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Cigarettes Manufacturers Should Be Prohibited

Most people are aware of the fact that cigarette smoking is harmful to the health and is one of the leading causes of deadly infections, for instance lung cancer. A fact that may not be clear to them is that cigarette smoking also leads to other dangerous diseases and illnesses. Smoking of cigarette is also one of the single most avoidable sources of death in the whole world. Though the dangers are familiar amongst individuals the benefits are unheard of. It is therefore apparent that the call for prohibition of cigarette manufacturing should be fully encouraged. The manufacturers of cigarettes either have no strong reasons other than the financial benefits they get at the expense of the health of innocent citizens. These alone should be enough reasons why manufacturing of cigarettes should be outlawed.

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Reasons for prohibition

Tobacco causes 1 out of 6 deaths each year in U.S. This represents about 435,000 deaths. 20,000 deaths brought about by flu and pneumonia are attached to smoking. Each single year, 174,000 perish due to heart disease and it has been proved that smoking increases the chances of dying of heart attack by sixty percent. A good number of smokers also die of stroke. Stroke comes about when the brain is not able to get adequate oxygen. For instance, when an individual has stroke, he or she may lack the ability to talk or move part of his or her body for some time or for the rest of his or her life (Miller 68).

Forty percent of men and 28% of women die precipitately, that is, before their time. And the cause of these deaths is smoking. Smoking affects them negatively. According to the report released by Surgeon General in 1985, the number of persons who have perished due smoking is bigger compared the American who have died in battles or those who died of diseases that are related to war.

Cigarette smoking is accountable for a larger percentage of all the deaths brought about by cancer. Individuals who smoke die not just of lung cancer but also of the cancer of the mouth in addition to larynx, cervix, and bladder among others. Women have been seriously killed by lung cancer and those who smoke more than 15 cigarettes in a single day enhance their risks of being affected by cervical cancer.

Own experience

My own experience about cigarette smoking leaves a bad taste in my mouth. My father was a habitual smoker who would do any thing to make sure that he smoked. It reached a point whereby he became totally irresponsible member of both the family and the community as a whole. His health became totally deteriorated and therefore he could not attend to his duties and responsibilities. To some extent, he even engaged in the acts of stealing to get money for buying cigarettes for the fulfillment of his desires. He was eventually adversely affected by the cancer of thought died after a long suffering. Though he talked about giving up the habit, it was quite hard due to the fact that he was highly addicted. The only probable solution of helping the addicts as well as the future generation is to stop the manufacturers of the deadly substance with immediate effect.

Smoking is a costly habit

An ordinary smoker needs a lot of money to maintain the unhealthy form of lifestyle and the cost that may be involved in doing this is likely to be extremely high. The most obvious cost of smoking may involve the daily, weekly as well as the monthly expense of an ordinary smoker. In average, a packet of cigarette may cost $4.00. If a person has to burn a packet in a day, it amounts to $1500. This form of money could be channeled towards a healthier and worth area, for instance, an out-of-town vacation for a whole family.

Medical Expense

The expenditures that are involved for a person who suffers from smoke related diseases need to be fully addressed. Smoke related treatments, service provision as well as medication are factors that need to be addressed. It is a common fact that most health care assistances can never be acquired free of charge. And at the same time, the smoker needs to refrain work incase he or she is suffering from ailments that are closely associated to smoking. He should, as a result, to retire to the hospital. This results into reduced level of income. Thereafter, instead of money being brought in, it is taken out (Miller 70).

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Secondhand smoking

The other danger of smoking is that it does not just affect the health of smokers but also diminishes the health of those who do not smoke but are around people who smoke. As a result, the non-smokers are also likely to experiences some of the adverse effects of the harmful substance.

Smoking affects other systems

The reproductive system is seriously affected through smoking. This is mainly amongst the females. Female smokers undergo irregular or even absent periods. The level of fertility is seriously compromised, and the occurrence menopause occurs one to two years earlier. To add on that, cervical cancer is heightened. For those who are above 35 years are taking oral contraceptives, the risk of acquiring stroke or even heart attack is high (Ollie 112).

Men, on the other hand, experience either low level of sperm count or more abnormal sperm with reduced level of motility. The level of hormones among men is also affected. Male individuals are also predisposed to impotence because of reduced level in the circulation of blood. This is due to the overall concession circulation of as well as the damage of blood vessels within the penis. Immune system of the smokers is also impaired, therefore leaving the smoker, highly vulnerable to a huge number of minor infections compared to a non-smoker.

A smoker requires more time to recover fro m an ailment compared to a non-smoker. The skin of a non-smoker also becomes dry and looses its suppleness due to reduced circulation of blood. Inflammation together with irritation of the intestines of the smoker is a usual phenomenon among the smokers in addition to painful ulceration of the whole GI track.

The unborn are not also left out incase the mother is a smoker. Issues of miscarriage are common amongst the women smokers. The infants of the smoking mothers are usually at increased risks weighing less and are mainly victims of infections and SIDS (Ollie 115).

Smoking and pollution

Smoking contributes to the pollution of the environment. Research indicates that various gases are released through smoking and are highly harmful to the environment. Tar and carbon dioxide are some of the examples. The environment is always getting worse and therefore smoking should never be allowed to be another cause (Hansen 57).

Advantages of cigarettes

Though cigarettes are known to have numerous negativities, to a small extent, they are beneficial to both the manufacturers and the government. The manufacturers gain through the huge profits that are acquired through the sales. The government on its part, benefits through taxation. The money acquired can be used in the development of other sections of the economy such as education. The prohibition of the manufacturing of cigarettes can lead to loss of income.

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The interview that I carried out on the streets of New York City to determine the views among people on whether the manufacturers of cigarettes should be prohibited confirmed that cigarette is a liability in the society. Out of the twenty people interviewed, only two said they fancied smoking and the manufacturers should not be prohibited from manufacturing. The rest said it should be affected. Though most of the interviewees were smokers, they highly regretted that single they started smoking. In particular, this is what one of the smokers had to say;

Though I am a smoker, I really regret doing it. My spirited efforts to stop the habit have never been fruitful due to the fact that I am strongly addicted. My health condition is terribly poor and I have been on medical check-ups and treatment on a frequent basis. I fight hard to keep my children away from smoking because of the dangers that are involved and it has been hard convincing them because I personally smoke. I wish there was a way out for to stop the habit.”


The manufacturing of the cigarettes should be banned with immediate effect. Cigarette smoking has brought about more than enough miseries within the societies. The fact that even the smokers regret smoking, is a clear indication that the manufacturers are doing harm than good to the entire population. The blameless citizens can only be protected from the dangers that are involved through prohibition. The benefits may be there, but compared to the risks that are involved, it is necessary that the cigarette manufacturing is stopped.

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