and adapt to it. These meetings lead to the development of flexibility. However, communication also demands great resourcefulness as a specialist should be ready to face various complicated situations or problems and find a good solution.

Describing my own resourcefulness and flexibility, it is possible to say that I am an innovative person who is able to find a good solution to almost every situation connected with the change of conditions or a conflict which appears on the basis of human interaction. For example, working at David English House, South Korea I had to train public schools’ teachers in order to increase the level of their skills. However, very often it was difficult to make a compromise and find a common language with those teachers because of the peculiarities of mentality. Besides, the approach that helped to do it was created.

Being a rather experienced specialist, who has worked in a great number of spheres, I perfectly realize the fact that the ability to determine the most important facts, which refer to a certain situation, is vital for any teacher or a specialist in the sphere of education. The fact is that we have to work with giant streams of information every day. It is obvious, that no one could remember everything.

Thus, it is important to be able to discern the most important aspects and give all attention to them. That is why, I try to develop this sort of skills in order to be able to accept correct and needed decisions. Moreover, my own judgment is also based on some previous experience obtained from my works. Thus, I know that very often in the course of the teaching process a specialist has to make a difficult choice. Due to this fact, I always try to prepare for it, collecting some extra information which will be able to help to concentrate on the most important facts. With this in mind, it is possible to suggest a certain situation to demonstrate my own ability to choose the most important and meaningful facts.

Thus, working at College of Science and Technology in Oman, I was also responsible for scheduling of teachers. It was a very important work as it determined the way in which courses were organized. Besides, I decided to change the traditional scheme and replace it with the new one which turned out to be more efficient.

Everyone realizes the great importance of classroom management skills. A teacher could be a good and talented specialist who presents the material in a very clear and interesting way, however, if he/she is not able to establish discipline and make pupils listen to him/her, all these qualities will be useless. That is why, I devote great attention to the given aspect of studying, distributing roles and establishing daily routines at the beginning of any course.

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First of all, it could help to draw the line between a teacher and pupils which will show the pattern according to which the whole process of communication will be organized. Secondly, devoting great attention to the discipline at the beginning of the process, I also contribute to the improvement of the final result of pupils as having realized the limits and main patterns of behavior approved by a teacher, they could concentrate on the information given by a teacher. Additionally, I also try to introduce some challenge to students for them to be able to look for the needed solution and obtain some extra skills.

Working at New Learning Academy as a freshman English teacher I obviously had to establish discipline for them to be able to study and master their skills. That is why, I demonstrated the great importance of the very first year of study as it helped to create the basis for the further progress. Having realized the effect that it could have on their life, students demonstrated great devotion and concentration.

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